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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 510 - Qualified people are moving from poor to rich countries

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

More and more qualified people are moving from poor to rich countries to fill vacancies in specialist areas like engineering, computing and medicine. Some people believe that by encouraging the movement of such people, rich countries are stealing from poor countries. Others feel that this is only part of the natural movement of workers around the world.

Which viewpoint do you agree with? Why?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer:
Migrating to other countries is a phenomenon that can be rooted to the very ancient period of human civilisation. People move to other countries and places for better life, a better environment and better settlement. The number of qualified and skilled people migrating to developed countries from comparatively poor countries is increasing rapidly and some people think that it is a natural human tendency to settle in a better environment rather than to stay in their home country. On the contrary other groups of people find it hard to accept that it is a natural trend and criticise the rich nations for the brain drain. I believe that rich countries to some extent allure talented individuals to settle there but mostly it is decided by individuals and it is a natural movement by talented people.

To begin with, the life standard, security, career growth, political environment, research facilities and many other aspects of a better life in rich countries are far better than the poor nations. That is why capable individuals who might contribute to a great extent for a country are often allured by the rich nations to move and work there. The brain drain system that mainly attracts talented professionals to settle in rich nations could not be denied. According to a recent statistics, more than 10 percent talented individuals from Asian countries are permanently living and working in countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and Sweden. Rich nations have many large and world known organisations that hunt for the talented people who are in IT, engineering, medicine or in other similar professions from poor nations and encourage them to contribute for their countries. Because of this talent hunt or more specifically brain drain system many poor nations are suffering from the scarcity of talented professionals. These individuals were supported and financed by the poor countries and when the time has come to repay and show patriotism, they are working for the development of rich nations. From this regards, some people accept that the rich countries are actually stealing capable professionals from poor nations.

But it can be easily understood that no rich nation can force a talented individual to migrate there and that’s why it is a decision taken by a person. Skilled professionals and workers are migrating to rich nations to have a better life and better salary. They can easily compare the life and career prospect their home country would offer with the opportunity they will get if they move to a rich nation. Should not poor nations provide better facilities for those gifted and skilled people to work at home country and ensure better lifestyle? The political instability, insecurity, discrimination in workplace are three major reasons people move to a rich nation.

Again, rich nations are not only giving the opportunity to talented individuals, they are also allowing students, labours refuses, minors and family members of workers. So from this regards, we can’t blame them that they are stealing talents from poor nations. Moving to a better place has always been a natural trend throughout the very beginning of human existence. People always moved from one place to another to get a better place to live in. Moving to a better place is a tendency we have inherited from our forefathers. Many skilled professionals through work in rich nations do not forget their home countries in most cases. They are the primary revenue earners for poor nations and from this regards, they are contributing towards the development of a poor country. It is often seen that a middle-aged skilled professional often come back to his home country and contribute even more from the experience he has gathered through working in a rich nation.

In conclusion, migrating to rich nations is a natural trend for expert professionals, which are mostly their own choices for better and secured life rather than the rich nations’ advertised temptation for them.

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