IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 535 - Australia urges Indonesia not to execute drug smugglers

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Present a written argument to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the following topic.

Australia urges Indonesia not to execute drug smugglers on death row.

State your position and give the relevant reasons on how far you agree/ disagree with this.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
Recently the broadcasting about drugs has become the big issues which occurred in Indonesia. This problem has connection including our nearer neighbour country, Australia. For this moment, there are two Australian who will be punished because of their action as the drug smugglers in Indonesia and so they had been made many Indonesian disappointed with what they did. However, this problem is still a controversial issue between the governments in Indonesia and Australia.

Australian Prime minister is still trying to request a slight penalty rather than the death penalty for both guys who will be executed in Indonesia. He attempts to discuss it with the president of Indonesia and also remains about Australia’s aids that it had helped Indonesia when the tsunami happened around 10 years ago in Aceh. This thing makes Indonesian in particular people in Aceh are annoyed and encouraging to give Australia’s money back. They are planning to collect their own gold, money even coin and also ex-cloths from Australia and they are going to return them back to Australia.

In my point of view, Indonesian government should take it into account what might they do to solve this problem. They can be considered what Indonesian people want, but they must also notice about their relationship with other countries. It could not be ignored that they still achieve many kinds of foreign aid around the world, for instance, the familiar one is Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) in term of educational support. Many Indonesian people had achieved their bachelor, masters, and even doctoral degree using Australia’s funds.

To conclude, Indonesia government might think twice to decide whether the death penalty or others capital punishment for both Australian because it can be a risk for the future association with other countries in the world.

( Written by - Denise Mambrasar


Sample Answer 2:
Indonesia intends to execute some drug smugglers on capital punishment but Australia wants it to be cancelled. In my opinion, since Indonesia is an independent country and the capital punishment is supported by Indonesian law, it should be done without any hesitations despite the objection of another country.

My primary consideration for Indonesia to reject Australia’s demand is that Indonesia is a well independent country that should not base its actions on any other country’s opinion whether they are friendly countries or not. All the activities of Indonesian Government must be done in the name of freedom and goodness of its citizens, for example, if execute the drug smuggler on the death sentence is considered beneficial for the Indonesian people, then it should be performed without any reluctances.

The second reason I want to state is that the capital punishment is supported by Indonesian law. So the execution of narcotic carriers in Indonesia is a legal action, and the cancellation of it can be perceived as broken the law. As an old wisdom says; “everything has its price”, the smugglers already knew that taking narcotics into Indonesia is illegal and they can be sentenced to death because of it, but they still did it which means that they are ready to pay it with their lives.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasise that execute narcotic smugglers on death row is really Indonesia’s right and supported by Indonesian law, so Australia or any other country of the world has nothing to with it.

( Written by - David Erari

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