IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 553 - Nearly every new building is designed by an architect nowadays

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Nearly every new building is designed by an architect nowadays. Some people believe that is important for a building.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experiences.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
Over the years, buildings of various types have undergone major changes. With the advancement of the technology, the architectural world has reached a level where it has almost no boundaries. What seemed to be near impossible in the past is now a simple task for architectures with the use of advanced technologies. During earlier days only large buildings were designed by architects but in recent times it's a commonly seen trend that professionally trained architects being used for almost every building construction that undertaken.

With a fast paced economy and development of human conditions, people are now very sound financially. And as they grow bigger so is their demands and expectations which grow wider. People nowadays construct buildings of the highest order, not only the one that suits their needs and requirements but also the one which is of the utmost beauty and luxury. And this asks for a different level of expertise and that's where the role of an architect comes in.

In my opinion, buildings constructed these days are all done by highly qualified architects and this is the reason behind the hike in the number of architects. Educational institutions also start focusing on this profession and aim at making the best architectural students.

On the whole, people and companies demand a lot from architects these days and the growing pressure to build the best is proving to be a challenging task to most architects. With technological advancements in the future, buildings will be designed by machines and the architectural world will break furthermore boundaries and challenges.

[ by - Abhijith ]


Sample Answer 2:
With growing advancement and technologies, the architectural field has also been escalated nowadays. People are becoming much more advanced and want perfection and luxury. Today, many people get their houses designed by an architect. To some people, this seems needless, while others consider it the important thing for constructing a building. In my opinion, construction should involve a person with expertise to get the best result out of it. Several reasons for this are explained further.

Initially, buildings and houses were made of wood, bamboo sticks and stone to serve the purpose of just providing shelter. Whereas today apart from providing just a roof over our heads, it has many other purposes to serve. Firstly, safety and security are two important reasons to live in a house. Therefore, people today hire an expert to design a house that is safe and sound. High-quality materials are being used to make it durable and long lasting. Secondly, as the population is growing rapidly, there is a need of space for the people to live. A structure designed by an architect can help solving the problem. Buildings using less land can be made to accommodate more people and saving a lot of space. For example, in Japan, people are working on a project to build underground complexes so that less land is consumed and is eco-friendly as well.

Finally, today different shapes and styles of buildings have become a symbol of status and luxury.

To conclude, I believe that without an expertise help all the above-mentioned factors could not be achieved.  Therefore, wise and conservative type of buildings can solely be designed by an architect.

[ by - Fatema Mohammad ]


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S S Brar
In this modern age, designs and architectures of the building are becoming the order of the day in almost all over the world, especially among first-world nations where it is a moot question if well-designed faculties are meritorious or not. I do agree with the notion that aesthetically designed buildings and structures are advantageous to a great degree and, in this writing, various arguments will support my position.

It is fairly easy to understand the myriad considerable rationales behind people's advocacy regarding well-planned structures. In the first place, architects have burnt a lot of midnight oil in understanding the rock-bottom and pinnacles of designing. Thereby they are in a position to strengthen the structure and make it withstand to certain endurance limit or yield point. Over and above this, ordinary individuals can never understand the variables and parameters mandatory for the perfect dwelling. For instance, ventilation pathways, lighting domains and optimum divisions of spaces between rooms are understood only by professionals. On a more optimistic note, technology is setting new dimensions in every field where houses and offices are not exceptional to it. Today, the installation of modern gizmos such as surveillance cameras, AC, automatic lighting etc. are prevalent in modern times which need prudent pre-planned layouts. Take private accommodation for example where one can even find the provision of AC duct at the millimetre scale.

What is more - evidently in the earthquake-prone regions where so-called rigid structures crumple like cards, well-drafted design is imperative. Incomparable losses of numerous historical sites better validate the urgency of designing beforehand in such geographical areas.

In the light of the mentioned scrutiny, it is plausible that we should take the advantage of life-long learning of architecture and thus implement it in practice so as to make the world’s infrastructure more secure and in sync with the hi-tech world.