IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 560 - There are various reasons for attending colleges and universities

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

There are various reasons for attending colleges and universities and getting a job is definitely one of them. However, many other reasons drive us to enrol in a college or university.

Why do you think people attend colleges or universities?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
After completing basic school level education, most of the people aspire for colleges/universities for further education. Although everyone seems to have different motive to join colleges but the most tempting one seems to be getting a hefty pay package after leaving the college. But there can be other reasons as well like to interact with people or to deep dive into a subject.

Let’s start with the reason why most people argue to get good marks in your 12th standard. In my city, there are a plethora of colleges but you need to burn the night oil to get into one of the top colleges in north campus. These colleges are not only having a legacy to deliver gold standard students but they also ensure that their students get a job in hand even before finishing their course through campus placements. So students join these colleges to ensure a financially secure future.

But there are others as well for whom these colleges serve deeper insight about a subject they are keen to know about. These colleges offer specialisation in the field of science, commerce and arts which were not there during the school time. Apart from this, college/university offers a completely new experience to all students in terms of interaction with different peoples. College time perceived to be the best part of someone life. Here you meet people who play very important role in your life, for instance, your teachers, friends, role models etc. College life certainly helps a person to transform his life and choose the path in his life he wants to continue.

The reason why I joined a college is quite different from the one discussed above. Even before joining I got myself enrolled for some professional course where a well-defined career is a certainty. So my reason is only to get a graduate degree which could have helped me sometime in future.

[ written by - Bhupender Bhakuni ]


Sample Answer 2:
Formal education is a well-established method of learning and has been developed to highly mature form with the development of human civilisation. People attend colleges and universities not only to gain a degree or certificate but to attain various other goals. This essay will elaborate few of these reasons in below paragraphs.
Firstly, learning and opportunity for employment are two most popular reasons why anyone goes to university. Deep knowledge on a subject makes a student more employable and suitable for the job. On top of this, colleges also provide venues for placements in their campus itself. For example, 90% of engineering students in India find their job in the recruitment events organised by companies in the college campus during the final semester of the students. Hence, students get doubly benefited by attending universities.
Secondly, some people have an interest in research on topics relating to various aspects effecting human. So they opt for higher education in universities which are well placed with access to government funds allocated to research and inventions. Institutions like ‘Indian Institute of Science’ enroll hundreds of students in the doctorate programs each year and receive thousands of applications for the same. This shows that there is a great deal of interest in research among students these days.
Other most vital reason for people attending universities is that one gets to meet with people of similar interests and a place where he gets newer ideas. There are many examples of entrepreneurs founding big organisations with partners they met in universities and based on innovation ideas which were seeded during their college days.
As we see from above, every student has a unique reason to attend university or college. But the most popular reason why anyone joins college is to gain knowledge

[ written by - Ramanuj ]


Sample Answer 3:
Most of the people perceive that a tertiary level of education is important. So they attend colleges and universities for certain reasons. It is because enrolling to these institutions will later give them a better and convenient life as well as to make them academically knowledgeable that subsequently use in their future circumstances as will now be analysed.

Firstly, one reason behind why people continue to pursue their education at universities is that this will give them a comfortable life. For instance, I finished my bachelor’s degree in nursing at the University of Baguio in Baguio city, Philippines. Then successfully passed my national exam and has worked in one of the best hospitals in Melbourne, Australia, the Royal Melbourne Hospital. I have had a good paying job and nursing career that made me provide not only my basic needs but also the physiological needs of my family. In fact, I was able to buy my family a Ferrari van that makes their transportation easy and convenient. So this is one of the good reasons why people want to finish the college or university education.

Another reason people go to colleges is they want to become academically knowledgeable that would later be used in their future encounters. For example, while studying nursing at my university, I become a critically-minded individual because I learned to reason out soundly and have made better decisions in my life. I also have known the scientific method of problem-solving which I always use whenever I face inevitable conflicts. Thus, this purpose can be seen also a reason for people to go to colleges and universities.

In conclusion, to have a better and convenient life with own family in the future, and to become academically knowledgeable that would be later used in their future circumstances are two of the many purposes that people think why they go to colleges and universities. There are many different reasons why they do this. So I think that it is always been a good idea to continue and pursue a higher education, so go and enroll to universities.

[ Written by -  Rona Lyn Olivar ]


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