IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 562 - Men can also be as good as women in upbringing children

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Though women mostly take care of their children in most of the societies, men can also be as good as women in upbringing children. The parenting responsibilities should be equally divided and both father and mother should take care of their children.

Write an essay expressing your point of view.

Give reasons for your answers and provide relevant example and experience you might have.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
We came in this world as an infant with a blank slate in our mind to be filled with various things as we grow older. We receive inputs from the society comprises of peoples such as our parents, siblings, relatives, playmates, friends and our teachers. But our first teachers is our parents and I think they are the best among all the teachers we come across in our life because they are the one we spent most of our time with and they have greater influence in our lives than anyone else.

Learning starts as soon a child appears in his mother’s womb and as per a scientific study evidence was found that most of the neurone connection in human develops even before they come to the world. So undoubtedly parents are first and the most important teachers. They taught us how to eat, how to walk and to summarise how to behave like a human. For example, once I had seen a footage on Discovery channel wherein a four-year girl was found in the custody of dogs who have raised her ever since her parents left her. And a result of this is that she hardly speaks, she used to bark and walk on four legs instead to two. So this proves that what we see is what we learn. Hence parents play a pivotal role in our life acting as the very first tutor of behavioural science.

Yes, there is no doubt that school teachers are the best gift you can get because they bestow you with all the knowledge and experience they have. But characters and personality are built at home and parents are the best teachers because they will always be there for you whenever you feel confused and guide you to the path which is best for you.

(Approximately 270 words)
(By Abhijith )

Model Answer 2:
Parenting is an art which is mastered by a woman more than a man. A woman is more patient and understanding than a man and so I agree with the opinion that women make good parents than men but I completely disagree with the fact that, the responsibility lies more with the woman in taking care of a child.

In my point of view men and woman share equal rights and responsibilities when it comes to parenting. Woman are better parents than men as they understand their children better than anybody else can because a child spends a major portion of his childhood with his mother and so the mother has a perception on his needs and requirements.

A father though holds equal rights and responsibilities to his child as much as a mother, a father doesn't get enough time to spend with his child. Hence a father wouldn't be able to control his child and make him understand things as much as what a mother could do. It's a scientifically proven fact that a woman upon becoming a mother undergoes huge mental and physical changes. A woman becomes more tolerant patient understanding loving. And this perfectly shapes herself up for parenting and a child who has grown up with his mother respect other women in comparison to children who hasn't.

Though it's a proven point that women make better parents than men the roles and responsibilities of a child are or should be equally shared by both men and woman. Men often mistakenly consider their responsibilities over their child.

(Approximately 256 words)
(By Abhijith Radhakrishnan )

Model Answer 3:
Raising children in any society is influenced by their own value and culture. Restlessness traditional world viewer, think and see that the women are the dominant person in taking care of their children. However, in modern society, women and men as an equal to taking their part in raising up the children, as I mention too.

Traditional people exhort the women to take primary responsibility for nursing and educating their children. Women take a crucial role in growing the kids to being an enough older. Meanwhile, the man pays more attentions on fulfilling goods for the family members. Men are one person with superior power in making decision and women is one person with powerless and followed that men decision. She can not involve in voted her voices on taking a decision, otherwise, she only focus on taking care and growing their children.

Furthermore, modern people show that taking a car on their teeny people is older people want to. Both of men and women have the willingness to support the younger person to being a man and women. The men not only giving the authorities to the women as a single fighter to provide kids needed, but he actively involved on nursing their children.

To sum up, take car and guardian the kids not only being as women responsibility, but men also involved actively in younger life development. From my point of view, both of them, men and women have equal responsibility for taking care of raising up their children. Men and women have the same position in making decision on their family in helping their kids to giant better life in the future.

(Approximately 272 words)
(By Marius Elabi )

Model Answer 4:
Raising children is a complex task and it is so important to the human being that in some societies, it is considered as the primary responsibility of a family. It is scientifically proven that a child raised under the supervision of both parents is healthier both physically and psychologically. However, there are debates put up by some people opining that women are better at parenting than men. In my view, both parents have an equal role to play in providing care to children. This essay will elaborate both views in detail in few paragraphs below.
To start with, it well established that children are emotionally more attached to a mother than a father. Women could sense problem their child is going through with just the sound of the call they make to call their mother. Many societies believe that certain feelings Mothers get are nothing but the sign by the God about the well-being of their child. For example, in China, if a mother dreams of her child playing in the mud with a pig, it is taken that Child is healthy and safe. Therefore, it is widely believed that mothers have got natural instinct of child care.
However, various studies and research done by scientific fraternity have concluded that Children getting care from both parents turn out to be better human being. This is perhaps due to the fact that the child gets to see two different views on the same problem. Therefore, his/her thinking style broadens. A recent study done by the Psychological society of Mumbai says that children  who had single parents, irrespective of gender, were lagging behind in logical thinking skill compared to those who had both parents. Moreover, study further reveals these children were more prone to influence by bad elements like drugs, crime etc.
Therefore, it can be fairly concluded that though women are good at child care, for all rounded development children need both parents.

(Approximately 310 words)
( By Ramanuj )


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