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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 612 - Today there are many highly qualified graduates without employment

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

In many countries today there are many highly qualified graduates without employment. What factors, may have caused this situation and what, in your opinion, should be done about it?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write no less than 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
These days many educated and highly skilled people are struggling to get a decent job. Migrated people in developed countries are facing this same problem in many cases. In my opinion, there are three main reasons for this including economy instability, scarce of job positions and discrepancy in salary.

To begin with, economy recessions are the leading reasons why plenty of highly skilled professionals prefer to leave their country and live in a developed country. Clearly, as economy condition deteriorates, many of governmental or private corporations are more likely to lay off their employees or quit their hiring. For example, in the Middle East, the last economy challenge occurred in 2008, caused a multitude of doctors or engineers emigrated from their country and resided in Europe or North America. Had their country had a better financial situation, the number of immigrants would not have grown so fast. As a consequence, the scarcity of jobs for such professionals is common in many parts of the world. 

Another reason is insufficient career opportunities applicants have faced. Obviously, as the population of poor nations rose, the number of job-seekers boomed phenomenally, and companies and factories had fewer job positions for the ones were looking for a job. In particular, only in India, during the last two decades, thousands of medical graduates have not found enough fortunes for practising in their home country.

Lastly, there is a far considerable gap between the salary of weak and powerful countries. Non-surprisingly, highly qualified workers are paid far more significant in rich countries than the amount they receive in their home country. For instance, the minimum wage in Canada is just above ten dollars per hour, nearly ten times higher than a simple worker obtains in Iran. Therefore, it can be a perfect motivation the latter becomes more interested to live and stay the lifetime in Canada. However, these migrated professionals are suffering to secure related jobs in many cased both in their home and migrated countries.

To sum up, job scarcity in many countries are increasing rapidly. In my opinion, economy, job and payment issues are the three factors which induce people with better educational background and skills to remain unemployed.

[ Written by - Rambod Taghaodi ]


Model Answer 2:
Recently, the world is suffering from an economic downturn. Most of the countries are affected in many ways and one of it is the decrements of employment rate. Lots of excellent graduates are left jobless. In order to fix this issue, we need to identify the reasons behind it.

One of the major reasons for this is that companies are being restricted in hiring new staffs due to the financial crisis. Only the best candidates are appointed to the post. The candidates need to be whole rounded and fulfilled the criteria needed for the organisation. As an example, Malaysia Airlines is currently restructuring its organisation in order to overcome the economic crisis. Thus, it needs to select the less qualified employees and choose new employees who are suitable to take over the available job.

Another aspect to be looked into this matter is the society itself has become quite choosy. We have tonnes of jobs being advertised in the newspaper but fewer people show up at the interviews. Most of the brainy candidates already have their preferences and that’s why they never try a different path or the job being offered. In my perspective, they should try to work on something, gain some experiences, proceed with their dreams in later life rather than sit back and wait for the opportunity to come. For example, most of the multinational companies hire foreigners as they are less choosy in their job scope.

Nevertheless, all these factors come with solutions. The government may provide grants for the graduates to start their business. The doctors could open their own clinics rather than waiting to work in a hospital while the engineers could set up a business suggesting new technology. By opening a business, they could help to reduce the unemployment rate as they also employ some labour. Taking Marc Zuckerberg as the example, he built a Facebook empire out of his interest in IT and provided many spots for IT genius to fill in.

Furthermore, the employee may provide a more secure job. Jobs that not only come with great benefits but also fringe payments could encourage the youth to take up the challenge. For instance, a chemical company could provide health insurance for the workers as the workers have to deal with many chemicals that could harm their state of health.

In short, I would say that there are more reasons engage to this matter but these are the main terms that could have the biggest impact. Therefore, in order for us to fix all these, the solutions proposed need to be supported by a great team especially the authorities.

[ Written by - Sunil Patel ]


Model Answer 3:

Today, mass migration of developing nations into Western countries has caused many professionals face finding job opportunities there. Apart from that, it is not uncommon that highly qualified graduates are not getting jobs in many countries. In my view, overpopulation, economic instability, certification and language barrier are leading reasons behind it, and governments of countries must consider some practical solutions to address them.

Obviously, one important factor why highly-qualified immigrants have encountered employment problems is that their educational degrees are not approved in the host country. For instance, a Middle East doctor moving to Canada has to pass several medical exams to be able to register in medical registration pathway. Had he graduated in a standard medical university, he would have admitted the needed requirements before moving to Canada; therefore, to tackle this issue, it is better the governments inform these immigrants more about the procedure of the certification pathway.

Another reason is language obstacle. Definitely, to be able to communicate with their surrounding or achieve a high score in English test, these people have to become as native speakers fluent, but it takes several months or even years. In this case, to become a psychologist in the USA, applicants have to speak English fluently and communicate with their patients the same natives speak with their clients. However, it may take more than two years these professionals to be able to reach their goal. To solve this problem, the administration should raise the educational budget for this group and give more study opportunities to these new immigrants to elevate their English level in a shorter period.

Apart from that, economic instability often creates job scarcity. Thus in those countries, many qualified graduates remain unemployed. Corruption, political instability and fewer job opening are other important reasons why many highly educated persons can’t find suitable jobs. The domains or corporations and business sectors have changed a lot and they require some specific requirement from their prospective employees like better communication and computer skills. The companies often seek for employees with less salary and that creates problems for highly skilled and educated students who prefer to remain unemployed rather than being poorly paid. The government should have a better control over the policies followed by the private organisations. They should not be allowed to follow whimsical hiring and firing policy. 

In conclusion, the number of jobless migrants who move and live in other developed countries permanently has considerably increased. I believe that language and qualification requirements are two obvious reasons behind it, and to solve them, the host country must help them to raise their professional and literature, according to the standards of the country they have selected as their permanent destination. 

[ Written by - Rambod Taghaodi ]

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