IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 614 - People have different hobbies

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

People have different hobbies ranging from reading books to mountain hiking. According to some, hobbies must be difficult to be enjoyable while other oppose the idea.

What is your viewpoint on this? 

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write no less than 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
Many people contend that leisure activities should be extra challenging to be more fun. While this may provoke a person to reach his full potential, I disagree with this notion.

Pastime, which should prioritise safety, is created not only for competition but also to observe camaraderie. Nonetheless, people who engage themselves to their specific hobbies should always maintain safety in what they do while promoting team spirit. For an instance, playing a specific sport which involves physical contact, like basketball, should keep players injury-free until the end of the game. Hence, rules are set prior each game to avoid causing harm to their opponents, yet enjoyable still. A case in point is my experience in playing soccer when in high school. When my coach laid the plan, the goal was to win the game; additionally, precautions are observed beforehand. The game was enjoyed by both the teams in play and the audience.

Another sound reason is that leisure activities are already enjoyable in their authentic form without the need to be recreated. To illustrate, activities like movie watching, beach surfing, or even playing cards are commonly preferred by many people to do in their free time. Nevertheless, changing these is unnecessary, lest its purpose is no longer highlighted. It is entirely true because hobbies provide immeasurable and worthwhile entertainment out of a person's routinely customised schedule. This refreshes my memory when all I had to think of, when at a beach, is to enjoy its scenery. Every moment spent with someone special, even in its most undemanding nature, is worth treasuring a lifetime.

Overall, I think hobbies, in their simplest forms, always provide priceless satisfaction, despite others who argued that they should be more challenging. Furthermore, someone does not need to modify a certain task in order to enjoy it, rather the company of others makes everything more valuable.

[ Written by - Jeezreel Orquina ]


Model Answer 2:
In general, hobbies are considered to be individual aspects. It varies based on individual interest and the social effects on their views and choices. A hobby can be anything which tends to make someone happy, it is not necessary to be difficult the factor to enjoy. In my view, hobbies do not need to be difficult proportion to enjoy. Let’s discuss few facts in the upcoming paragraphs.

Firstly, hobbies are considerably prevailing to be individual choices. It can vary based on each individual’s interest, age group, the social status of the people and the locality where they live. Pupils, who fall in middle age group, will be more involved in sports activities than the older age peoples. Most of the adults will be involved in adventurous activities which can be their choice of hobby. They will drive rash and go to high speed just to thrill. Perhaps for some, their interest will be in indoor games like the chess, carom and badminton. Other people have the habit of watching television, playing computer games, surfing the internet etc.

Based on the level of interest and the passionate about the choice of hobby, eventually, it will reward happiness. Moreover, people sitting at home and watching television or playing computer games enjoy more than others. With my personal experience, I noticed people tend to be more enjoyable while gossiping about others and chatting with friends in work or studies. They are not involved in mental or physical strain. The fact to enjoy is believed to be within ourselves, it does not have to be difficult enough to enjoy.

In addition to the above statement, I can see the consequence of earlier behaviours. It is healthy to be happy, but it should not affect others emotions and feelings. Nowadays, people are easily hurting their own relation's and enjoying. These behaviours should not be pursued.

In conclusion, happiness, excitement and the level of enjoyment are not based on the difficulty level of an activity. It depends on individual character and choice of hobbies being chosen. I strongly recommend the hobby can be anything which people are passionate about and the level of risk should be minimal.

[ Written by - Mohammed Abdullah ]

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