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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 631 - In your opinion who should be responsible for enforcing strict building codes

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Maintaining safety standard while building homes is very important and some people believe that government should be responsible for enforcing the strict building codes while many others opine that house owners and the people who are working there should be responsible for that. In your opinion who should be responsible for enforcing strict building codes.

Use your own knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

Write at least 250 words.


Model Answer 1:
Housing is perhaps fastest growing industry in the world. The frantic growth in the housing industry has resulted in many shortcuts employed by builders. Some argue that governments should put in measures to define mechanisms to control quality. While other like to put the onus on the builders themselves. This essay would look into both aspects and conclude by suggesting an idea of fixing the responsibility.
History has shown that opportunity of making money plus extreme competition result in cutting corners in quality in every industry. Same has happened in the housing sector as well. There have been many instances all around the world where poor building quality has led many deaths. A study by Mumbai University reveals that there are on an average 100 deaths every year in Mumbai alone because of poor construction quality. Therefore, builders cannot be trusted with all the faith people have on them.
The government should define code for building residences and the minimum acceptable quality. Every project should be scrutinised and evaluated at every stage starting from design to fitting electrical wiring. Approval of construction should be withheld if any inferiority is found at any stage. By following this method United States government was able to improve housing by a great deal in the 1960s. Now one would find rare accidents at construction sites or after building are handed over to owners.
With above points, it can be concluded that government has a major role to play in enforcing construction rules. Rules should be made to fix responsibility on builders for any lapse.

[ Written by -  Ramanuj Sharma ]


Model Answer 2:
Safety is arguably the most important criteria when considering a place to live and work, and therefore adapting most modern and sophisticated safety measurements in the pre and post production department is a topic which requires immediate attention. I believe, for this to make happen, both the person who does construct as well as the government should adhere to some specific and scientific building codes.

Firstly, let us look at the major factors which differentiate our style of living in the modern society as compared to that of the older society. People used to live in single storey buildings, unlike multi-storey apartments in the present. Additionally, the number of people accommodating to a single premise is several times larger than the last generation. Therefore the idea of having good quality in building construction cannot be compromised. Having said that, I believe, the foundation of this whole set of instructions has to be set up by the government. These mandatory requirements should meet the possibility of resolving general threats such as adulteration in the materials used, altered foundation requirements, improper fire safety amenities etc. The government should also make sure that the employees engaged in the process are professionals and hence they are able to make high-quality concrete structures which can meet the environmental natural hazards, as these incidents occur more frequently nowadays.

On the contrary, the guidelines to the people who build their houses or other buildings are mostly considered to be influenced by personal choices. It can vary depending upon the finance they have, time and resources available to them. But having said that, the new trends like, using electronic safety equipment like surveillance cameras are very important too. In my opinion, the governments should set up a construction board aimed at the public to introduce and educate them, on the advanced choices available to them.

In summary, a perfectly constructed building is a combination of hard-work and technology and it should be based on excellent government rules and personal choices.

[ Written by -  Anoop Veliyath Asokan ]


Model Answer 3:
The strength of a house lies in its base so when constructing a house, it is essential to consider all necessary measures required for its security. This can be achieved with the implementation of proper building strategies upon which the government should keep a check.

In order to make construction plans stronger, the government should first design building ethics that ensure effective construction of homes. The government takes work from people in the form of contractors, labours and material dealers, but ultimately the central regulating body is the government that can keep a check and balance. It is their duty to make sure that high-quality construction material is used, the architectural layout is legal and the labour is professionally skilled. Places where land favours outbreaks of the earthquake such as Japan, their government has announced earthquake proof building plans to avoid hazards. Let us take an example of the UK, where houses are made of wood for people’s comfort because the UK has cold weather so wooden houses provide better insulation than cemented houses. British government ensures that this building ethic is applied.

Building and housing systems where an electric security system is incorporated, fewer incidents of burglary and stealing take place. Just as the government brings these systems into action in their state buildings such as banks and minister houses, they should consider these facts while passing local residential house maps. People who build the homes will automatically come under state’s eye if strict codes will come into action. People who do fraud, disciplinary action should be taken against them. Places, where people escape such illegal acts, end up at the cost of the life of people.

Hence, it is the foremost duty of the ruling government to make and apply building codes countrywide. They rule the state so they are the main caretakers of local residents.

[ Written by -  Anum Faisal ]

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