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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 634 - Artists should support their own financing or should be funded by alternative sources

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Creative artists like painter and musicians should be financially supported by the government. However, some people disagree with this and say that those artists should support their own financing or should be funded by alternative sources.

Which viewpoint do you support?

Use your own knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:

Certain People thinks that the innovative people like painter and musician deserve financial backup from the local government. Opponents, opinion is they should be financed from other sources. However, I believe these innovators should be backed up by the local administration and following that other source like- Private Company should come for their future betterment.

The innovation and creation do not come in a day. It needs a lot of time, labour and creative minds. The creative personals need a continuous financial backup and platform to march independently. Thereby only government can give them a continuous source of income and fund for their works to go ahead to enrich their creation. As an example, an earlier painter like, Pablo Picasso and others’ work were backed up by the administration of that time. This is one of the two reasons that the government should finance for the innovator.

Another reason is that to develop a unique creation the singer or painter both needs a sound mind. If their minds remain engaged with the source of their working money or about their own wages, they will not be able to expand their creativity in full swing. But until become a renowned person the private source doesn’t provide any fund to them. As an instance, a new singer like my aunt Jordan had to struggle a lot to achieve a financial backup for her first album. But luckily she had got a fund from the local cultural ministry after passing through a complex process.

In conclusion, artists from different levels needs financial backing for the future contribution. Therefore, I strongly believe that to enrich the country in terms of art an innovator first needs finance of government and then from other sources to enrich their creation. This approach will create more and more famous artist and singer in the history of art.

[ Written by -  Nawfel Abdullah ]


Model Answer 2:
Art is the dignity and identity of any country and region. It represents the culture, the history and lifestyle of a nation. Peoples can be distinguished by their country’s art either it is music, painting or acting. According to some people, the government should provide funds to artists but the oppositions have an opinion that some other sources should take responsibility to support talented artists. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the view.

To begin with, we admire that artists are the representative of their region as they have precious God gifted ability, to sum up, their tradition and culture in painting or music. But every creative artist may not have enough financial resources to support his/her work and require funds from some strong sides.

Besides, art made it easy to be familiar with lifestyles and cultures of other regions and bring all nations close to each other. By having a review in past, it is clear that art was really fetching before centuries in comparison to present. Structures of historical building and paintings on their walls are still eye appealing and indicative of their constructors. The reason was that the empires and the government did not face issues like today such as the global warming, flood, unemployment etc. and they had sufficient funds to support their artists.

On the contrary, developing countries suffer from the lack of adequate budgets to ensure some very basic requirements of their people like health, education and better quality of life etc. Then again those countries don’t have a chance to spend much money to less important issues. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that individual artist and art institute will use the funds properly and positively.

Therefore, the government should avoid using their money in uncertain projects. In my opinion, the idea can be very useful to developed countries but for us, it might be extravagant.

[ Written by -  Samia Anam ]


Model Answer 3:
From the beginning of the human civilisation, arts and artists have been regarded as one of the most precious assets of the world. However, plummeting artists in a country has raised debate over one of its root cause, which is whether these artists should be funded by government or by some other sources. Both sides of this subject will be analysed before drawing a firm conclusion.

On one side of the polarity of the issues, proponents advocate for government funding. To illustrate the benefits of this point they present various advantages. Firstly, government funding would allow prospering those artists who were less endowed. Secondly, nurturing those talents would not only benefit themselves but also help to highlight the country in the world. For example, the Pulitzer award winner Arundhati Roy and the famous painter M. F. Husain are not only the pride of India but also jewels of the world. Additionally, government funding to such motives will inspire the citizens of a country which eventually results to the well-being of a country.

On the other side of the polarity of the issue, opponents argue that artists should not be funded by the government as government should spend in solving more trivial issues of the country. To elaborate their points, critics claim that some substitute sources of funding should be invited to bolster talents so that government could focus on serving other underprivileged and at the same time artists could also be supported financially. This could act as a win-win proposition to all.

Thus, after contemplating at both perspectives, I believe that alternative source of funding to artists holds merit. Implementing this practice would not only aid artists but also provide a supporting hand to government, which eventually would result in a more prosper and empowered country.

[ Written by -  Shweta Kumari ]

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