IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 651 - We have become more independent in modern world

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

According to some people, we have become more independent in the modern world while others oppose this view and say that we have become more dependent on each other.

What is your viewpoint on this issue? Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1: 
The success of a society depends on how well its members are connected and befit each other. Human has developed modern sophisticated social forms by making sure that each member adds values to the society and hence remains important to the society. Some say that this dependency is reducing day by day, while others argue that we are becoming more intermingled with each other at a far broader level and hence one can not survive without the help of others. This essay will discuss both views before coming to a reasoned conclusion.
One the one hand, protagonists say that the trend of reducing dependency can be easily seen in the way older generations have been living in recent times. Nowadays, people in 80s are living alone without support from their family members. Even the family size is becoming smaller day by day. Combines family, where uncles and aunts used to live together, is no more in fashion. Therefore, it is argued that people prefer independence these days.
However, on the other hand, some people say that while the obvious view of 'dependency' is less visible nowadays but in reality people have become much more dependent on others. For example, one can not figure out that from which farm a packet of milk has come from or which farmer has produced the fruit. So one might not be able to establish a clear link of his dependency on someone who is producing stuff for them, Therefore it can be seen that though dependency is not visible clearly we still need others to survive in today's world.
With above view in mind, I am more inclined to believe the interdependency is society has increased with time. However, it may not be as visible as it used to be in old times. The only thing which has changed is that the past is -  in the past, we knew who can help us but now we know where to go if we need a certain type of help.

[ Written by - Ramanuj Sharma ]


Model Answer 2: 
The often debated topic nowadays is whether the people should live an independent life or the dependency on other. In my opinion, people should have the capability to lead a life in both the way such that to have a successful life, which I will discuss in the following paragraph.

Firstly, the people should be able to manage any kind of situation with their own knowledge and capability without getting frightened or depressed. Every individual must have a will power to fight against a problem without seeking a help for others. When one develops such ability, he can face any challenges of his life; for example, when people are out from their hometown.  We can’t seek help from our parents all time. Parents cannot guide in every step of your life so it’s important to make your own way in handling a situation.

On the other side, it’s not good to be an independent throughout the life. When you are introduced into a company you need to depend on others to get guidelines and support which make your work successful. For example, when you are given a task of developing software you need to work as a team to meet all necessity and finish up by the given schedule. Not only in a working area but also when you are old enough you are unable to do work of your own and it’s necessary to depend on others.

As per my view leading a dependent and independent life depends on the situation.  Hence it would be better to introduce yourself to both.

[ Written by - Vinutha K.N ]


Model Answer 3: 
Nowadays, people are living in modern society and every person tries to have his or her own place among others by developing different relationships with others and relying on them.  So many argue that people are becoming dependent on their relations, however, this is refuted by others. And this essay will discuss both sides of this issue.

Historically, having intelligence was humankind's one strong side. The second one was solving common problems by joining hands. This practice still remains among people and they are dependent on each other as they were in the past. This can be seen in the examples below: Firstly life is becoming more difficult, and we are less self-sufficient. Young people rely on parents for funding their studies in higher schools or to begin their own business. Secondly, jobs are much more specialised, and we need to work in teams.  Thus, people becoming more dependent on each other than they were before.

On the other hand, some people argue that they are more self-dependent than ever before for certain reasons. This can be explained with developing modern technologies. People are using several machines when they have some difficulties instead of calling neighbours or friends for help. Additionally, the Internet is providing us with a great amount of information, with access to these sources people are studying and learning new things without any help from others. Most importantly, the way of life in the megalopolises is the main factor, which encourages people to live individually and have nuclear families. Therefore people tend to be more autonomous in modern lifestyle.

In conclusion, I believe that we are more independent than ever before, but even if it is a demand of time, I think we need to stay dependent on each other.

[ Written by - Mirazam Muxsidov ]

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