IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 671 - Majority of criminals who were sent to prison would commit crimes when set free

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Report research suggests that majority of criminals who were sent to prison would commit crimes when they are set free. What do you think of this case? What to be done to solve this problem?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1: 
Based on the social community research, it is found that most of the criminals, who have been released from prisons, have the tendency to commit crimes again. The following essay will discuss in details about the various factors that have caused the situation and some of the ways to address the issue.

To begin with, many criminals who have finished their punishment period in jails have the tendency to do crime activities again. Based on the research of these convicts, it is found that most of these people have difficulties in finding employments when they are back in communities. When employers see their track records, they would be straightly rejected since many employers have the perception that an ex-criminal is a negative person. As a consequence, many of these people have committed crimes again in order for them to survive.

However, there are some ways in which communities and governments could do to solve the problem. Firstly, convicts should be equipped with some useful skill for them during the detention period. Therefore when they are released, they would be beneficial for societies and communities. One of the examples would be by providing some technical courses such as plumbing or mechanical courses. Secondly, the government and neighbours should cooperate in establishing cooperative institutions, whereas, they will hire or recruit ex-criminal persons. These institutions could provide services to societies as  a mechanical workshop, saloon or cleaning service facilities.

In conclusion, it is a fact that many criminals, who have been released from jails, are mostly doing criminal activities again. They do that because they feel that they are not welcomed by the public. And to cope with the issue, governments and societies should cooperate in providing some skill and workplaces for these ex-crime persons.      

[ Written by - Darwin Lesmana ]


Model Answer 2: 
Repetition of crimes by punished criminals is a major concern, especially in these days all over the world. There are various socioeconomic and personal factors behind the scene. Both government and social workers can take many valuable steps to resolve this issue.

Firstly, once a criminal get punishment, the social acceptance of that individual, after the jail term, is a remote possibility in many cultural settings. This may attribute the ex-offender to do the crime again. To be more precise, ex-prisoners usually struggle to stand on their own feet. Society would not offer an employment to them, even though they are well-informed and proactive. Besides, social states will not let many people share their work with ex-detainees. At this juncture, most of them do crimes like theft and burglary to survive. Criminal are made not born. The Government can play a pivotal role to resolve this issue. Special resettlement programmes for punished individual, financial aids and grants for self-employment program are few of them. A helping hand from the governing authority immensely assists settlements of ex-prisoners.

Secondly, inborn psychic problems drive people to reiterate the crimes. In other words, some psychological problems such as Kleptomania and similar disorders force people to breach the law. This problem can be effectively tackled by scientific counselling and proper medical care. Though this is a tough nut to crack, combined efforts of social workers and psychiatrists make it  a piece of cake.

To put it in a nutshell, though society and some personal problems force people to break the law repeatedly, Joint efforts of society and professional bodies, especially Doctors and Social workers, are enough to tackle these issues effectively.

[ Written by - Basil Pallath ]


Model Answer 3: 
It is a serious and glaring threat to the society, those who have been prosecuted to jail trial and still have a mindset to prevail the crime when they are free. This fueling issue needs to be actionable by intervening with nabbed laws and strict rules to avoid happenings in future. Let's discuss some preventive measures could be considered.

Firstly, the quality of life in prison should make it very difficult that some individuals been in prison must think that life in prison is miserable. Apparently, in school studies itself needs to educate the importance of life and the humanity should be developed in each individual's life. In most of the documentary regarding the life in prison shown as very simple and has all facilities. These needs to eradicate, and the facility been offered should be limited. Moreover, the government official can identify these trend people and medicate them for counselling to recover.

In addition to that, the government needs to study the cause and reason behind on each individual who has been prosecuted. The trend of committing the crime is often because of poverty and lack of opportunity for each individual. Those who have educated know the importance of life and will not avail these kinds of activities, perhaps on the other hand people who have been struggling for their daily life, tends to commit crimes. It is more on individual's responsibility to take care of them and their surroundings. Each division or urban society can learn their own people's problem and try resolving, if these is been taken care it will be a drastic change, There is a saying ‘little drops make an ocean’. We need to set protocol to follow right rules and disciplinary behaviour in each individual's home, which makes external life easier.

In conclusion, to commit crimes again and again or to live an awesome life is individual's responsibility. Everyone needs to understand the importance of life, to respect others in all sense and to safeguard the society. Those who have been prosecuted are needed to be given ample opportunity to survive and to recover out of it.

[ Written by - Abdul ]


Model Answer 4: 
Nowadays, a large number of criminals have been sent to the jail for the safety of the modern society. However, the criminal rates have not decreased significantly over the last decade because released criminal from the prison conducted violent crime again. In this regard, some people claim that this trend created so many social problems such as the rise of criminal rates, the increase of taxation, and many others. As far as I am concerned, I will explore the causes of this issue and put forward some feasible solutions in this essay.

In solving this problem, first of all, it is very important to understand what causes its’ issue. There are several factors regarding this trend. Firstly, in the prison, there are no appropriate educational systems and no organising training courses, such as computer skills, cooking skills and so on, for the criminals to develop their skilled talent for their future career after the prison, which will help them keep abreast with the rapid social development. However, the government lack a fund essential to establish this training courses for criminal, which lead the criminal to be lag behind others after the prison and caused them to do another violent crime again. Secondly, almost criminals are suffering a great deal with poor financial conditions, which lead them to go astray again after the prison. As a result, there should have an affirmative action in anything for the sake of those criminal’s restoration for their good future.

There are some things that should be done to solve these problems. Firstly, the government and the authorities should offer an opportunity for those criminals to enrich their knowledge and widen horizons through various forms of training courses, such as computer skills, cooking skills and many others, in the prison, which not only guarantees their future careers but also optimises their living standards. Secondly, the government should subsidise those criminals financially until they find a new career, which will support their family and allow those criminals to concentrate on seeking for their job. Moreover, if the government and the whole society join hands in solving these problems, I believe that criminals who set free from the prison can easily get accustomed to the changed social circumstance and improve their social interaction with others; as a result, all of these efforts greatly contribute to the decrease of criminal rates caused by former prisoners.

Taking into account this aforementioned opinions, there are several things that could be done to prevent the increase of the criminal rates caused by the former prisoners. Furthermore, individuals also should do the utmost to develop the harmonious society with those previous criminals and give them more opportunities to take part in social activities, such as politics, religions, arts, and many others, which offer them abundant enjoyments in many aspects.

[ Written by - Young Min Kim ]

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+2 # Joyce Tan 2016-12-29 09:27
IELTS Essay Topic: Report research suggests that majority of criminals who were sent to prison would commit crimes when they are set free. What do you think of this case? What to be done to solve this problem?

Sample Answer:
Research studies indicate that many of the criminals have committed crimes again after they had been released from the jail and this is a great concern for many. This, in a way, demean the main purpose of the judicial system and there are several reasons why this is happening and some prudent and timely steps are there to mitigate this issue.

To begin with, It could be possible that some of the criminals may think to restart a brand new life when they are set free, but due to the lack of proper support and opportunity, they are forced to commit crimes again. Some convicted persons often face the problem of unemployment even though they try to restart their life. Most employers refuse to employ convicted criminals due to the suspicion and worries about their attitude. Meanwhile, they become vulnerable and others can easily brainwash them for accomplices of criminal activities. Moreover, some fail to fix their faults and commit crimes even after they are given chances. Lack of proper training, counselling and education in the jail could be another reason for this trend.

There are some measures to address this issue. Firstly, the government and non-profit organisations should provide an ample job opportunity for once convicted people to make a living. The convicted people could take some job training likes technical courses during jail time in order to obtain job qualifications. It also requires volunteer`assistance for introducing new jobs from different industries. Besides, it should be made mandatory to educate convicts about ethical and moral values on behaviours. It would help them change their mindset and regret for what they have done.

In conclusion, the government's help and social initiatives should be in place to provide a fair channel for the convicted people to start a brand new life. Training, counselling and moral supports during jail time are also required to change their mindset.
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