IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 691 - Printed media will soon be a thing of the past.

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Which of the following viewpoint do you agree with?

With the recent development in technology like e-books some people feel that the printed media like books, newspapers and magazine will soon be a thing of the past. Others feel that those forms of media will never disappear.

What’s your opinion?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
Some people hold a view that traditional media, such as books, newspapers, and magazines will become obsolete as it happened in the case of the grandfather of CDs - VINYL RECORDS. While others, like me, still prefer a tangible printed book over an electronic ebook reader device and thus find it difficult to imagine that printed version would go out of fashion completely.
To begin with, the overwhelming majority of people are doomed to spending endless hours in front of a computer screen, as most of the jobs require working with computers nowadays. I strongly feel that there is an urge to take a break from the intensity of technology, especially when the information we are looking for can be found in printed material. Who wouldn’t miss out a bookstore atmosphere, interaction with a real, knowledgeable shop seller eager to provide personal recommendations on books? The smell of the ink, the rustle of the pages flipping through your fingers, embellishment of our rooms filled with literary pieces on our bookshelves? I personally can hardly envisage an electronic device used as a substitute for my books.

To flip the coin, it’s undeniably true that newspapers, magazines in digital format are less time-consuming to get. Ebooks are not only easily portable and accessible, but also the prices for online books are much lower compared to the cost we pay for printed word. They avoid the hassle of waiting in the line and it’s a huge time saver. Needless to say that the advantages of Ebooks seem to exceed the disadvantages .However, printed books serve as a physical entity, we pass them on, give them friends as a gift which is always considered as a valuable present. I am not certain if I got overly excited about getting a link to an Ebook.

To sum it up, technological advances, such as E-books amazon kindle, are spreading the speed of the light and will definitely continue providing us with its comfort and multiple functions, but I firmly believe that printed word will never vanish from our bookshelves entirely. I am sure Cicero who once said, a room without a book is like a body without a soul,” would totally agree with me.
[ Written by - Pamela Hollosyova ]
Model Answer 2:
There are arguments that contemporary innovation such as e-books will replace other types of reading materials like books, newspapers and magazines. However, some people are convinced that these encoded information sources will continuously thrive for a long period of time.

Primarily, it can be argued that people, who lived for previous decades, have the traditional forms of gathering information. This information is those that can be read in the newspaper and the Encyclopedia.  Being adjusted to the presentation of information, there are some cases that elderly people and those who are very conventional might not abandon reading current affairs or ideas on paper. Furthermore, news headlines or activity books can be outlined and written. There could be circumstances that people read news which is those important affairs only. They use a pen to highlight ideas that would pique their interest. Likewise, some students need to write answers on their workbook to facilitate learning, thus it is disputable that information on paper will never become an obsolete method of obtaining knowledge.

In contrast, it can never be denied that e-books are reading materials which are handy and convenient. The procurement of information is at the convenience for most families because electronic references can be shared trough internet. The internet has various websites that have updated information. These recent data can be easily accessed by downloading in a form of electronic book. Secondly, information saved in a computer is not easily deteriorated because the data are displayed on the screen. It cannot be torn nor crumpled, and can indefinitely reproduce in multiple copies. For instance, the computer has a system that retains the file and can proliferate in a large number of copies.

In my opinion, I argue that the longevity of journals, literary and ideas on paper will survive in spite of existing e-books and online information.   It can be questioned that daily exposure to computer screens or computer books, which emits little radiation, may damage the reader’s eyes. Some people who are less affluent may not have computers their residences, thus it is futile that they will alter the traditional mode of acquiring ideas.

Overall, some are convinced that readable information on computers will eradicate encoded conventional publications. However, it is undisputable that these paper editing will always remain despite the modern development.
[ Written by - Chino Bouquets ]
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