IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 704 - In sub-continent cricket has become more popular than the national sports

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

In many sub-continent countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Cricket has become more popular than the national sports of these countries.

What do you think are the reasons behind this?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
Cricket is a sport which includes two opposite teams played by 11 players on each side and it is one of the most popular outdoor sports in these modern days. The total number of audience and the importance of this game have evolved beyond boundaries in the recent times than ever, particularly in countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc. and I believe the number of reasons contributed towards this change is numerous. But it is undoubtedly arguable that the significance of cricket has crossed as that of the national games, in almost all these countries.

Being an Indian, I would consider my self-privileged to explain what happened in India which has, in turn, helped cricket to be a celebrated game. The national sport of India is declared as hockey and India always has had a wonderful hockey team now and in the past. But it is quite evident that during the mid-80s the exposure cricket had received internationally is commendable when compared to any other sport, so as in India too. Those days, hockey was also given similar importance but with India's victory of International Cricket Council's world cup in the early 90s, the dream of an Asian country winning an international title has become a dream come true for not only Indians but also for the other subcontinents in Asia. Ever since then, the players were treated as celebrities and apparently the popularity of the game has increased and as time has passed, India became one of the most successful and a record winning team in the entire world.

Adding to the flavour, it would be insensitive, if I do not count the contributions of individual cricket players and their influence in the Indian community. Some players like Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly has been an envied opening partnership for all other opponent countries, and they have been very successful in making and achieving new records day by day. Sachin Tendulkar alone holds more than 200 records in the game of Cricket and he is the most run scorer and century holder in all forms of cricket. Additionally, when we go back to the history of cricket it is worth mentioning that, cricket has its root of origin to England, and I presume being a colony to the English for around 200 years until 1947, cricket has got widely popularised during these days.

In summary, although, I have so many other reasons to be specifically pointed out, I consider the above said details are most significant to be told. However, I would be more than eager to witness what sport could possibly replace Cricket from its position in the future, as I believe change is inevitable and the world is dynamic.

[ Written by -  Anoop Veliyath Asokan ]

Model Answer 2:
The game of cricket has undoubtedly bowled over the native sports in the majority of the Asian and neighbouring continents. The popularity of the sport, as many suggests owes to the peculiarity of the game and the flamboyance of the players and team involved. Let us discourse the reasons below.

It is quite obvious that native sports in these countries lack the enthusiasm and some unique features which cricket does not. Moreover, national sports are not being played on a global perspective compared to cricket these days. In addition to this, the younger generations are influenced by the game of cricket from their childhood. For example, in India, seldom would you find one describe his childhood devoid of cricket. Hockey being the national sport of India, will find itself miles away on the road to popularity compared to cricket.

One other reason for its popularity would be the frequency of international tournaments or series that occur in the circle of cricket, whereas native sport does not acknowledge international viewers on such basis. As a result, cricket and its players splash around the media all the year around, making it closer the mass hearts. For example, the welcome that Australians received after winning the cricket world cup in 1996 acquired  a worldwide attention on television screens. The world witnessed India coming to a stand still on winning world cup following this.

History favours the sub-continental countries teams to procure higher rankings in the cricket hierarchy, an illustrated reason for cricket’s popularity in these continents. The fact that majority of the tournaments in world cricket hangs around the Asian subcontinent also adds to the heap of reasons. Asia cup, Sharjah cup etc. exemplifies the same.

In conclusion, the native sports are fading importance in the huge waves of roars applauding cricket. This phenomenon is getting more globalised and seems unstoppable. As a sports person myself, I opine that measures should be taken to promote the national sports because no sport is better than other unless played in the right spirit.

[ Written by -  Vineeth V. ]

Model Answer 3:
Undoubtedly, cricket is the well- known game among all the people in subcontinent countries. Since it gives more entertainment and greater competitions, it achieved higher popularity than the national sports. This essay intends to analyse the reasons for this phenomenon in detail.

First of all, cricket is much more thrilling and interesting to watch and play for all age groups than other sports. To precise, people can be enjoyed by playing or even watching, which is the main attractive feature. For instance, in India, even though many people have busy life schedule, they are interested in watching cricket either through television or live because it gives more energy and happiness. Moreover, a lot of people including young and old find enough time to play cricket in their surroundings in spite of their unattended higher priorities. This is because of the attractive elements of cricket sport, which also enhance positive and vibrant qualities.

Secondly, it is a team sport. In other words, teamwork is essential to play cricket successfully. Many people like these types of sports rather than solitary sports as people can show their strength and unity in front of others. Furthermore, players help each other to overcome the drawbacks. Such activities develop team spirit among players considerably.

Most of the subcontinent countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lana plays in international cricket and their successes in this game are tremendous. This is another reason cricket has gained a huge popularity in this part of the world. The national games like Hockey, kabaddi and volleyball are not attractive to people in these countries as there are fewer events of these games. It is obvious that mass people would show more enthusiasm in the sports where their national team play at the international level and become the best in the world.    

Finally, unlike national sports, it is very to understand and learn. To explain, rules and regulations of cricket are much easier to learn for even a common man. Therefore its’ fame has reached greater heights. This would mean that cricket is very common and popular game in the sub- continental countries.

In conclusion, despite it consumes a long time, it helps people to entertain and relax enormously than the national sports. I hope authority should consider these points and take appropriate measures to encourage people for playing national sports also.  

[ Written by -  Jincy Jibins ]


Model Answer 4:
Hailing from a country where a cricketer is popularly known as the God, I can certainly say that cricket has outshone all other sports in the sub-continental countries including the national sports. Because of the popularity of cricket, all the other sports are being neglected or less frequently played or enjoyed. Some of the reasons, in my opinion, are media coverage, the business involved in sports, training resources and government support, different format of the sport and success rate of those countries in international tournaments.  

First of all electronic and social media coverage has played an important role to make the cricket popular among the people in the sub-continental countries. In India and in other sub-continental countries, almost all national and international cricket matches are telecasted on several TV channels. Highlights of matches, cricket theme shows and interviews with the cricketers are very popular on TV. Because of this, people very seldom get a chance to know about other sports and are therefore largely unaware of them. Since the cricket teams in these countries do really well at the international level, people like to watch this sport more than they are interested in national sports. The huge success in international level is one of the most prominent reasons people in this continent like to play and watch this sport.  

Second, cricketers are treated as celebrities and they are role models for many young and aspiring cricketers. The amount of money they earn and the focuses they get on media are quite overwhelming.  Sachin Tendulkar, for example, is very commonly known as the God of cricket in India. His popularity is such that there have been riots in his name. Almost all the international cricket players have huge fans and cricketers from Indian subcontinents like Imran Khan, Tendulkar, Wasim Akram, Afridi, Kohli, Rahul Dravid, Muralidharan etc. have more fans and followers than we can imagine.  Therefore marketing companies pay them highly to endorse their products. Again, cricket is one of the highest paying sports in sub-continental countries. Money – award money, match winnings and income from endorsements of the products, is very high as compared to any other sport. So naturally, the youngsters are inclined towards playing cricket.

Moreover, training resources and government support for cricket is far more than that of national sports in these countries. Considering the commercial factor and popularity of cricket, the government also provides better facilities and resources for cricket training. There are also several private clubs and coaching centres for aspiring cricketers and current players in all major cities. Even in schools, cricket is the most encouraged and widely played sport. Finally, different formats of the sport make it more attractive to audiences of all ages. Earlier cricket used to be a winter sport, but now it is played year round. Different formats like test matches, one-day international, T-20, premier leagues and the glamour attached to this sport have enhanced the popularity of cricket than the national sports of these countries. Even many renowned movie stars are now the owners of the cricket clubs and this has further accelerated the popularity of this sport.

In conclusion, everybody wants to enjoy a sport that has glamour and excitement attached. Thus national sports in the Indian sub-continent have lost their popularity to a great extent while cricket has become the craze in the sports world.

[ Written by -  Priyanka Anchaliya ]

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