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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 716 - Which one according to you is the better way of spending an ideal holiday?

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Many people prefer to spend their holidays staying at home and doing things that they usually can’t do because of a busy schedule. Others, however, prefer to get away from their usual routine and prefer to spend time in a different location in a hotel, camping in the countryside or visiting other cities. Which one according to you is the better way of spending an ideal holiday? What are the benefits of going away on holidays?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
People in the society utilise holidays in many ways. Some people make use of holidays in travelling to other places, whereas others want to complete the incomplete works. This essay will discuss how the holidays are utilised by people and advantages of travelling on holidays.

There are many benefits of travelling to other places on holidays. First and foremost, it gives us pleasure and peace of mind from our routine & busy life. A change is required for any person in his routine life; this gives satisfaction in his life. Secondly, we can meet many people while travelling and can explore many things, which helps to increase our social life. Finally, we are not machines to work all the time and this kind of going away and staying in hotels or camping gives immense pleasure, and this gives us the meaning of our life.

However, others prefer to complete things which are incomplete. If every time we make use of holidays in travelling, it is difficult to complete our pending works, as we will be having a little time only for our personal works. For instance, these days, people work 24/7 and getting time for their personal works has become very difficult. If we make ourselves tired in travelling on holidays, it will be very hard to get time and rest, so the better way is to stay at home and take rest by just finishing off our pending works.    

In my opinion, there are many advantages of going away on holidays. For shorter period holidays, it is better to stay at home, but for longer period holidays, it is better to make use of going away, meeting new people and exploring new things. This will increase our social skills and it gets rid of our fears to travel. Also, it gives rest to our mind which is busy all the time in working and a pleasure for a depressed person.

To conclude, we can utilise holidays in many ways but it is always better to go away if we have longer holidays, whereas, for shorter periods, it is better to complete pending works as we will be having very less time in our busy lives.
[ Written by -  Nishath Begum ]
Model Answer 2:
Today's fast moving and the competitive world make one  very busy in their work. To relax from their busy working life, people take holidays. Some people feel comfortable with just staying at home, whereas, some want to go away from their home and stay in the countryside or in a hotel. I will discuss both points in the below paragraph.
On one hand, some people like to stay at home instead of going out during holidays. This is because they feel more relaxed at home. For going out they should plan in advance. Also, it requires quite an amount of money for travelling, accommodation, food etc. Also, if there is a small kid in the family it is risky to go out, as kids are more sensitive to climate change and outside food. Also, they feel little insecure from thieves, to leave their home locked. By staying at home, people can spend more time with their family members, which is not normally possible during working days. Furthermore, by staying at home people can do some household works together, to help their partners.
On the other hand, some feel happier to go out on holidays. Due to the boom in the tourism industry, they can get holiday packages at the best rates. Also, people who travel countryside feel more relaxed due to fresh weather, compared to the polluted city environment. Besides, they can discover new places and children can learn new things about the places. Also, when they stay away from the home and office, they are isolated from routine worries. Furthermore, when family members go out together, it will reduce the friction between the family members if any. Nowadays, we can see many people take treatment for stress by going to the country sides like Madikeri, Coorg, Munnar etc. in holidays.
To sum up, staying away from home during the holidays will not only give physical relief but also, give mental satisfaction. So, I personally feel during holidays, staying away from home is much better compared to staying at home.
[ Written by -  Prakash Chandra ]
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