IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 719 - Many people say that music lesson in schools is very important

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Many people say that music lesson in schools is very important for the children while others oppose this idea. They say that the time and money spent on music classes in schools are not necessary and children should focus on more important subjects like science, math and computer rather than wasting time in music lessons.

Which point of view do you agree with? Why?

Give your own opinion and include relevant examples.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
There have been always debates about how and where schools should use the available resources. One of these debates is the amount of money and time spent in teaching music. Some people would argue that teaching science or computer has a higher priority but from my point of view, I think that teaching music is as important as teaching any other subjects. In the next paragraphs, I will give my reasons to support this position.

First of all, every society consists of a variety of professions. You cannot replace a profession with a different one and expect it to function properly. For example, while you need engineers to build devices and doctors to cure people, you also need musicians and entertainers so that people can enjoy their spare time.

Second of all, every child is different and has his/her hobbies, talents and dreams. We cannot focus on certain subjects and ignore others as this will bring up generations who would know a lot of information in fields that they do not really care about. So, in order to have a successful and balanced society, we need people who have passion towards their work and this passion will not come unless we give each subject in school its amount of time and effort. This will give the children the chance to choose the field they will really excel at.

Music is very motivational and adding music classes would help children focus on other complex subjects like Algebra and Physics. Many students have a natural talent for music and the teachers would be able to identify them. Thus the possible future musician would be sorted out and nurtured. We do not need a generation full of mathematician and computer programmer. An ideal society needs musicians as much as it needs the technical persons. So music lessons in school level cannot be a waste of money and time.

To summarise, I believe giving the time and money for teaching music in schools as much as we give for teaching other subjects will help produce better and more successful society.

[ Written by - Youssef Lamaei ]


Model Answer 2:
Some people think that students should be taught subjects like science and computers at schools instead of wasting time and money in music and art classes. I completely disagree with this statement because students should be allowed to explore all the subject areas rather than focusing only on some limited areas.

Only studying subjects like science, maths and computers make students monotonous. As we know, these subjects are comparatively tough than other subjects. The students also try too hard on understanding those subjects to secure good grades in the examination. Sometimes, some students even lose interest in their study if they are not allowed to do any other extra activities except studying. So, there must be few extra classes for them to enjoy their day at school in spite of all the tough study they have to do.

Not all students are interested in science. Some of them might be interested in music or arts. Also, some students can be good in both science and music or arts. Having art and music classes help them to actually bring out their hidden talent in front of the whole world. Furthermore, it will give them a chance to be creative. In addition, such classes help students to decrease the stress of study. This, in turn, will help them to be focused on their study since a stress-free mind can learn things quickly and accurately.

Similarly, being in such classes not only help students to enjoy their day at school but also keep them occupied during their free time. Instead of wasting their time in watching television and playing computer games, they can practice music and art and be creative. This way they will be entertaining themselves as well as practising and enhancing perfection on what they love.

To sum up, classes like music and arts are really important for students. This should be made available in every school to motivate students in extra-curricular activities along with their study which will help them in their intellectual development.

[ Written by - Aparajita Shrestha ]


Model Answer 3:
We are usually made to learn a wide variety of subjects in our school. We practice Math for computational skills and again have to memorise past events as part of world history. Within all this, schools have made provisions for recreational activities such as musical classes. However, not every person finds such musical classes beneficial for a child.

I believe music can be an exemplary form of relaxation in the midst of a competitive school environment. Back during my high school days, I used to feel over-burdened by all the lessons in a day. I used to fervently wait for my ECA classes where we were taught how to play the cello. I still remember how every chord I used to play, removed the chaos from my mind and refreshed me. Moreover, not every student in a class aspires to be a scientist or an engineer. There are always those few, who want to dip their talent in the soothing tunes of music. Otherwise, we would never have had composers like Beethoven or even Myles Kennedy. So, those music classes could be the stepping ground for many a Barba Streisand.

Many people might argue that such classes would distract a student from their homework or project work or would take up additional time that could have been better utilised for mainstream subjects. However, I remember our school used to space our music classes in between major lessons with its duration strictly being similar to other classes. Most of my classmates used to comment on how, after our music lessons, they used to feel more invigorated or inspired to tackle their homework. So such a measure by every school could dissipate such misgivings.

Hence, it can be concluded that the time and money spent behind music would benefit a child much more than utilising all their resources only behind mainstream subjects.

[ Written by - Parsa Sanjana ]


Model Answer 4:
A group of people believe that music course should not be included in the school curriculum, and children should focus on learning important subjects such as mathematics, science, computer and language. I personally disagree with the statement, since I believe that music plays an important part in human's life and the following essay will discuss it in details.   

Firstly, based on the reliable scientific research, it was found that the music has a positive impact on children's brain development. These scientists believe that children who play musical instruments such as piano or violin are more intelligent than the ordinary children. Children who frequently listen to music or play music instruments have a proportionate use of their left and right brain; therefore they could combine their emotional and logical thinking. One of the examples is the famous composer Mozart, who had been introduced to music since he was five years old, and became one of the greatest world composers.

Secondly, the existence of music class also plays an important role for the school and the children as well. It is a fact that each child is born with different talent and passion. Some children might be born with the interest in calculation or logical thinking, but there are others who are born with the talent in arts, such as painting, singing or playing musical instruments. Therefore the existence of musical class can be used to facilitate and develop children who have a passion for music. Besides that, music class can also be used a preparation for school performance. It is common that during a graduation ceremony, there will be some performance from children and one of them might be the choir. The music class can be used for rehearsal, therefore, the children's choir could perform well during the ceremony.

In conclusion, several people believe that musical class should be eliminated from school curriculum since it is a waste of money and time. They believe that school should focus more on useful subjects, such as biology, chemistry or mathematics.  I totally disagree with the statement, since I do believe that music can be a positive influence on the children's brain development. Besides that, it is true that every individual is born with different talent and passion; therefore schools cannot enforce children to focus on studying some particular subjects.

[ Written by - Darwin Lesmana ]

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