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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 877 - People who are being monitored are unaware of that

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Advanced technologies like cell phone tracking and security cameras are being used to monitor people’s activities. In many cases, people who are being monitored are unaware of that and many people oppose the use of such monitoring for this reason. Others, however, say that to track crimes it is important to use such technology.

Do you think the advantages of monitoring people’s activity outweigh the disadvantages it has?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
Technology makes life easy and viable. Gone are the days when people used to use jumbo style instruments to say, hear, view and watch. With the growing changes in technology, one can be tracked with his identity and actions known.

In earlier days when people were contacted using telephones, faxes and telegrams. They used to be at one place and their whereabouts were tracked by the phone they respond. If we consider the recent trends in the technology; it has become feasible and transparent, the mobile phones which are used nowadays are backed up by a network which will be connected with the user of the phone.

Their connectivity to the network provides access to a person’s mobility and actions, with the usage of mobile phone a person can be tracked and his whereabouts can be known. When we consider the security cameras; cameras installed at certain places provide the information regarding the mobility of persons, the cameras installed at various places not only helps in monitoring the traffic surveillance but also help in nabbing the culprits.

If we consider the advantages of these technological developments they are beneficial in averting certain dangerous incidents, definitely the advantages of technology being used in tracking and identifying the suspicious activities are at par. For instance; the security cameras installed in different busy areas survey the movement of suspicious persons and with the help of these footages major calamities/dangerous situations can be averted. The conversation between persons if tapped will certainly help in identifying suspicious activities and saving the aftermath consequences which are danger in nature.

As stated above, the use of technology certainly helps but this technology even steals privacy of people without their knowledge, for instance, the security cameras installed in a shopping complex or restaurant monitor the activities regularly without the knowledge of the people/visitors and this is being used improperly. Even the private conversations between people are tapped and are used for illegal means to gain some undue advantage. Certainly, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages but if the disadvantages are monitored and if the technology is practised ethically .The use of technology in monitoring and tracking certainly helps the peace and harmony of a state and country.

[ Written by - Prasadarao Talluri ]


Model Answer 2:
Technology has advanced beyond the basic needs of people and nowadays offers devices that can be used to track activities of people through mobile phones, CCTV cameras etc. Although the main idea behind making such devices is to ensure safety of the people and avert criminal acts, however, many incidents has been reported where in these devices was used to record activities of people without their knowledge. At the same time, as I would like to think, such misuse of technology in present times cannot still override the benefits derived from it.

It is true that the number of cases reported on use of devices for infringement into people private without their consent has increased in the past few years. In reality, all such cases are due to wrong minds of the people who believe in exploiting others and won't hesitate to use any means to achieve their purpose. Such people can harm others even without the use of technology.

Despite the disadvantageous use of technology by unreliable people, it cannot be denied that development of device for the use of monitoring people exercises has proved enormously beneficial in reducing cost spend on the guaranteeing security of individuals at public places , offices and remote areas. This spared measure of cash can further be utilized on other welfare prospects of individuals. . Additionally, with the utilization these gadget, the crime rate has reduced and it's easy of find the real culprit behind the crime. Besides, tracking through mobile phones made it difficult to abscond for the guilty.

To sum up, technology does not promote the criminal acts, it's the unethical people who use it for wrong purposes and the unaccountable advantages of technology cannot be supersedes by such abuses.

[ Written by - Riya Nagpal ]


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