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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 898 - Economic growth has made some people richer

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

In recent time economic growth has made some people richer in both developed and developing countries. While studies show that people in developing countries are happier now than before, people in developed countries are no happier than they were before.

Why do you think this is and what lessons can be learned from it?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.


Model Answer 1:
Money cannot guarantee people's happiness. It is proved by experts that although economic growth has made people richer, people from developed countries feel less happy than they were before. In contrast, in poor countries, wealth make them happier. I will outline the reason why this phenomenon happened.

In the case of developed countries, they are never starving. In the past, they can found meal everywhere and able to bought it. Before technology advanced, they already went to work such as farming or work in a factory. They had enough money to prevent them from starving. Another reason is the time of working. They worked several hours and have time to take a rest. Meanwhile, in recent year, they work overlap time hours. They have no time to do their interest or go on vacations with their family. It is because of competition among people. Their ambition encourages them to pursue their goal and achievement for enhancing their status.

On the other hand, residents of developing countries feel happier than they were before because they ever lived in a lack of education and food. In the past, it was really hard for them to buy some food and studied in formal education. But today, since they are richer than before, they can get both of those terms. They can buy an important stuff for their life. Another reason is they can manage their time working well, so they still have time to interact with other people.

In conclusion, I must say that what we can learn about two cases above is to love our life. It is true that we need to work and earn money for our life but it cannot be denied that we need to enjoy our life with our lovely people. So, we need to thanks for everything we have and we got.

[ Written by - Wiwik Astuti ]


Model Answer 2:

The world economy has improved significantly in the past few years and made several people become wealthier in both advanced and developing countries. Based on the research, it is found that people who live in developing countries are enjoying their lives more than before nowadays, while those who live advanced countries are no happier that before. The following essay will discuss in details about some of the reasons and what can we learn from it.

On the one hand, it is a fact the world economic has grown rapidly in the past recent years. Many developing and developed countries have experienced some positive improvements in the economic sectors, as their GDP have increased and inflation rate got lower. Some of the people have taken the advantage and as a consequence, they became richer. The economic growth has created a lot of new billionaires these days, such as the CEO of Air Asia Tony Fernandez and the Mital Family from India.

Based on some scientific studies, it is found that people who live in developing countries are happier than ever nowadays, as their economic condition has grown rapidly in the past few years. As some of the people’s lives and economic status have changed dramatically from poor to middle-income class, they felt grateful and pleased with the improvement and enjoyed their lives. In contrast to the condition above, developed countries’ people are no happier than they were before. Should there be any improvement in their economic status, it would not give any significant changes into their way of lives, as they already have a high standard of living. Many of them already have their own properties and vehicles, and their government already provided them with good public health, education and transportation system. Therefore it is harder for them to feel grateful in terms of their economic condition.

In conclusion, it is true that the world economic have grown rapidly in the past few decades, and it has made some of the people in developing and developed countries become wealthier. Is it reported that as the economic sector in developing countries are growing, the people are feeling are happier than ever before, as many of them have experienced drastic changes in their ways of living. Many of them have successfully escaped from poverty problems and change their economic status. On the other hand, many people who live in advanced countries are no happier than before, as they already live in a better and comfort situation.

[ Written by - Darwin Sugiharto ]


Model Answer 3:

At recent years, the economic conditions have been developed in all countries in the world. However, it seems that developing countries have better achievement in increasing their happiness indicator rather than developed countries. There are several things that can be learned from this phenomenon and I will try to elaborate them in this essay.

Psychologically, rich countries have achieved their economic peak describing the massive productivity and superiority in well-known thrived multinational industries and by the time passed by the stagnancy occurred. Dissimilar with it, emerging countries have been trying so hard to pursue the enrollment in economy indicators, and as a result, they achieved them and easily felt happy with the overwhelming results. This is the dire impact for developed countries because they are afraid by the economy theory stating there will be always a victim in economic competition.

Apart from that, developing countries have been thriving so fast by fixing their government expenditure, increasing and improving the environment of local businesses which drive the huge number of investments. As results, there is up-going growth in employment indicators and an improvement in individual spending because they have revenues by huge working opportunities. These happen in China, Brazil, Indonesia, and India. Meanwhile, developed countries such America, Japan, and European Industrial Countries have maximised the usage of their resources so they are encouraged to develop their factories overseas by outsourcing the workers from local developing countries which give benefits for poor countries in many ways.

In conclusion, the theory of “economy cycle” driven by business cycle theory is inevitable arguing that a country who has reached the maximum outcomes in economy, will suffer a daunt fall whether it will be significant or steady is based on the effective efforts by the country.

[ Written by - Manggala Putra ]


Model Answer 4:

Recently, some people have become richer both in developed countries and developing countries because of the economic growth. The result of some studies presents that people in developing countries are happier than before while people in developed countries are in the opposite situation. This phenomenon might have happened because of two main reasons that I will discuss below.

Competition is the first reason why people in developed countries are no happy that they were. Due to the economic growth, companies put them self in a competition. This condition creates new rules to workers. Employees are forced to work harder than before to avoid being beaten by other companies in terms of technology, quality and quantity. Take mobile phone companies as an example. They compete to develop new technology to attract consumers. People in developing countries, on the other hand, are focused more on building their businesses instead of competing each other because many of the companies are categorised as small to medium companies.

The second reason is the time spent. When there are many competitions among companies, there is more work to do for the workers. This will lead to more time spent in the workplace rather than spending times to their private life. Unconsciously, these companies increase the stress level of their workers which means people in developed countries are no happy than before. In the opposite situation with that, people in developing countries become happier because they can earn more money for their family than they were, even though they have to spend more time in workplaces. It decreases their stress level.

From two reasons I mentioned above, it is clearly seen that economic growth can bring wealthy to both countries which are the good side of it but the work pressure and the time spent are not worth for some people especially in developed countries which are the dark sides of economic growth. It also shows that wealthy is not the main guarantee for people to gain happiness in life, there is quality time with friends and families too.

[ Written by - Rani Namserna ]


Model Answer 5:
In recent days, both affluent and poor countries have had significant growth which stops them suffering from economic crisis. However, some experts assert that poor countries are much happier in facing this life nowadays rather than in affluent countries. By looking at this case, I personally believe that happiness is not only about money but there are some factors involved to gain it in this life. This essay will look into the reasons with some considerations.

The striking difference between affluent and poor countries is the culture of those countries. Affluent countries consist of hard workers but they have no interest to build a family. They tend to be an individual person. As a consequent, they try to obtain their ambitions in order to gain self-satisfaction. However, it is totally different from poor countries which put family as the most important one in this life. They earn much money not only to cope with economic problems but also to gain happiness together with their family. Take Indonesian and Korean as the examples; Korean people prefer to spend their life lonely while Indonesian people choose marriage to stay with their partners. Therefore, people who live together with their family are full of affection since they can spend much time together. By contrast, for Korean people to use their money for their own and to fulfil their individual needs need to spend much time in the workplace. As a result, to gain happiness, people need to use their leisure time together with their beloved family.

In addition, technological advancement is one reason why affluent countries cannot gain happiness like poor countries. Since the people in affluent countries prefer to spend much time with technology instead of interact with other people. They have sedentary life because they cannot involve in social interaction, it influences their behaviour and attitudes. Therefore, they lack the social respect in terms of ideal human being.

In conclusion, to gain happiness people should change their perspective toward this life. They should consider that this life is full of enjoyable things, thus they must take part on it.

[ Written by - Tuty Starlet ]

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