IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 905 - What many people eat in western countries is unhealthy

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people claim that what many people eat in western countries is unhealthy food and that their diet is getting worse. Critics say that these countries should change their diet.

What are your opinions on this?

You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your argument with examples and relevant evidence.

You should write at least 250 words.


Model Answer 1:
The issue of unhealthy food in western countries has become an inevitable issue for people that influence people’s diet. Moreover, some researchers recommend those people to change their diets. I personally agree with these views.

I believe that unhealthy food in western countries is affected by the use of technology in producing food that mostly concerns on the quantity of the products as well as time efficiency but ignores the quality aspect. As a result, there are various kinds of junk food and instant food provided in several restaurants that obviously lack the nutrients as well as vitamins. Moreover, the use of technology in producing food sometimes endangers people because the food factory tends to add chemical substance inside of the food instead of natural substances. Moreover, media, through TV and printed media, play important role in persuading as well as convincing people to buy those unhealthy foods.

On the other hand, some researchers recommend people in western countries to change the diet from modern food into traditional food that naturally contains much nutrients, vitamins, minerals and calories. I believe that changing the diets will make people be avoided from the dangerous substance that influence the health. Moreover, even though people use the technology to produce as well as modify food production but by considering the importance of healthy diets people will use it effectively and safely.

In short, people in western countries are provoked by media as well as the technology use in food production that probably add chemical substance inside the food. By considering these factors, people should change the diets into the traditional food that is more natural as well as healthier.

[ Written by - Soni Ariwan ]


Model Answer 2:
In recent days, people argue that Western people have a sedentary life because of consuming unhealthy food and having a bad diet habit. Some assert that they must alter their lifestyle in order to keep fit in daily life. From my point of view, having a bad diet is one of the main factors because I believe that there are others factors involved in this case. Therefore, this essay will look into the reasons with some considerations.

Firstly, it is true that to have a healthy life Western people should change their bad diet. As far as I know that the fashionable trend in Western people is eating fast food or junk food. Therefore, they have to consume fresh fruits and vegetables. They should stop consuming the frozen foods even stop drinking soda or alcohol. They should change to consume more foods which are full of nutrition and vitamins. As a result, they will have a healthy lifestyle.

Secondly, one of other factors is that western people are hard workers, thus they have no time to do exercises to keep their healthy. What I believe is that it is not enough for them if they only change they daily diet, but they should manage their time to do some sporting activities. For instance, they can spend their weekends by going to a fitness centre. The sedentary lifestyle caused by the lack of time to relax their body. The fact shows that they just have monotonous activities which are staying in the workplace and consuming instant foods. There is no time for them to cook by their own. Therefore, I personally believe that Western people should be able to manage their time wisely.

To sum up, the reasons why Western people's health condition is getting worse not only because of having a bad diet, but it was also affected by having no good time management. As the result, they should alter their food consumption and provide time to do sporting activities, thus they can create; life balance and stay healthy.

[ Written by - Tuty Starlet ]


Model Answer 3:
At recent years, western people are considered as unhealthy people, and one of the major reason is the way they eat. I will elaborate my opinion below with several arguments and solutions.

Western countries, which are well-known as countries with overwhelming economy meaning higher productivity among the people, design working models for workers to spend less time in consuming food rather than do their tasks and deadlines. As a result, food industries invent fast food which has inevitable bad effects.

Junk food contains dire substances such as excessive fat in hamburgers and hot-dogs or rotted calories and proteins in pancakes. These containments trigger severe illness such as lung and heart cancer. As consequence, logically the costs of treatments outweigh the high income achieved from workforces.

However, still, there are ways out. First, they should limit consuming garbage foods by eating more for healthy swift homemade foods such as sandwich and salad. These menus are easy to be made and the ingredients are cheap to be bought in public markets. Second, the western people are suggested to schedule their time exercising whether in the gym or at home. High-intensity sports which consist of seven to ten minutes training are so beneficial for busy labour because to do these sports only needs a small amount of time and have been revealed as the most effective type of sports in spite of professional athletes and also can be found easily on the internet.

To sum up, by giving highest performance in a workplace does not always relate to sacrifice our physical healthy. People, especially in western, should avoid the drawbacks brought by fast food by doing things revealed above to gain maximum profit in both economy and healthy sides.

[ Written by - Manggala Putra ]


Model Answer 4:
It is believed that the quality of the food that are served in western countries are getting worse these days, as well as the people's dietary pattern. Many people think that these western countries should change their diets into a healthier one, and the following essay will discuss it in details.

For a number of reasons, the foods that are consumed by western people are considered as unhealthy nowadays. Firstly, it is because most of the crops that are produced in western countries are using chemical fertilisers, such as pesticide or urea. Farmers are using these chemical ingredients to ensure that their crops are productive and resistant to pests. Many people do not notice that these items could have a serious effect on their health. Secondly, many western people prefer to purchase processed meats these days, because these canned foods have a longer expiry date. These foods are using some kind of additives that could trigger cancer or tumour.

Many people also believe that the dietary pattern of the western people is getting worse these days. As people get busier, they have lesser time to prepare healthy food. As a consequence, they prefer to purchase instant foods such as Mc Donald or Kentucky fried Chicken, which contain high cholesterol ingredients. And then, most of them have a habit of consuming soda and liquor. They do not realise that these beverages contain a high portion of sugar which is dangerous for the human's body.

In my opinion, I do agree that many western people are consuming unhealthy food and have a bad dietary pattern, though some of them choose to be more selective. I think the government should provide some solutions to resolve the issue. One of them might be by giving some rewards and incentives to farmers who choose to plant organic foods. Then, the government should also set some standards for fast food restaurants, to ensure that the food that served by them are healthy and safe.

[ Written by - Darwin Lesmana ]

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