IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 1102 - Letter writing could be lost in the future

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Using cell phones and computers made communication among people much easier. As a result, letter writing could be lost in the future.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer:
Latest technological inventions like mobile phones and computers have made communication much more convenient, easier and less expensive. Some people consider it as the revolution in the communication system, while some others opine that this advancement has reduced our bonding and made our relationship less personal. There is no double that with the widespread usage of cell phones, pagers, text messages, social networking websites and Internet calling, letter writing has already become less popular but I do not agree that this it will ever disappear.

To begin with, letter writing is a traditional way of communication among people from different parts of the world. Even until now with the dominance of technology like email, letter writing has its importance and supremacy in authoritative, official and personal communication. Letter writing is still the best way to congratulate someone, write to a government office or to write to a dear friend.

Second, it is a formal writing and some business companies ask their applicants to write an application letter to measure their capability in communicating by means of writing. Secondly, letter writing can be a source of documentation that can be utilised as strong evidence in the court. Email fraud is common these days and someone with advance knowledge can send an email from any email address he wants. This makes an email less authoritative as strong evidence.     

In addition, people applying for fiancée visa can send love letters to the embassy as proof of the relationship to a foreign individual as additional documentation purposes. Thirdly, individual living in a remote area of a countryside still need to write letters since the Internet is yet to be available there. The number of such areas is quite large and they rely on letter writing for communication. Thus, people prefer to use letter writing as a form of sending important messages- be it to love one’s or business transaction purposes. The personal touch, affection and sincerity a hand written letter can convey could not be found in an email or text message.

Lastly, letter writing is the only way to improve someone’s writing skills. Computerised grammar and spell checking facilities are often the reason many modern-era students do not have excellent writing and grammatical command. On the other hand habit of letter writing enhance someone ability to write better. It will also help them become more creative and imaginative in creating a very excellent output of writing.

In my point of view, letter writing will not be abolishing in future because it possesses a significant importance in communication, especially in measuring the ability of individual’s writing, creativity and appropriate and clever way of writing. Letter writing is entirely beneficial in honing to become an effective communicator. The importance of letter writing in offices, courtrooms, among friends and lovers will always help it to survive.

[Written by - Marilou Mendezabal]

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Sikander Hayat
Can someone please explain to me as my mind is not working (some people believe that using Facebook or Twitter keeps us up to date while others think that the dying legacy of letter writing should be brought back to life)
Darwin Lesmana
Nowadays, people prefer to use the electronic devices like computers and smart phones for corresponding each other. As a consequence, the handwritten letters might disappear in the future. I personally agree with the view and the following essay will discuss this in details. It is true that we are living in the advanced technological era these days, where we could easily get lots of information from the internet, communicate with each other using mobile phones and chat with family and friends with instant messengers. The technology has changed the way people communicate with each other, as with these electronic devices, we could get connected with our friends, families and relatives instantly. Furthermore, more and more people are utilising these advanced communication systems, as the devices are becoming more user friendly, these days, and as a result, the cost of communication is becoming cheaper. For a number of reasons, it is predicted that the letter writing and traditional postage delivery will be gone in the future. Firstly, the cost of delivering manual letters is higher than using electronic mails. Secondly, delivery time is higher in conventional postal system whereas communication through emails or text messages could be done instantly, while it would take days for manual delivery. Lastly, more people are becoming aware of the go green campaign these days, which make them use less paper each day. By using electronic mails, it will save some paper and maintain the environment. In conclusion, I personally agree that letter writing would be gone in the future. It is because people prefer to use their own personal gadgets for communicating these days, as it is faster and cheaper.