IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Essay Sample 1128 - How could computers be considered a hindrance?

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some people consider computers to be more of a hindrance than a help. Others believe that they have greatly increased human potential. How could computers be considered a hindrance?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.


Sample Answer 1:
Computers are extensively used these days almost everywhere. This includes banks, offices, hospitals, homes, schools, research labs, retail shops, space stations and so on. People have different views about the benefits and drawbacks of computers while this essay examines how could computers be considered an impediment.

To commence with, using computers for long hours by children is counterproductive because overuse of it can make children addicted to digital games, less enthusiastic to socialise, lethargic and obese due to the lack of their physical activities. Moreover, many children often rely on calculators and computers for simple arithmetic operations, spelling and grammatical rules. This can lead to poor academic and career performance. For example, a recent study reveals that many high school students fail to do well in mathematics due to their over-reliance on computers and calculators in early childhood. Apart from that, the health hazards that overuse of computers causes cannot be overlooked. Computers can be the reason for weak eye-sight, back pain and severe headache for the users - according to the Medical Alliance for Public Health.

Besides, hacking, spamming, and computer viruses are very common these days which can lead to fraud, data breaching and monetary loss. When someone's bank account, email, and blog are compromised, it can lead to disaster. Furthermore, online perpetrators can pretend to be someone that they are not and trap people to take unfair advantages. In addition to that, the national security of any country could be compromised due to the over-reliance on computers. For instance, “Garry McKinnon” who was accused in March 2002 of perpetrating one of the biggest military computer hacks of all time, hacked the server of “The Pentagon” and learned about the secret of the country's defence.

To conclude, every technology has both positive and negative sides and its overall impact depends on the people who use and control them. Rational and proper use of computer technology would benefit us tremendously, but it can also bring disaster when we are overly dependant on it or misuse it.

Sample Answer 2:
Many people believe that computer technology has immensely helped the human race to progress, but others opine that it has more drawbacks than benefits. This essay examines how could computers be deemed an obstruction rather than a blessing.  

Many people are addicted to computer and Internet technology. They have no social and personal life as their screen time is unbelievably high. Without a computer, many people believe that they cannot work or continue their study. This dependency makes them less creative and more inert. For example, some people who work in modern offices cannot work when the Internet connection is interrupted. This over-reliance could bring catastrophic results, especially in sensitive sectors. A simple mistake in an atomic energy research centre can destroy millions of lives.  

Moreover, it is undeniable that the overuse of computers has health hazards. One of the examples is the radiation from the computer screen, which damages our eyesight and cause headache. It has been reported that the number of people who wear glasses has increased significantly since the invention of computers. Besides, this device has negative effects on the way people socialise and interact with each other. With the invention of portable computers, tablets and smartphones, people remain busy with their devices rather than having face-to-face conversations or social interactions. They stay indoors and scarcely take part in outdoor activities. Consequently, people's overall health condition is deteriorating and their social relationship is becoming fragile.

In conclusion, although computer technology has brought many benefits for mankind, it has many negative sides too. People's overreliance on technology mainly create those problems and it is hoped that we will use it to make our life easier, not more complex and perilous.

[Written by - Darwin Lesmana]

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Mohammed Yousuf
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Shaurav Rupam
Although many individuals presume that human capability has developed manifold owing to the blessings of computers; however, according to some, it is considered to be an obstacle because of people’s extensive dependency on machines, and their gradual decrease of creativity from that.

Firstly, the widespread use of computers limits human involvement. In other words, the increase of computerised equipment reduces the scope of manual works, which further alleviates employment opportunities and creates an unstable economy especially in a country that is burdened with overpopulation. Moreover, in the current competitive world, where productivity is the key to the success and development of a region, developing and underdeveloped countries sometimes fail to meet the demand as they still stick to the conventional methods rather than accepting modern technology in every sector. If we look at giant automobile industries, for example, most of them are using automated robots to manufacture their goods with the engagement of a minimum number of people resulting in a shrinkage of employment territories.

Secondly, reliance on computers leads to abridged creativity levels of people in various areas other than science. Being engrossed with this intelligent device, individuals lose their calculation power and feel disabled without the help of it as their minds cannot support themselves to perform a complex task with the help of their own thought. As a result, at present, mainly technological improvements and processing powers of machines are being done instead of immense innovation which was prominent in the past era. For instance, if we look at the arena of literature, many writers, nowadays, fail to attract readers with their accomplishment because their perceptions are not as intellectual as enchanting ancient writers such as Shakespeare and one of the contributing factors for the insufficiency of novelty is modern lifestyle, which has less attachment with natural things.

In conclusion, despite the vast favour of computers in modern life, it is taking away some livelihood as well as bar the aptitude of humans by creating an artificial environment.

IELTS Essay Topic: Some people consider computers to be more of a hindrance than a help. Others believe that they have greatly increased human potential. How could computers be considered a hindrance?Use specific reason and example to explain your answers. Essay Answer: Computers have greatly changed the world and even changing now. But as always, new technology brings new problems. In pre-computer ages, nothing like digital divides, cyber attacks and computer viruses was a concern. And the argument about privacy, freedom and copyrights are becoming serious due to the development of computers and the Internet.Although powerful computers are available in the market, they are still very expensive for many people. In some places in the world, internet connection and electricity are yet to be available. The development of the Internet and computer is actually causing a huge gap between developed and underdeveloped nations. Companies want employees who have sound computer knowledge, and this makes it harder and almost impossible for people with no computer knowledge to get a job. Not only employees with computer skills are getting priority, in some jobs human are being replaced by computers. Computers in the medical sector, for example, can diagnosis the disease through values measured from a patient's body. However, not all the diseases will show abnormal readings. Traditional human methods of listening, observing and asking questions to patients still work, but more and more doctors nowadays rely on computers and do not use these old methods, and usually come out with a different treatment method.Not only in the hospitals, in factories, the computer-controlled robots are wildly used for producing goods due to their efficiency, but these products usually have lower quality. Moreover, some traditional products have disappeared due to our over-reliance on computer technology. Finally, people are living sedentary lifestyle due to their dependency on computers and other electronic devices and the traditional way of life has become a thing of the past.In conclusion, over-reliance on computers have many severe consequences and we should be wary of those negative aspects.