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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 46 - International tourism creates tension rather than understanding between people from different cultures

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Nowadays, international tourism is the biggest industry in the world. Unfortunately, international tourism creates tension rather than understanding between people from different cultures.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

You should write at least 250 words. 

Model Answer 1: 
Today the world is more connected than any time before and people from all over the countries can arrive at their destination within 24 hours. However, while this possibility permits to millions of individuals to encounter different cultures every year, the phenomenon of the international tourism brings also conflicts between people with different habits and costumes.

To begin, tourism creates isolation more than integration. In fact, tourists prefer to look at different places, costumes and habits like sitting in front of the television screen, watching a documentary, more than sharing time with the indigenous population. Furthermore, tourists don't respect foreign habits and cultures, often because they don't understand it. For example, they throw the litter on the ground, or even worse they don't respect their hosts’ religion.

Nevertheless, the effects of international tourism are not all negative. Sometimes tourists fall in love with people and places they visit and decide to live in there, acting as mediators between cultures and enhancing integration. It's the case of lots of tourist guides that decided to move abroad and enjoy a different lifestyle and culture, trying to share their feelings with visitors. Also speaking the language of the place we visit can help us understand people from different cultures.

In addition, a large amount of money around the tourism business contrasts the tendency of some countries to close their border to foreign people. This can lead to a better comprehension of these cultures and so to integration.

In conclusion, the biggest industry in the world have to feel the need of changes in the way tourism is structured, so it could become a mean of integration and reciprocal understanding more than create tensions between cultures.

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[ by - Luca]

Model Answer 2:
The growth of tourism and the numbers of people travelling to other countries for their vacations has led to debate as to whether this is beneficial. I believe that there are many problems which arise out of the tourist industry, and will examine these in detail.

Many people argue that travel broadens the mind. However, this statement does not fully hold water. I would argue that spending a few weeks in another country is not long enough to gain a proper understanding of an alien culture. A foreigner visiting Britain might be met with the traditional British reserve, and mistakenly conclude that the British are unfriendly. Furthermore, some people are unwilling to open their minds. A Western traveller to an Arab country is unlikely to consider that the veiling of women is acceptable.

Being a tourist in a foreign country brings with it problems that can lead to the dislike of the native people. Firstly, a foreigner is vulnerable and is often ripped off by locals. Secondly, the language barrier can lead to misunderstandings. Thirdly, tourists are often hassled to buy goods, which can ruin a holiday. When I went to Bali, people tried to sell me something every five minutes, and this totally spoils my sunbathing.

Local people also often end up disliking foreigners. Visitors may mistakenly act contrary to local norms, or they may just be plain offensive, as many drunken British holidaymakers must seem to the Spanish. Global tourism can lead to hostility from the native people, who may feel their traditional way of life is under threat. Additionally, the relative wealth of the foreign visitors can cause envy and resentment.

In conclusion, I would say that I largely agree with the argument that global tourism creates misunderstanding between people from different cultures and that the differences are often a cause for conflict rather than celebration.

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Model Answer 3:
When people discuss the impacts of international tourism, they have different opinions. Some people think that this harms the international understanding, while others believe it is helpful to increase international understanding. In my view, there are many reasons to think that this will improve international understanding in the peoples’ different cultures.

First of all, it helps in spreading of culture. In the world, every country has its own distinct society and cultures. For example, an Italian person can better understand the Asians by visiting any Asian nation and come to know how young people respect their elders in their society. Good cultural values which are absent from one's own society can be adapted from other societies. Moreover, International tourism aids in learning foreign languages. Learning new language enrich one's knowledge and experience. I am an Indian student and want to get admitted to Harvard University in PhD. Course. Thus I’ll have to enrol in English language courses with my studies. This will a valuable experience and will provide me chances to learn a new language and thus the cultures and history associated with it.

Finally, Tourism provides the real experience of things and History. We have seen many things in TV, internet and movies, but a visit to that place makes us closer to that thing. I have seen Zebras in discovery channel videos and would like to visit the central African forest reserve to examine and discover more about this animal. Through a person can get the practical reality and this will possible with the help of African peoples and their government.

To sum up, it is clear that tourism is important to people of different cultures. The above discussion shows that it not only provides one with the opportunity to know about other cultures, languages, history but also enhance the possibility to learn and experience the first-hand experience many realities.

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[ by - Tersem Bhadwal]

Model Answer 4:
Nowadays international tourism is the biggest industry in the world. Unfortunately, international tourism creates tension rather than understanding between people from different cultures.

This evident situation has become the result of great migration among people all over the world. Since the second half of the 20th-century people from different countries began to explore the distant countries and various places around the world and it is getting more and more popular to travel a lot and discover unknown lands these days. International tourism has its advantages as well as disadvantages. If to speak about advantages they are quite obvious- people have a lot of amazing opportunities to know the world inside out, to see and feel the bright colours of wild nature, traditions and customs of different cultures belonging to Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. International tourists invest the development of the economic and financial sphere of the countries they visit. Also, they help to support local people from unemployment - especially in small and poor countries, giving them the chance to survive.

People are getting closer and friendlier to each other despite all differences they have. On the other hand, people got tired of endless tourist streams flowing into their country every year. They want to have a rest and live their ordinary life as they used to live before a foreign invasion. Some countries are very close and private, their culture and traditions are very strict and strange for the most of the tourists. The manner of behaviour, dress and many others which were brought and shown by foreigners irritates, makes local people angry and unfriendly and not ready to accept and communicate well. For instance, white tourists in some parts of Africa are really in serious danger in the streets and poor districts of many towns and cities because of the white dominance and oppression in the past. Rich tourists in developing countries are the source of displeasure, aggression, misunderstanding and tension from native people.

To sum up I would like to say that the future of international tourism completely depends on people themselves and their correct and acceptable behaviour in overseas countries. It won't cause much tension and misunderstanding but trust, respect and friendly attitude to each other. Nevertheless, when different cultures meet, they always have a lot of things to compare, accept, value or argue about.

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[ by - Moon]

Model Answer 5:
In recent times, the role of the tourism industry in the world economy cannot be neglected. The tourism industry has emerged as one of the biggest industry in the world, providing jobs to millions. Often it is said, that world is becoming smaller, and I believe it is because of this frequent international travel. I do not agree that international tourism creates tension; in fact, it brings different culture together.

When a person travels from one country to another, they learn about each other’s culture, cuisine and habits. People become more tolerant towards each other’s differences. International tourism helps people in experiencing the natural beauty which could not be found in their country. I believe, due to increased international travel, people have subdued. For instance, countries like Maldives, Thailand, India (Goa) etc. thrives on tourism and we can clearly notice the difference between the people’s attitude towards each other in these places as compared to others. People are friendlier, understanding and accommodating.  They are ready to change themselves easily to cater to new demands of tourist. Another good example would be Dubai, which is part of UAE but is very different than any other emirates. It is because of international tourism that Dubai is more tolerant and modern and developed.

The biggest pros of international tourism are, we can learn a lot from different countries. For instance, if you go to Singapore, you cannot help but notice how effective their public transport systems are; and how stringently all the rules are followed. Similarly, many tourists come to India to seek spiritual guidance and to learn yoga, which they might not get in their country.

In a nutshell, I think, international travel alleviates tension between the two nations rather than creating. In today’s economy, when every country is interdependent for trade and business, international travel helps people from different countries to understand each other and exist in harmony.

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[ by - Prashant Dixit]
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Today, tourism industries being the very greatest earning way of money all over the world, mostly of people can easily arrive any place within few hours. However, there are some problems in international tourism because of misunderstandin g of foreign cultures, habits and religious beliefs.