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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 63 - Marriages are arranged by the parents but in other cases, people choose their own marriage partner

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

In some countries, marriages are arranged by the parents but in other cases, people choose their own marriage partner.

Discuss both systems and state which one do you think is better.

Give reasons and relevant examples for your answer.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
At the present time marriage partners are chosen by people themselves, but in the near past, this decision was made by their parents. In my view, despite those parents don't wish bad to their child, people should choose by themselves who they love. Due to that, they will spend whole their life together. The following essay will discuss both sides of this issue.

Since the dawn of the time, the marriage was an important part of our life. Because of that choice of a partner is a tough decision and people have to consider all details before the marriage. In the near past children almost hadn't rights to choose partner by themselves, in fact, only parents could decide who their child is going to marry. Parents raised a child and all decisions related to their child should be made by them. Parents know their kid better than everyone and when they are giving them in marriage, they are taking into account the character of kid.

But currently this situation has been changed, due to that some parents aren’t concerned about the future of their child and trying to give their child to a family which is rich, it is not always fair towards to children. Without love, there is no future for their kids and as a result, it leads to divorce. Even then, there are no ideal people and everyone could make a mistake, even when they are choosing their future partner by themselves. People always fall in love with each other before the marriage. After that, their relationships would become colder and it also could lead to divorce.

After analysing both sides of this issue, I've concluded that in spite of those parents taking into account all details, sometimes they are forgotten about love. The main thing of marriage is to bind two people which are in love with each other. Thus, people should choose whom they love by themselves.

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(This model answer was written by - Akmal Sharipov)

Model Answer 2:
The idea that a marriage should be arranged by the parents of the couple, or by other members of the family, is quite acceptable to some societies, yet completely out of the question for others. It all depends on your cultural expectations.

In so-called western societies, it is very unusual for marriages to be arranged. Most young people would not welcome the idea that their parents have the right to choose their partner for life. They feel that arranged marriages deny them their fundamental right to choose, even if they make a bad decision. However, if we are honest about it, we might acknowledge that some parents organise their children's lives in such a way that they are likely to meet and marry partners the parents approve o£ It could be said that this is, to some extent, similar to an arranged marriage. It is always better when families support the relationship and welcome the grandchildren.

People for whom arranged marriages are the cultural norm often argue that the likelihood of the marriage lasting is greater when it is set up in this manner. Parents can be assured that their children are joining a family of similar standing and cultural background, and this, in the long run, makes for a more stable society if your parents' marriage was arranged, and has worked well, then why should you question the custom?

The important thing to ensure is that people are never forced into a marriage which will make them unhappy or lead to an unequal relationship where one partner is exploited by the other. This applies in all societies and situations.

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Model Answer 3:
Marriage is a legal relationship between man and woman which is one of the most important parts in most of the human's life. As time went by, marriage has changed significantly. In the past, marriage was arranged by the parents or elderly relatives and it still happens today with the limited number. In contrast, nowadays, most of the people believe that choosing their own marriage partner is the best way to have a long-lasting relationship. This essay will compare and discuss both systems.

Each country has its own culture and tradition. From thousands or more cultures, marriage is a common tradition almost in all countries and traditions. In some countries, mainly in Asia, arranged marriage is very common. Marriage is arranged by parents or flesh and blood to determine the best spouse for their children. It is believed by people who conduct this system that even if the bride and groom do not love each other at the beginning, love will bloom eventually. Moreover, these people assume that the benefits of arranged marriage outstrip the drawbacks. By arranging marriage, parents can protect their children from negative relationships like free sex or cohabitation. Besides, the possibility of divorce is declined since the parents generally select their children's spouse based on the similar background such as religion, tradition, language, and socio-economic class.

From another point of view, many people support that marriage should be based on love. They believe that everyone has the rights to fall in love and take a decision about his/ her own marriage partner, without intervention from others. Love marriage or marriage which comes from an own choice is very popular in western countries and also in this modern era. It is commonly believed that if people marry because of love, they will have a romantic relationship. Since they have recognised each other, they are able to respect and accept their spouses' weaknesses. In addition, people who opt to this way have a responsibility for their own choice. They will try to cope with their problems and find solutions for their marriage's life. They understand that they cannot blame anyone, including their parents because the decision to marry comes from them. This is the trends I am inclined to. My personal preference is to marry for love and choosing my own life partner.

In conclusion, both arranged marriage and love marriage have positive and negative sides. People can choose what they think good to do or not. Nevertheless, I believe that marriage is a sacred and beautiful relationship. If people decide to marry, they have to understand that respect to each other is as important as love. They should respect not only to their spouses but also to their parents and families.

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( Written by - Farahdina Bachtiar )

Model Answer 4:
It is a fact that in several countries, marriages are still set by parents, but in other countries, people have their own right to choose their wedding partners. The mixtures of these two trends are also common in many societies and countries. The following essay will discuss both facts, but I do believe that it is better for us to choose our own partner.

For a number of reasons, some parents still follow the tradition of choosing a partner for their child. Firstly, since it is a tradition that has been passed on for so many generations in the society. They are afraid that it might be a taboo if they do not follow it and could be isolated by the community. Secondly, they believe that parents would give the best of everything to their child. They think that parents are wiser and more mature, therefore they could select a good partner for their child.

However, other groups of people disagree with the above statement, as they believe that people should have the right to choose their own partner. They believe that a relationship should be built based on love and attraction, not based on enforcement. As marriage becomes a special moment in someone’s life, he should get married to the person he loves or he might regret it for the rest of his life. Therefore, they all agree that people should have their own right to choose their own married partner.

In my opinion, I personally believe that we should have the right to choose our own spouse, as I agree that marriage is a special moment in someone’s life. And I think that the tradition of arranging married by parents should not be considered anymore as it is against the human right.

[ Written by - Darwin Lesmana ]

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A marriage is a constitution of two souls rather than two bodies. Some traditions believe in arranged marriages by the consent of the family while others believe in love marriages. In both scenarios oaths to infinity are spoken. This essay focuses on both forms of collaboration.In an arranged marriage, two unknown people are introduced to each other by the guardians. A cordial relationship is encouraged and finally leads to a commitment for life. This is still practised in many countries including Indian culture. There is a belief that other relatives equally matter to build a beacon of a strong relationship. According to the Saudi Arabian culture, Abey, a rule where women cannot decide anything without the consent of men in the house is still in force. Such women have no option but to opt for the arranged marriage.On the other side, love marriages are common because of a lot of travel and cross-cultural exchanges. This pollination results in long term relationships. Some also advocate such a relationship so that both parties get to know each other better. Two people meet as a result of working together, studying together and they decide to lead their life together as a couple.Although there is no empirical evidence on the success rates of both the institutions of marriage, we still follow one of these two traditions while choosing a life partner. These days prenuptial agreements are signed up so as to avoid massive property splits at time of divorce. I strongly believe one should never rush into a commitment as a result of pressure. It is a decision for a lifetime, not always a bed of roses. In conclusion, the maturity levels of partners should be the same and some understanding should be established and then an informed decision could be made. Marriages these days last as long as 55 hours, and we should bear in mind that it is not a play. Where there are children involved, it affects their whole life. So whatever way we chose, we should be committed to living our life together for the rest of our life.
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Advantage and disadvantage of marriage which are not according to the culture and tradition.
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Essay Topic: In some countries, marriages are arranged by the parents but in other cases, people choose their own marriage partner.Discuss both systems and state which one do you think is better. At present, in some places of the world, someone’s life partner is basically selected by the parents instead of a coherent communication with their sons and daughters. In addition, there are couples who create roots for mutual love without parent’s influence and thus select their life partners themselves. This essay will analyse both weeding systems and will suggest the correct decision for the couple.To begin with, in some cultures, parents choose the partners due to a number of reasons. One of them is economic stability, reflected in their decision to keep properties. Since Middle Ages, keeping private properties and economic profits was essential for maintaining couples instead of mutual love. As a result, many parents share these medieval points of view in which properties influence power upon their sons and profits are essential in a couple without taking into account shared values, interests, and hobbies. Many families think it is inappropriate for sons or daughters to decide on their own marriage partner and it is their tradition to decide for their young children. They believe that arranged marriage is far better than love marriage. On the other hand, nowadays, a majority of couples have the consensus for their decisions. Present day couples meet in universities, international chat rooms, parks, volunteer programs, and international trips and they start a relationship that was less common in the past. For instance, a couple met in France, a Russian woman and a Colombian man, may represent a huge paradigm change in which decision-making process is concerned only for the couple.I think the right and pertinent decision for a person is to choose his/her partner without parents’ influence in order to achieve a real and stable independence where mutual sharing and understanding should be pertinent for the couple without considering economic and social situations.
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