IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Essay # 1200 - Cricket has become more popular than national sports

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Cricket has become more popular than national sports in many subcontinental countries.

What do you think are the reasons behind this?
Is there any negative effects of this?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

[Note: This essay topic would probably never be given to IELTS candidates who are outside of the subcontinent. So don't worry if you are hesitant about how to approach it considering that you are not from a country located in the subcontinent.]

Sample Answer 1:

Cricket has become the most popular sport in most subcontinental countries because there is hardly any part of this region where cricket is not played and relished. Though they have their national sports, cricket has gained far more popularity. Hereby, I will throw some light on some of the possible reasons behind this phenomenon and argue that it has no negative effects whatsoever.

The predominant reason for cricket being so popular among subcontinental nations is that this sport was introduced to them by the British during the colonial period. Most countries in this area became familiar with the rules and regulations of this game and started playing it and then ultimately became proficient in it. Moreover, these developing nations have imitated English culture for a long, whether it is style, language or sport, and the importance of the English language in these countries is convincing enough evidence of the fact that whatever was introduced by the English in their occupied countries continued to be flourished.

Moving further, national sports like hockey, Kabaddi, Volleyball and so on have limited international tournaments, whereas cricket has various events like ICC Cricket World Cup, IPL, Ashes Series, ICC World T20 and many more. Therefore, cricket gets a lot more media coverage than any other national game in these countries. As a result, everyone has a special affinity towards cricket and cricketers as well, especially youngsters who have a profound passion for this sport. Teams like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka have been world champions multiple times while others are emerging powers in cricket.

This phenomenon has not affected the sports and culture of this region negatively. Rather, the popularity of cricket has made these countries known to the world highlighting their sportsmanship and cultural identity. For instance, Afghanistan, otherwise known as a war-torn country, is well-revered in the cricket-playing world. 

To recapitulate, cricket dominates the sports world, particularly in subcontinent countries that have gone through the influence of English culture during the English colonial era and where this sport is considered a part of national pride due to its success and fanbase. It has positive effects on promoting these countries' traditions and sportsmanship in the global stage.

[Written by - Neha Sharma]


Model Answer 2:

Cricket has undoubtedly become one of the most famous sports, sometimes even more popular than their national sports, in many subcontinental countries - like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh - where millions of fans watch and enjoy this sport. In this essay, I will explore the reasons behind the immense popularity of cricket over national sports in those countries and argue that it has no negative impacts on the culture and sports of these countries.

One reason for the popularity of cricket in subcontinental countries is its historical and colonial legacy. During the British Raj, cricket was introduced as a sport in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, and it quickly became popular among the upper classes. Today, it is considered a status symbol, and its popularity has trickled down to the masses while their national sports have not got the same attention and status.

Another reason for the popularity of cricket is the successful performance of the national teams in international tournaments. The Indian cricket team, for example, has achieved significant success in the last decade, winning several international tournaments, including the ICC Cricket World Cup. Such success has resulted in the growth of the sport's fanbase, with young people aspiring to become professional cricketers rather than becoming good at their national sports. The success story of other subcontinental countries like Sri Lanka and Pakistan in this sport at the international level is enviable.

When it comes to the impact of cricket on the culture and sports of those countries, the scenario is rather bright. These countries were never known in the international sports arena for their world-class performance in their national sports. But they are world leaders in cricket. Moreover, cricket helped those countries spread their nationalism and traditional aspects on the global stage over the last two decades.

In conclusion, the popularity of cricket in subcontinental countries can be attributed to its historical legacy and successful performance of national teams. Its immense popularity has provided young people with opportunities and has become a significant part of the subcontinental culture.


Tips for writing this essay:

A few reasons why cricket is more popular than national sports in many countries in the subcontinent.

Reason 1: Cricket gets much wider media coverage and has international events and championships while many national and traditional sports in the subcontinent have only limited exposure.

Reason 2: Less than a quarter of the total population (sometimes even fewer) are interested in their national sports in such countries while almost 80% of them like to watch different cricket tournaments.

Reason 3: While the national cricket teams in such countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia and West Indies have won the world championships, their teams of national sports have little or no achievements in the international arena. Consequently, people tend to support the winning teams more often than their teams who play national sports.

Reason 4: The media attention that the cricketers in these countries enjoy made them celebrities and starts to the public eyes. And any win in the cricket ground is regarded as huge and celebrated with pomp and show.

Reason 5: National and traditional games are played by only a handful number of people in these countries while cricket is widely played by children and adults alike.

Reason 6: Cricket, as a sport, was introduced to those nations almost 200 years ago during the English colonial era. In order to keep up with the British, people in these countries started adopting the game and started playing it ever since.

Reason 7: Different TV channels in the subcontinent area broadcast cricket competitions all day long while there is scarcely any TV channel that broadcast local and traditional games, unless, of course, there are important tournaments. As a result, people have started enjoying cricket more than their national sports.

Reason 8: Star cricketers are paid a huge sum of money while players of local and national sports are paid poorly. It has commercial and political reasons but it is only natural that youngsters would like to take up sports that have better potential. It goes without saying that the popularity of the sport is definitely due to the economic benefit it generates.

Reason 9: Citizens of subcontinental countries have a remarkable inclination toward cricket than any other sports. They consider cricket more important than any other sports.

Reason 10: Successful sportsmen become idols for people, especially youngsters, which in turn converts them either into fans or prospective players. Subcontinental countries have produced many such legendary cricket players over the years and they still influence people to enjoy cricket.

Note: Can you think of any other reason why cricket is more popular than national sports in many subcontinental countries? Please share it with us and our readers by leaving a comment. Thank you in advance.

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