IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Essay # 1203 - A country becomes interesting and develops quickly

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

A country becomes more interesting and develops more quickly when its population includes a mixture of nationalities.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.


Model Answer 1:  [Agree]
Ever since the dawn of industrialisation, the ethnic landscapes of many developed and developing nations have changed remarkably, and several western nations these days have a more heterogeneous population than ever before. It is often cited that this diversification of nationalities makes a country more appealing and leads to expeditious advancements. I completely agree with this view, and this will be shown in this essay by analysing the copiousness of the culture brought in by different nationalities and how a country can utilise the distinct strengths of people from different races and nationalities.

To begin with, the more diverse the nationalities in a country are, the richer its culture becomes. For instance, people from more than a hundred nationalities reside in Dubai and this leads to the availability of hundreds of different cuisines throughout the country. As a result, Dubai is called the ‘food capital’ of the Middle East. This, in turn, attracts tourists from all over the world who come to explore this richness in culture in Dubai. Hence, the contribution of having an amalgam of diverse types of people makes the culture of a country more intriguing.

Besides, many researchers agree that people from different countries have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, Singaporeans and other Asians are generally better at math, while Africans are known for their strength. Countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom have harnessed these strengths of people from different races to become global leaders. Therefore, the benefits of having a mixture of citizens in a country’s workforce are obvious.

To conclude, having a mixture of nationalities leads to the enrichment of cultures and faster advancement of a country. It is expected that more countries will benefit from this phenomenon in the future.

[Written by - Muhammad Sameed]


Model Answer 2: [Disagree]

Cosmopolitan societies are thought to be more attractive to international tourists due to their diversified cultural aspects, and they are often considered to have a strong economy that develops faster. However, as far as I am concerned, a mixture of nationalities in many countries is still problematic.

Countries that include populations from different nationalities and cultures often experience social issues which lead to civil and political unrest and hatred for each other. People from different backgrounds view things differently and have their own opinion about "values". If not dealt with properly, it may cause ethnic conflicts. Iraq or the United States, for example, experienced such hatred for decades. Even worse, in some countries, it divides the nation as citizens start possessing discriminatory attitudes towards minors. If such a situation prevails, the country will soon lose international tourists who might be the main driving force for their economic boost.

Moreover, the heterogeneous population in a country bring their own culture and thus the country loses its heritage and century-long tradition in the process. As a result, the country can no longer proclaim itself as a unique cultural landscape. For instance, many large cities in the world these days look almost the same and have no distinctive cultural identity. This has happened mainly because most of these cities have lost their unique cultures and tradition with the influences of a mixed cultural population over the period.

To conclude, multi-cultural societies are prone to create many social problems and the government should give priority to solving such issues whenever they emerge so that it does not lead to social unrest and ambivalence situations.

[Written by - Liam Oliver]


Essay: A country becomes more interesting and develops more quickly when its population includes a mixture of nationalities.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer 3: [Agree]
Global migration of people began with soaring industrialization and due to the major global wars. As a result, many developed nations experience the amalgamation of different cultures and traditions. It is often argued that this diversification of nationalities and cultures makes the country more attractive and helps the nation progress faster. I totally agree with this viewpoint.

First of all, in a country with cross-cultural integrity, public areas, facilities and tourist spots are designed considering all inhabitants including expatriates. Shopping malls, entertainment centres, beaches etc. public places become more appealing and usable. The cities become global towns and bear the mark of truly diverse traditions and cultures. For example, in several countries, different nationalities reside together and taking this in mind, a global village is designed for them. Such a global village attracts thousands of tourists around the globe and it claims to be the world's tourism, leisure, shopping and entertainment destination.

In addition to this, cosmopolitan societies are better for the overall progress of a country. That is perhaps why nations such as the USA, Australia and Canada, which are primarily multi-cultural societies, enjoy greater prosperity, stability and harmony. The transaction between immigrants and residents would quicken the currency circulations and increase the demand for consumption - two essential elements of economic development. Thus a country with different ethnic groups and a diverse culture enjoy quicker progress and cultural richness.

In conclusion, counties with different cultural backgrounds and nationalities are much more intriguing. It is undeniable that cultural diversity in a country should be considered a welcoming trend for the attractiveness and faster growth of a nation.

[Written by - Sabrina Qamar]


Model Answer 4: [Agree]

According to many, when a country's population is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds, it helps this country become unique and interesting while also fostering the country's development. In this essay, I will argue in favour of this statement as I wholeheartedly believe that a nation becomes increasingly captivating and experiences accelerated progress when its population encompasses a diverse range of nationalities, contributing to its vibrant character and rapid development.

To begin with, a mix of nationalities brings with it a variety of cultures, beliefs, and perspectives that can lead to innovation and creativity. This cultural exchange can lead to new ways of thinking and problem-solving that can help the country develop more rapidly. Additionally, it can also create new economic opportunities as people from different backgrounds bring with them their skills and expertise. A recent study reveals that the blending of nationalities fosters a rich cultural tapestry, igniting innovation and creativity.

Moreover, a diverse population can help a country establish stronger diplomatic relations with other countries. Countries with a mix of nationalities can use their cultural diversity as a soft power tool to foster goodwill and build stronger relationships with other nations. For instance, countries such as Canada, Australia, and the United States have used their multiculturalism policies to improve their international image and enhance their diplomatic relations with other countries.

In conclusion, a country becomes more attractive and grows more quickly when its population includes a mixture of nationalities. The benefits of a diverse population, including innovation, creativity, economic opportunities, and stronger diplomatic relations are rather obvious. Therefore, countries should strive to promote and celebrate their diversity to improve their development and create a more vibrant society.

Tips & Idea Generation for this Essay:

Advantages of having a mixture of nationalities for a country:

1. The more diverse the nationalities in a country, the richer its culture and traditions become.

2. People from different backgrounds have different things to offer in terms of ideas, experiences and expertise. Thus a country with diverse nationalities develops faster.

3. Multi-ethnic societies offer a wealthy pool of ideas and lifestyles which lead to innovations.

4. Cosmopolitan cities build facilities and infrastructures keeping different nationalities in mind and thus become favourite destinations for international tourists.

5. Citizens in such a country foster tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

6. Members of a racially and ethnically diverse society are better prepared to deal with global trades.

7. In such a society, people get to choose the best aspects of various cultural attitudes instead of having no choice but to embrace the traditional attitudes of their own culture.

8. Generations in such a country become biologically well-suited to face challenges and living in more adverse conditions.

Drawbacks of having a mixture of nationalities for a country:

1. Different opinions about the same issue and varying outlooks on life. This may lead to social unrest and injustice.

2. It may lead to ethnic conflicts and civil unrest.

3. The country may lose its unique cultural identity altogether.

4. People possess discriminatory views about the minority group which generate hatred and anger.

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Ashutosh Raval
A country becomes more interesting and develops more quickly when its population includes a mixture of nationalities.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

When different nationalities amalgamate in a country and start to coexist, the nation becomes more fascinating and progresses rapidly. I agree that the variety of nationalities in a country help it becomes richer with diverse culture and traditions. In addition to that, humans from different backgrounds have different ideas, skills, and experience to explore, which can help the nation develop faster.

With more variety of cultures and traditions available in a country from different nationalities, the country can become much affluent and progressive. Each nationality can have its own customs, and if they mix, that country can flourish with the distinct type of ethics and attitudes. Some Western nationalities travel and live in India, and Indian citizens being attracted towards their fashions and cultures, accept them. And this has a strikingly positive impact on India as a nation. For instance, some surveys in 2008 revealed that 50% of Indians have accepted western cultures and traditions by clothes, foods and language which resulted in being India more adept to rip benefits of globalisation, and as a consequence, develop faster.

Besides, different nationalities from different countries have their own concepts, expertise, and experiences, and the mixture of these populations can help grow the nation speedily. Citizens from different nations have different ideas and actions to work according to the environment and skills. For instance, the USA is good with technology, Dubai is famous for it's cooking and food while India is good with it's farming methods. So if the population of these countries live in a single country, it will have all these good things in one place. And this is why countries like the USA and UK have developed so rapidly.

To conclude, I agree that the diversity of the population in a nation can fulfil it with the different cultures and traditions, while also could be advantageous in terms of skills, ideas and experiences sharing to help the nation grow faster.

Brainstorming for this Essay:

Humanity’s advancement from a hunter-gatherer society to eventual settlement and mastering of the planet is a result of ideas and innovations that were spread, influenced and applied across generations, by both native groups who initially settled on the land, followed by adaptation of newer social values and ideas which were brought over by different groups into the existing social fabric of the country. This played a key role in overall scientific and social development, with the added benefit of economic prosperity. In this essay, I will share my opinion and agreement of why the mixture of nationalities is required to make the country more interesting and more progressive.

Humanity can trace its origin via diversity amongst different Mammals to the Common Ape like Ancestors to Hominids to eventual Humans of today. Any country has two choices, one to adapt a closed isolated approach and the second one to adapt a controlled but diversified approach. Both the approaches have benefits and losses however the benefits of a diversified approach outweigh the losses in the longer run. Let us consider examples.

Benefits of diversified/mixture approach: eg: the USA.
a) Replenished population- younger people immigrating to a country are the primary source of replenishment to the countries economy and society.

b) Studies have shown that constant super economic, technological incentives, besides fresh ideas (like the idea of Apple, Google to name a few) arise due to a mixture of people in the social fabric of the country.

Isolation approach: eg: Japan.
a) The ageing population is a humongous challenge economically to a country. The constant healthcare needs will lead to an eventual bankruptcy economically of the country.
b) No fresh economic incentives and lack of fresh ideas. An isolated approach will lead to stagnant ideas and no technical or economical innovations.

I will conclude that the mixture of different groups in a country as shared in the examples above can be the sole driving factor for a country’s moral and economical development.

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