IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 100 - High sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Today the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
Today, with a significant increase in the number of producers for various goods, not only do buyers have difficulty choosing favourable products but also competition between producers to persuade consumers has become hard and serious. Therefore advertisements play a key role in today’s marketing and so some people believe that the power of advertisements is the major incentive for the market growth of buying popular consumer products and the necessary needs of buyers are not very important. I agree with this opinion to some extent but I think the main reason for this increase in sales is people’s necessity, not advertisements.

On the one hand, producers apply various methods to market their products for consumers. These days, if you see carefully around yourself, you will face tempting advertising slogans on a billboard on streets, on different types of media that surround you and want to induce you to choose their goods. Companies spend a lot of money advertising the products and they use celebrities and famous people to bring their favours into their stories. These methods have been successful in some cases, especially for affluent people who want to be in fashion and able to afford luxurious goods such as houses, cars and jewellery. So this success is held in a limited circle.

On the other hand, an intensive growth of sales of people’s main consumer products is as a result of increasing their needs to them. The role of advertisement in this area is confined to help the buyer choose the best products and not persuade them to buy unnecessary goods. When it comes to vital goods of living, people whether rich or poor do not pay attention to advertising messages that how much or many of these goods they buy.

In conclusion, I think that is true the power of advertisement can make people buy their products but this power is limited to rich people and also unnecessary consumer goods so that the real needs of the society dictate the rate of sales.

(Submitted by Hesam Hajheidari)


Sample Answer 2:
Nowadays millions of companies produce billions of products and the role of advertising is quite obvious. Ads help consumers to find the goods or services of their needs. However, do our needs grow equally fast as the number of products? Some market analysts insist modern commercials are not merely matchmakers of a product and a consumer but actively interfere with buyer’s desires, developing artificial needs.

Undoubtedly, advertisement guides people through the market serves those who do not have time to learn the differences among various products.  These products are probably the same, but loyalty to a particular brand, formed by a commercial helps make a choice. When a person buys one mobile phone out of 50 models, he thinks he made his choice himself. But that was a commercial that told him about the features of this phone.

Nevertheless, ads not only inform us about new goods but force people to want them. This can be even useful, for example for someone who suffers from back pains and without commercials, he would never imagine there are new mattresses that could ease their pains.

Unfortunately, promoters now operate our minds more aggressively. Commercials no longer promote products, but lifestyles. They told us to purchase things just because they are fashionable or up to date with the image of a successful person. And we buy new cars, gadgets and clothes in order to match this image and not because old ones are no longer usable.

Personally, I think that high sales of popular commodities are the result of new promotional technologies. The best illustration of that is that everyone now is concerned mostly about how a new mobile phone will reflect his personality, a new shirt – his image, or will a new car make colleagues feel jealous.

[ Source: Cambridge IELTS 6 ]


Sample Answer 3:
In this contemporary world, if the company wants to survive, they need the income that can be brought by selling their goods. They use electronic media and newspapers as a medium of communication between them and consumers. It is also the responsibility of the consumers to think once or twice before buying the product for themselves. It is completely left to the customer opinion, as he has the right to choose. So, to some extent, I agree with the statement given in the question.

Firstly, from the company’s perspective side who makes the commodity, products are advertised everywhere on roads using flexies, the internet and other electronic media. They try to entice the customer by using cine stars, actresses, singers to advertise their product or by giving special offers, weekend offers etc, rather than highlighting the quality of the product. Sometimes they do not show the drawbacks of the commodity such as the material used, warranty, durability etc. Some sales websites such as Flipkart, Amazon, snapdeal, try to attract customers.

Secondly, from the consumers’ perspective, customers have their own habits in buying the product. Only a few customers get attention towards product and their advertisement rather than seeing the quality of the product and its Brand. Most of the customers do their own surveys before buying items. Suppose if the person wants to buy a mobile, he compares the performance of the gadget with other gadgets, he takes ratings into consideration, experts view and in their opinion, he will buy the gadget. In addition to that, customers take the Brand into account and don't bother about any star acting in that advertisement.

In conclusion, it is neither possible to blame the customer nor the advertisement. Advertisements act as one way to communicate with customers and get their opinion. But it is also the responsibility of consumers before buying the product and think whether it is useful to them or not. If they have enough income, doesn’t mean they spend it lavishly, irrespective of that everybody has the freedom to think. So use it appropriately.

(Submitted by Vamshi)


Sample Answer 4:
Essay Topic: Today the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

With the ever-present concern for advertising commercials, its impacts on the purchase decisions of consumers have been much debated recently. While many are of the opinion that advertisements boost the sales of goods and it also renders customers opt for unnecessary things, others disagree. I partly agree with the former viewpoint due to two main reasons which are examined in this essay.

On the one hand, in the media, a product can be invested with great quality or feasible function. As a result, consumers tend to buy goods without enough consideration. This can be seen clearly that seniors are prone to attract the medicine with the special function, therefore, they may buy it immediately after watching its advertising without instruction from doctors. Thanks to advertising campaigns the revenue of various companies may increase rapidly.

On the other hand, regardless of whether adverts are launched, the sales of certain goods are more likely unalterable. For example, certain goods with the luxury brands may be sold with the constant percentage in many years. This is because the price of these goods is far too high for everybody to own them. In these cases, therefore, consumers without high income are fluctuated slightly by advertisements.

In conclusion, it is clear that adverts with numerous companies are the key to elevating the revenue but, few brands may be reversed. Customers are expected to take into consideration to opt for useful goods.

(Submitted by Vinhnt)

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Muhammad Hassam Saeed
Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions. Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair.

Discuss both of these views and give your own opinion.

In recent years, the popularity of sports has risen to a staggering new height, and now it offers lucrative career prospects for sportsmen. Many top-level players earn way more money than professionals in other important sectors. A section of society believes this earning is justified. However, others argue that it is unfair for people who contribute more. In my perspective, it is fair for players who earn more money than others. In the course of the essay, I will discuss both viewpoints.

On the one hand, people who are against paying a huge salary to athletes point out the fact that popular athletes are not contributing to the development of society. Still, they earn more than those jobholders and the majority of business people who are the backbone of the community. A jobholder works every day from sunrise to sunset. Their monthly income is often less than a match fee. Since scientists, law enforcers, politicians and teachers play more important roles for the nation, they deserve better remuneration.

On the other hand, people who are in favour of high payment for successful sportsmen say that these athletes impress people with their techniques which they acquire from great devotion and rigid practice. Moreover, these athletes give their whole life to sports, and only after years of experience, they achieve that level of accuracy in sports. They bring nations together and make their countrymen proud by winning. Apart from that, they have just five to ten years to earn money for their whole life, so their high salary is justified.

In conclusion, considering the commitment and skills most sportsmen need to show to become famous, they deserve a high salary. Besides they do a lot to win and bring glory to their fellow citizens. Their earning does not mean other important professionals are less valued.

Khushboo Girdhar
I am a general training IELTS aspirant. I am practising writing task 2. I am uncertain of how good I am at writing essay. I request you to please review my essay and tell me what band score I will get writing this way.

Question: Today, high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Effective marketing plays a major role in increasing the demand for the product. On account of this, vast scale selling of famous products is the result of efficient marketing and not a requirement of the public. This essay will attempt to objectively examine all significant components in details. Objectivity being of the essence, this essay will weigh one side of the issue against the other. It is said that the right form of marketing makes us trust specific brands, but, I feel that everything that glitters is not gold.

First, advertisements inform us about the products in demand sitting at home that tends to increase sales. Second, famous brands are often a topic of discussions and that creates a virtual impression of specific goods on our minds. To substantiate the above, highly marketed brands like Patanjali have become extremely popular amongst the middle and upper classes. They have made a huge network in a very short span of time.

However, many popular brands that are advertised vastly are of no good use and creates hoax among the public. Furthermore, many trusted companies are making business without much marketing only because they are fulfilling the needfulness of people by selling genuinely necessary products. To corroborate what has just been stated, brands like 'Mother Dairy' and 'Amul' still hold their positions well even after the introduction of many popular and well-marketed dairy firms.

In light of the above discussion, proper advertising indeed plays a distinct role in producing sales. Still, I believe that the fulfilment of public needs is equally important for successful vending. Bringing this essay to a close, there are at least two ways to examine any situation. In this instance, I disagree with the statement given.

[Approximate band score - 6.0. Please read the essay and find out a few minor changes that have been made.]

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Sohail Zia said :
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Ayoola Aremu
Essay Topic: Today the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold.To what extent do you agree or disagree?Answer: Nowadays, everywhere we turn to, there are advertisements. Billboards, television programmes, radio programmes, our mobile phones and websites are bombarded with adverts, especially advertisements for consumer goods like foods, household appliances, drinks, cigarettes, clothes, shoes and so on. It is believed that this has positively affected the sales rate of these goods. I am of the opinion that this indeed reflects the people's needs for those products, not the power of advertisements. To begin with, every sane human has a will power and this helps them differentiate what they really need from what they want. So, irrespective of the strength of the advert, if the commodity being showcased doesn't fall into the category we need, then it is not important. For example, a new brand of television have been extensively showcased recently in our country which does not fit into the necessity list, and people have scarcely purchased this product. If advertisement alone would have been the de facto for consumer products' sales, some products would not have to vanish from the market due to the lack of sales. It is undeniable that advertisements affect people's purchasing decision to some extent but this is not the main factor for increased sales. The ever increasing population needs more products, the number of consumer products are increasing in the market, people have better purchasing ability these days and the free market concept enables people to buy many global products and all these factors are affecting the increasing sales of consumer products. In conclusion, we live in an era when advertisements are everywhere and to a certain point these adverts affect some of the consumers' purchasing decision. However, the increases sales do not reflect the power of advertisement. Rather it is determined by some other important aspects including huge population, global market and people's purchasing ability. [Written by - Ayoola Aremu]
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Ripanjot Kaur
Nowadays, famous products which are available in the shopping malls are being highly sold. For some people, popular brands are reflecting the popularity of advertisements whereas some people argue that these brands are not actually meeting the real demands of the people.I strongly opine that the popular brands are giving numerous benefits to the models, website developers and some famous television channels. For endorsing any brand, companies have to select models for launching their goods and it is very beneficial for some actresses who endorse their products as they are highly paid by these companies. In today's world, every company has its own website where they show their top brands along with their rates and a huge variety of products are shown on their websites. These companies approach well-qualified website developers for making attractive websites that would help companies raise their productivity and demands for the goods.On the contrary, companies are not actually satisfying the real requirements of the people. They are selling their products at very high range even the quality of the product may be intermediate. Some companies which sell beauty products claim that their products like lip gloss, eyeliner and skin whitening creams are long-lasting and are of superior quality. However, some products do not last long that companies claim that these kinds of brands are of excellent quality.To epitomise, consumer goods are surging up the wealth of advertisements as some television channels are also gaining popularity be showing off company's top brands. However, consumer needs are not met to some extent.