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IELTS Essay # 114 - Creative artists should be given freedom to express their ideas

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should complete the task within 40 minutes. 

Creative artists should always be given the freedom to express their own ideas (in words, pictures, music or film) in whichever way they wish. There should be no government restrictions on what they do.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
The issue of freedom of creative artist has extremely grown in importance in most countries over the few decades. It is considered that government should not interfere with their works and the artists should be free to do whatever they want. While I accept many artists are sharing their valuable ideas for the tremendous development of this world, I believe some certain area they should be controlled by the rules and regulation.  

Admittedly, the human civilisation has approached this sophisticated stage because many creative artists have bestowed us an enormous number of significant ideas and opinions in the form of pictures, music or films. As an example, many creative artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and  Michelangelo Buonarroti had first drawn the design of aeroplane; but, at that time nobody could think that human can fly and everybody thought it was just imagined of his mind. Although it required a long time, but it became true that human now can fly. This example makes it clear that the work of artists can lead to immense improvement of humankind. Therefore, many people think that they should be free with their works for the advancement of the human being.

On the other hand, there are some vital reasons why the work of artists should be controlled in some certain area. Firstly, most people in this world believe in the God; so the artist should not create such type of acts, which hurt the religion. If this type of activity they make, it may bring colossal embarrassment to the human society. Secondly, the artist should not go against any culture and costume of a country. In this certain field, government can limit the practice of an artist.

In conclusion, the creative artists are indispensable in our society although some artists have tended to draw against our cast, creed, and religion. In my opinion, this tendency may call harmful to our mankind so that the government should control the activity, which can go directly against to our culture and religion.

[ Written by - Imon Ali ]

Model Answer 2:
The responsibility of an artist is to create artworks to cater for people's needs for aesthesis and enjoyment. Some masterpieces by the world-renowned artists like Shakespeare, the greatest poet in British literature; Vinci, the most famous Italian painter, architect and sculptor impress people around the world deeply. From my point of view, the government should not give restrictions to artists. On the contrary, their creativity and innovation should be encouraged.

Creativity is the source of arts. The development of literature is a very vivid illustration. From Classicism to Romanticism, from Renaissance to Realism, from Humanity to Post-modernism, all the styles of literature reflect people's thinking and have epoch-making significance. Suppose there was only one style of literature, people would not appreciate so abundant poetry and novels and our world would become so monotonous.

Furthermore, restrictions on creativity will arouse tragedies, one of which is Burn books and bury the literati in pits in Chinese history launched by Emperor Qin Shihuang, who buried the Confucian scholars alive and prohibited the dissemination of Confucian. Another tragedy was started by Emperor Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty, who killed many creative artists and intellectuals, undermining the literal development and distorting the development of humanity. History proves that only when a government encourages people to express their own idea and thought freely, can its country make progress and prosper.

Finally, I will quote a classic sentence from a famous article entitled Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death by Patrick Henry, the greatest writer in American history, I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

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My view on artists and their freedom of expression:

Art is a creative activity and artists are gifted people. Their expressions and creations transcend most others. The world is a more beautiful place for the work of artists and that is why we should give them freedom of work and expression. From my perspective, there should be no barrier for artists to follow.

Due to the fact that artistic sense requires inspiration, which can not be identical for everyone, we live in the same world associated with different circumstances, hence our view of the world differs from one person to another. However, devotion and discipline can not be pursued without passion. Although today's generation destroyed the allure of art with their mockeries, it can be done by sneaking in some hidden messages that touch others' rituals and religions. So, we ought to distinguish and identify the latter factor in order to put an end to the nonchalance that is happening on our mother earth.

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Essay Topic: Creative artists should always be given the freedom to express their own ideas (in words, pictures, music, film) in whichever way they wish. There should be no public or government restrictions on what they do.Answer: Whether original artists should be given absolute privilege to express their ideas through their works or not is a highly controversial issue in the current world. A bunch of people do believe the government should not impose any barrier to the inventive people's work while many others disagree with the idea. Both groups have a number of logical arguments to support their own views. In this essay, I will discuss both views. But I personally feel that original artists should not have any boundary until they badly hurt the society or people’s feeling.Firstly, some people are innovative and they represent the arts through their works. We should not restrict them by country or religious boundary. We have to give them enough space to get the best work from them. For instance, Leonardo da Vinci, who was a greatest Italian artist, had drawn the diagram of many scientific inventions including aeroplanes. At that particular time, nobody could even imagine that human being will fly. These people are actually ahead of their time. They imagine the world far ahead from their generation. If we stuck them with laws and rules, they won't able to give us masterpieces of their own works. These people are voices of our society and they talk for the mass people of the society. They create noble things from their own experience and blend with imagination.On the other hand, some artists are influenced by political motives and personal success and they create some controversial issues what might hurt the society and religious belief of people. Although these are also considered as noble creations, where a small number of people do appreciate the idea, while mass people are hurt by it. So the government should have watchful eyes on certain extent to avoid grudges in society.In conclusion, I would say, artists should be free in their creative works, but should not create any controversies which may bring negative influences to the society.
Wang Zhe Veta
It seems that the masterpieces are done by creative artists who express their own ideas well. For sure, creative artists prefer to have all freedom to do their works. However, the government has the responsible for having the restrictions on their works.The very famous American series, Crime Scene Investigate and Criminal Minds, always tells the audiences whoever breaks the laws has to spend their life in prison. If the government gives the creative artists all freedom to do their work, there would be some negative thoughts come out to let the audiences, especially young people, believe that we can do anything to make our dreams come true and there is no need to care about what laws say. During the World War II, hundreds of people committed suicide after listening to a released certain music. The writer who wrote the music was indeed telling the whole world what he was thinking and how his feeling was. After listening many times of his own music, he finally ended up his life with a gun. It was the government that forbidden playing this music in public and therefore saved many people who probably had the chance to listen to it in the world at that time.Apart from their work on TVs and music, the government also should pay attention to creative artists’ work on pictures and words. For example, in public, no dirty picture is allowed to show in front of people who under 18, and no bad words when creative artists give their speech in universities. Thanks to the restrictions made by the government, we have a healthy environment for our living.
Qadeer Abbas
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