IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 133 - Why do so many people want to study in English

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Millions of people every year move to English-speaking countries such as Australia, Britain or America, in order to study at school, college or university.

Why do so many people want to study in English?
Why is English such an important international language?

Give reasons for your answer.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
Countries like America, England, Canada and Australia not only offer courses in English but also have the most talented and skilled teachers. The facilities of their universities, libraries, laboratories are undoubtedly much better than other third world countries. Furthermore, many people believe that learning English language staying in an English-speaking country is the best way and that is why lots of students move to these countries to study.     

There are lots of advantages in studying English. First of all, it is an international language and in most of the countries, it is either the second language or the official language. With the increasing effects of globalisation, people have to move to other countries for many reasons and in most of the cases, English is the only common language to interact with people. So for the communication people have no other choice but to learn and use English. Secondly, most of the countries use English as an official language and use it for hiring people. So to get a better job, one must be proficient in English. So to enhance the career growth, especially in a multinational organisation, one must be fluent in English. Finally, most of the books, thesis papers and internet article are either written in English language or can be found in translated into English. So to enrich someone's perspective and knowledge, one must be good at using English.         

In my opinion, the primary reason for English language being so prominent is because it is used in most of the countries. The English colonies were almost everywhere in the world and that has different economic, political and cultural impacts for most of the nations. English is the primary language of the technological devices and the internet and this is because the inventors or developers are mostly from those English speaking countries. If a nation wants to embrace the technology, then it has no alternatives than to learn the language first. Most of the computer software and applications are written in English.  Furthermore, with the increasing effects globalisation, people are adopting the foreign music, movies, histories, books and style. So to follow what someone's favourite singer, actor or sports personality is to follow the culture and language of this person.               

In conclusion, the world is considered as a single city nowadays and there must exist a common language and this common language is English. People learn this language to walk with the present trends and there is no alternative and even people prefer to learn the language from the English speaking countries and this is quite reasonable.

Model Answer 2:
Nowadays, many people are travelling to English-speaking countries to continue their education. Undoubtedly, if a person wants to have a prominent career, he has to be fluent in English.

England, America, Australia and Canada are the best destinations for many. It is clear that the fastest way of learning a language is to be in a country where people use this language. Otherwise, no matter how many books someone reads, he might still not be able to communicate effectively. English is used globally and could be used to interact with people. This is why this is the most powerful language in the world. As for me, I lived in London for two years. When I just got there, I was extremely disappointed, because I could hardly understand their speech, despite having studied the language at the university before. Watching original films and TV programs, communicating with people, listening to their music, I noticed how my skills improved every day.

English has become a global tool of communication. 80% of all e-mails, publications and music are in English. The Olympic Games ceremonies, The UN meetings, the numerous International Awards - all of them are held in the same language. Someone cannot be a promising professional if he does not know English. Moreover, while travelling, someone feels quite confident if he knows English.

Overall, a well-educated person must know a foreign language to succeed in life. This is the main reason why thousands of people move to English-speaking countries. I think this tendency is going to increase in future, as well.

Sample Answer 3:
These days many young people go to the western countries particularly in Australia, USA, and the UK because they want to study at university, college and school. They are influenced by various reasons that motivated them to study in the English speaking countries, and this international language is indispensable for everyone.  

No doubt, the opportunity of studying in English speaking countries opens new doors for the youth, especially for the students of developing countries, due to many reasons. Firstly, in the developing countries, they don't have ample amount of standard quality education system although there are a lot of students in these states. As an example, many developing countries like Bangladesh and Nepal have less than fifteen public universities, which are very few compared to the number of total students. Secondly, many amenities are available in the English speaking countries such as larger libraries, wonderful reading resources, and excellent teaching system that make them more attractive to enter these kingdoms.

Furthermore, English is dominant language as an international language for many significant causes. The primary point is that all necessary things like computer, the Internet, as well as most considerable technical equipment, are operated using English; thus, most people depend on this language.

Another point is that it is easy to communicate with different ethnic people with the help of the language even it is applied one region to another region in a country. For instance, India has more than twenty-five states, while Hindi is the national language in India, people of different states talk with each other through English. It is clear from this above explanation that several benefits of using the English language make it predominant international language.

In conclusion, many people intend to go in an English speaking country for tremendous advantages of the high-quality teaching system, and these university educations act as a precursor to career growth. Thus, this English language is very important to everyone.

[ Written by - Jahangir Arif ]

Sample Answer 4:
It is a fact that many people choose to study in English-speaking countries such as England, Australia, Canada and the US. The following essay will explain the reason why people decide to study in English language and why has English become an important language these days.

For a number of reasons, a lot of people move to English-speaking countries such as the UK, New Zealand, and the USA to continue their further studies. Firstly, since we are living in the globalisation era, it is important to have good communication in English. By living in these countries, people are enforced to speak, listen and write in English and it will improve their English communication skill. Secondly, international trades with companies which reside in an English-speaking country have become a common thing nowadays and it is important to understand the culture of the people there. By studying and living in these countries, people could gain an understanding of their business culture and work environment. Besides, a lot of professionals want to migrate to these countries to have a better career prospect and better living standards. This motivates the younger generation to start it ahead and thus picking the universities and colleges of these countries to continue their education is a global phenomenon nowadays.    

English has become an important international language these days. It is because English has been spread to many parts of the world since the colonial era. Every continent has countries where people speak English; like Singapore in Asia and South Africa in Africa. Another reason is that many advanced countries that have significant contributions to the world economy are speaking in English, such as the USA, Great Britain, Australia and Canada. Therefore it is important for people from non-English speaking countries to be able to communicate in English, as they will be dealing and negotiating with English speaking people. English without any dispute the global language of the world and someone has to learn it to communicate others. The advanced books in computing, science, literature and history are mostly written in English and this is the language that is spoken by the people regardless of their homelands.

In conclusion, it is true that a lot of people choose to study in English-speaking countries these days. It is because English has become the main international language these days, and most of the international trades are communicated in English. By studying in an English speaking country, it is hoped that people will improve their English skill, and understand the lifestyle, working environment and business ethics there.

[ Written by - Darwin Lesmana]


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Saeed Aziz
Essay: Owing to study abroad, annually millions of people move to English speaking countries to have their education in English. They primarily do so to get a chance for better education. English speaking countries use recent materials, courses, and proficient teachers to teach in educational institutes and having better command in English enhances the career growth. English is spoken all around the world and is widely accepted in jobs.English is crucial in the scientific field and research curricula. At the simplest, all the documents and articles available on the web, international scientific journals and magazines are written in English. Mostly, all visual data like documentaries, training lectures are introduced in English, in which have many references.Moreover, countries, such as England, Australia, and America have the most advanced pedagogy required for elaborating student’s skills, knowledge and talents. Besides, the recent data and the best methodologies in English related to the thesis, dissertations, and empirical science have universal acceptance. Likewise, once people get involved in the English-based course, they will have the original source also they can be effective in how to tackle books, equipment in the laboratories.In conclusion, the English language is an international language using which people can study, travel for work, and hold a better post-graduation course and the training apprenticeship. This will be very beneficial to cope up with the modern trends and technical problems related to work life, better communication and skill development.
Joseph Franklin
In these days, nobody can deny the importance of English language. It has become a great way for communication to the people of other countries. Many young people go to English-speaking countries such as Australia, Britain and America, in order to study at a school, college and university and this trend has both positive and negative consequences.English language has become a universal language of communication. There are lots of reasons behind why people want to study in English and in English-speaking countries. These countries are well developed in the field of medicine, technology, architecture and business, they are the pioneer. They offer many training programmes for the people who want to enhance their knowledge. Being trained in these institutions in an English-speaking environment will improve students' English communication skill.One of the main reasons why English is used as a common language for communication is its long history of usage in the great British Empire. They have acquired half of the hemisphere of the world and they established their colonies worldwide. This influenced the only language- English, to be internationally recognised and it became a language of opportunities. It has become the window on the world and our development is closely linked with our contacts with the outside world. International trade conference and reports of scientific and technological discoveries, communication, computer, the internet and diplomacy are mostly in English. Most of the scientific research are reported or translated into English. Hence, I conclude that it is quite clear that English has become a necessity today. We need it in different fields of life. This language can bridge the gap between the nations, cultures and people. It is the language which should be learnt by all of us.