IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 177 - What is one kind of plant that is important to you or the people

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.   

Plants can provide food, shelter, clothing, or medicine. What is one kind of plant that is important to you or the people in your country?

Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

You should write at least 250 words.


Sample Answer 1:
Nowadays, governments manage various schedules and follow different policies to preserve the forests because the plants not only are the habitats of many animals, but also have significant benefits such as providing food, shelter, cover, and drug for the humankind. Although some people noticeably believe that food is the certain advantage of plants, in my reckoning, I prefer the plants which provide useful drugs and medicines and owing to special weather in my city.  

First and foremost, because of the special weather in my hometown, the farmers grow the medicinal plants more than other plants. As a matter of fact, the condition forces farmers to cultivate these plants. On the other hand, there are various kinds of modern transportation systems, factories, and to name a few which emit hazardous pollutants into the air. Without any doubt, these emissions not only destroy the animal's habitat but also cause many dangerous illnesses to the human. Also, according to some research conducted by many experts of psychology, the plant's drug has a profound impact on curing people and this is specifically true for the people in my country.

Moreover, medicinal plants and herbal drugs have very little side effects and the people in my country rely on those herbal medicines for different diseases. In contrast to natural drugs, the chemical drugs sometimes have irrecoverable effects. Scientists proved that although the chemical drugs can cure some diseases, it has critical side effects on our body.

Indisputably, having more effective outcomes of the medicinal plants is the dominant reason for my preference of the medicinal plants.

[Written by - Shiva]


Model Answer 2:
Plants play a very important role in our everyday life and our very existence depends on the oxygen we breathe which is produced by the plants. They give us oxygen, provide different medicines, clothing and food. Every country has its own staple food that dominates in the diet of dwellers of that country. For example, the staple food for Japan and Korea is rice. As for me, I am from Russia and our staple plants are potato and wheat.

Some people in my country believe that wheat is the most important plant because it provides full and nutritious meals. People bake bread and cookies, cook kasha and soup. At old times people in Russia raised wheat and prayed for the good harvest in order to survive. Millet has a good storage time so it gives the opportunity to consume it a whole year. Thus this was an important plant in my country for a long.

However, nowadays bread is no longer of that importance. A person has more products to choose from. Besides, some people tend to exclude bread from their diet in order to decrease their daily calorie intake and lose some weight. Personally, I think that potato is a more important plant than wheat in Russia and this is the kind of plant I like the most due to its extensive usefulness and our reliance on it. Virtually, every Russian has potato every day at least once. One can boil, fry, bake or mash it. My favourite meal is baked potato with cheese and a glass of milk. I think it is delicious and it does not take much time to cook it. Moreover, potatoes are easier to raise and store.

To conclude, I think that potato by far is the most important plant in Russia and this is why I consider it as the most important plant in my country and also for the Russian people.



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