IELTS Basic Grammar Index 1

Learn The Grammatical aspects covered here step by step. If you are already familiar with a topic listed here, skip it and read next topic. When you finish this lesson, go to the Advance English grammar for IELTS Section.

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List of Topics covered here....

IELTS Grammar  Nouns
          Common Nouns.
          Proper Nouns.
          Singular Nouns.
          Plural Nouns.
          Collective Nouns.
          Material Nouns.
          Abstract Nouns.
          Masculine and Feminine Nouns.
          The Possessive Form of Nouns.

IELTS Grammar  Pronouns
          Personal Pronouns.
          Reflexive Pronouns.
          Possessive Pronouns.
          Demonstrative Pronouns.
          Interrogative Pronouns.
          Indefinite Pronouns.

IELTS Grammar  Adjectives
          Kinds of Adjectives.
         The Order of Adjectives.
         Adjective Endings.
         Describing What Something Is Made of.
         The Comparison of Adjectives.
         Adjective Phrases.

IELTS Grammar  Determiners
         The Articles.
         Using Nouns without Articles.
         Demonstrative Determiners.
         Quantifying Determiners.
         Interrogative Determiners.
         Possessive Determiners.
         Using Determiners Together.

IELTS Grammar  Verbs and Tenses
        Subject and Verb Agreement.
        Transitive and Intransitive Verbs.
        The Simple Present Tense.
        Am, Is and Are.
        There is and There are.
        The Present Progressive Tense.
        The Simple Past Tense.
        Was and Were.
        Irregular Verbs
        The Past Progressive Tense
        have, has and had
        The Present Perfect Tense.
        Irregular Past Participles.
        The Future Tense.
        Do, Does and Did.
        The Infinitive.
        The Imperative Form of Verbs.

IELTS Grammar  Auxiliary Verbs
        Can and could.
        Will and would.
        Shall and should.
        Ought to.
        May and might.
        Verb Phrases.

IELTS GrammarAdverbs and Adverb Phrases
         Adverbs of Manner.
         Adverbs of Time.
         Adverbs of Place.
         Adverbs of Frequency.
         Adverbs of Duration.
         Adverbs of Emphasis.

IELTS Grammar  Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases
         Preposition or Adverb?
         Prepositions of Place.
         Prepositions of Time.
         Prepositions of Direction.
         Prepositions with Special Uses.
         Prepositions with Adjectives, Verbs or Nouns.

IELTS Grammar  Conjunctions
         and, but and or.
         Conjunctions Linking Phrases.
         Conjunctions with Lists.
         Conjunctions that Join Sentences.
         Other Words for 'and'.
         Other Words for 'but'.
         Other Words for 'or'.
         Conjunctions of Time.
         Conjunctions of Place.
         Conjunctions of Reason.
         Conjunctions of Purpose.

IELTS Grammar  Sentences
        Four Kinds of Sentence.
        Sentences with Objects.
        Verbs with Two Objects.
        Verbs with No Object.
        Simple Sentences.
        Compound Sentences.
        Conditional Sentences.
        Positive and Negative Sentences.
        Question Tags.

IELTS Grammar  Direct and Indirect Speech
        Direct and Indirect Speech.
        Direct Speech.
        Indirect Speech.
        Indirect Commands.
        Indirect Questions.

IELTS Grammar   Punctuation
        Punctuation Marks: period, comma, question mark, exclamation point, apostrophe, quotation marks, colon.
        Capital Letter.

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