Academic Reading Passage

IELTS Academic Reading test has three reading texts or passages that come with 40 or 41 questions in total. Each reading passage has around 13 questions. You need to answer these questions within an hour. Some useful techniques like skimming, scanning, understanding suggested meaning, guessing, eliminating wrong options etc. help you answer these questions within the stipulated time. IELTS Mentor website has a really large collection of Academic IELTS Reading passages that you can practice to prepare well for your original test.

Title Modified Date
IELTS Academic Reading Sample 185 - The Value of a College Degree 02 February 2020
IELTS Academic Reading Sample 211 - When evolution runs backwards 02 February 2020
Academic Reading Passage 339 - The Ingenuity Gap 02 February 2020
IELTS Academic Reading Sample 104 - Antarctic Penguins 21 June 2020
IELTS Academic Reading Sample 69 - Light pollution 27 May 2021