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Cue Card # 251 - Describe an excursion or educational tour you took

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an excursion or educational tour you took part in.

You should say:

  • when it was
  • what you did
  • what you learned from it

and explain why you liked or disliked it.


Model Answer 1:

I went on several educational excursions and tours both as a high school student as well as a junior college student.  Not to mention, all of those excursions were both educational and fun. But, the one, I am about to talk about today, was more than just educational and fun.

The excursion, I am talking about, took place about 15 years from now when I was a final year junior college student. By the way, up and until then, I never really thought of visiting a museum nor did I ever get an opportunity to visit one. So, naturally, when our college supervisor told us one day that we were going to visit our “Liberation War Museum”, I felt a bit excited.

So, one day, together with 30 students from our class and 3 teachers, we hit the road to visit the liberation war museum in the capital city of our country. It was a long 3-hour journey, but it felt like only an hour or so because we were really enjoying our bus ride.

Anyway, after reaching the museum, the museum tour guide gave us an interesting tour. As we were walking in the museum, we saw some rare pictures of our liberation war. In some of these pictures, our brave soldiers and guerrilla fighters were seen fighting on the battlefields. Apart from those, we also saw a collection of many more objects which included documents, coverage in both electronic and print media and materials used by freedom fighters and martyrs of the Liberation War, in addition to many of the personal belongings of some of our legendary political leaders who actually organised the liberation war of our country close to a century ago.

Anyway, I really liked the excursion, mainly because it taught me some important things, such as the magnitude of human sacrifice and destruction, which are always needed to give birth to a new nation. Besides, I also liked the tour because it allowed me to learn about many unknown facts of our historical existence as a nation.


Sample Answer 2:

I took part in many excursions and study tours in my college and university years. And for this topic, I would like to talk about the one I took in 2014 when I was a college student. The college notice board one day declared that there would be an educational tour to the "Central Museum" and interested pupils are invited to fill up an application form to the authority to finalise their participation.

I was definitely interested, and then I found that some of my close friends from the college would also go. So I asked my father for permission to take part in the excursion. On the day, I went to the college ground and found that other students and teachers have already gathered there. The bus left at 8:30 am and we reached the museum at around 11:00 am. Though many of my friends already went to that museum before, I'd never gone there up until then.

I enjoyed everything I watched there and our history teacher was explaining many of the things preserved in the museum. That day I realised how exciting the study tour can be. It gives both the opportunity to learn and enjoy. We took our lunch in the museum canteen, and in the evening, we started our return journey to our hometown. We reached home approximately at around 10 pm at night.

During this study tour, I learned different aspects of the history of our country, some of the old customs and practices we had in our country a century ago, several significant historical artefacts and the life and work of famous people of our country. The whole experience was amazing.

Actually, I enjoyed the tour very much, and as a result, I still remember it. This was the first time I understood that learning things by visiting a museum could be useful and a part of our education. The excursion was so interesting to me that I planned to travel extensively all around the world and all the museums in those countries. The idea was rooted in my mind on that very day.


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