IELTS Cue Card Sample 252 - Describe a naughty thing you did when you were a child

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a naughty thing you did when you were a child.

You should say:

  • how old you were then
  • what you did
  • why you did it

and explain how you feel about it now.


Model Answer 1:

Well, in my humble opinion, childhood memories are probably some of the best things that we cherish the most as adults. As a child, I also have some memories, some of which are purely funny and entertaining while the others are plain naughty. Today, I would like to talk about one of those naughty things which I did when I was only probably 9 years old.

Anyway, when I was a child, I loved to play all kinds of sports except, of course, the only problem was that I wasn’t really any good or expert in any of those games. But, still, I kept playing those games because I was an outgoing child, and I always loved to hang out with my friends. So, one day, when I was playing football (soccer) with my friends, I was forced to play as a goalkeeper. Not to mention, of course, I never liked being a goalkeeper, but just because I wasn’t really good at playing in any other positions in a regular football match, my only natural position in the team was to play as a goalkeeper.

Of course, I had played as a goalkeeper in the past, but on that occasion, I just told myself that I won’t play as a goalkeeper anymore. So, I made a naughty plan, and the plan was to not become serious about blocking the ball from the opposition team whenever it would be hit towards the goalpost at me. Not to mention, as I kept leaving the ball, headed towards our goalpost, cleverly one after another, my team had no other options but to digest one “goal” after another.  Apparently, my plan had worked as my friends and the team never asked me to play as a goalkeeper anymore after that day.

Anyway, as I feel about this naughty thing today, I couldn’t actually quite believe that I could be so clever and naughty! Besides, I also feel like an apology is due to my friends who had to digest so many “goals” because of the naughty me.


Sample Answer 2:

Childhood is magical and we remember our childhood with great joy. Even the stupid things we have done in our childhood seems very exciting to us in our later life. The naughty things that I did in my childhood are many and I will mention a particular thing that I did when I was only 7 years old. I was in grade two at that time and one day on my way to the school I found that some of my classmates have gathered near a pond and they have planned to catch fish from that pond. I forgot about my school and put the school bag in a nearby tree. I was very excited about the whole idea of catching fish and then cooking it for dinner.

I stayed for around 3-4 hours to catch the fish with my bare hand and with some small nets my classmates had with them. After 2-3 hours I was tired and was convinced that it was not an easy job to do. I found that my classmates had become less interested in it by this time and they were planning to go home.

By the time I realised that I have done a great mistake by skipping school and I have made my dresses dirty in the pond, it was too late. I was afraid that my mother would be very angry if she finds out what I really did over here. Then I talked with my classmates and found that they got anxious as well. We were 3-4 in number and only one of us had been able to catch 2 small fishes. We then made a decision to steal some fishes from the other people who had already caught a good number of fishes and put them in their jars.

We had been successful to steal some fishes from others and when I returned home, I had 3-4 fishes in my bag. I was lucky to get over with the things I had done and I still find it very funny and naughty thing to do in my childhood. I have done many other naughty things later part of my life but this was the event that still gives me real pleasure to think about.


Cue Card Answer 3:

Well, this is an interesting topic and I can recall many such naughty events from my childhood. I would, however, like to talk about an event when I went to visit the Local Museum with two of my friends.

I was about 9 years old and was in grade three. One day our school was declared off for some unknown reason just after an hour it started. That was a pleasant surprise and a great joy for us. Instead of returning home, I planned to go somewhere with two of my friends. One of the friends suggested that the Local Museum would be worth visiting a place and we should go there. Without thinking much, we rushed to the nearby bus station and took a local bus to reach the city centre where the museum was located. We gathered all the coins and money we had with us and bought three tickets for the museum. Luckily we got a 50% discount as students but we had to lie to the ticket seller and the guard that we went there with one of our uncles who was inside the museum. The guard had his suspicion but did not bother much. We entered inside the museum and spent almost three hours when all of a sudden I noticed that my father with a police officer and a museum guard was walking toward us. I just froze in fear and then noticed that my friends' parents were also there.

That was a devastating moment for me and I found that two of my friends froze green in fear and tension. My father came to me, grabbed my hand and asked me whether I had eaten anything during lunch or not. He also told me that my mum was worried about my whereabouts. That was quite surprising for me but not unusual for my father to behave very calmly when others lose their tempers. I found that one of my friends was already being rebuked by his father. However, my father is a great dad and quite different from other dads. He took me to a nearby restaurant and ordered lunch for me as if we went there for a celebration. He told me that my mother was so anxious and we should return home quickly. He also told me that he cannot guarantee whether my mother would become furious or would remain clam after I return home. I was happy that my father had already understood what we did and he asked me to promise that I would never do such thing ever again. I promised and then realised what my father had to do to find me. He had to left his office, assure my mother, visit my school, talk to people and then search everywhere. I was quite curious to know how he found us but did not dare to ask. It must have already been a great deal of effort and anxiety for my parents. I was feeling ashamed at that moment and promised to myself not to do such a thing ever again without the permission of my parents.

It took many years for me to find that it was a great moment and quite a naughty thing to do as a grade three student. I do not feel much ashamed for this event now as this was my first visit to any museum. My first visit to the museum has become a great memory for me. As childhood is full of unexpected events and most of those later become memorable and cherished part of our childhood, this was such an event when I did a naughty and unexpected thing.


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