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Describe a workplace you have worked in or know about - Cue Card # 304

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a workplace you have worked in or know about.

You should say:

  • what it looks like
  • who worked there
  • how you know about it

and explain if this is a good working environment or not.

Model Answer 1:
I have never really cared about the type of workplace I work in. Instead, I have thought that we should try our best to fit in all kinds of working environments by having a strict professional mindset. However, after visiting the office of one of my close friends, I had to change my mind about fitting in. So, what exactly made me change my mind?

Well, first of all, the office, in which my friend works, is spacious enough to ensure collaboration among its staffs, without the need of shouting to each other, also allows to be mindful about the privacy of the fellow co-workers. On each corner of the office, yes, exactly on each corner, there is a large balcony with sofa chairs in them so that any number of staffs can go there at any time and speak their minds and have fun without distracting others. 

Besides, the entire office floor is perfectly decorated with real flower plants to create a natural effect on the minds of all the staffs so that they think that they are not just working in an office but also relaxing among nature. By the way, the windows of the office are designed and created in such a way that natural light can enter the office until the sun goes down. And as far as the natural air is concerned, I don’t think I have seen any office which is designed so masterfully to let its employee enjoy it while also watching the leaves of the plants, inside the office, moving at the same time.

Anyway, this is the best workplace, I have ever seen, in its simplest form. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind working in this kind of workplace even if I am paid less than the salary I am getting now because I am sure that nobody would really get tired of working in this kind of office environment. Besides, I also like the fact that everybody, including the company chairman, has easy access to everybody in this kind of office which makes it really unique.


Model Answer 2:
I am yet to finish my graduation and that’s why I am not engaged in any full-time job. However, I worked for a foreign company as a part-time survey officer and was really impressed with the workplace they offered.

That was a 6 story modern building and they owned it. I worked on the 3rd floor and the office was pretty neat and friendly for the employees. The cubicles were large enough and the friendly environment of this office gave a very positive impression of this company. There were many foreigners and local employees there and most of them were a business consultant, admin and team leads. I personally worked with a team who were specialised in data mining and database designing. There were many software engineers who were engaged in developing software.

I knew about his office from a bulletin board of my university that offered different important noticed for the students and faculty. I noticed the job offer and was interested in it. Since I worked for this company for more than 8 months; I know it from my first-hand experience.

To me, this was an ideal working environment that maintained a good balance among the working environment, facilities and options for recreations and study. A whole floor was dedicated to the library and reference works which are really rare for many companies. To surmise, I found it to be a very pleasant and friendly workplace where employees are self-motivated to work for the company.


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