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A typical day when you are not working or studying - Cue Card # 305

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe one of your typical days when you are not working or studying.

You should say:

  • what you usually do
  • how you enjoy it
  • how it is different from other days

and explain if you like it or not.


Model Answer 1:
This is such an interesting topic because, frankly speaking, since I entered the professional life, I have always thought of each day as a workday because it seems to me every day I have something from my work to deal with. But, still, I will try my best to describe one of my typical days when I am not working or not in the mindset of working.

Well, whether I am working or not, I always like to wake up early in the morning before the sun rises. After waking up from sleep, the first thing I do is to offer my prayer, followed by going out for a morning walk. But, if I feel that the weather is good and my body and mind are cooperative enough, I actually start running instead of walking. 

However, after coming back home from my morning adventure with the mother nature, I take a shower and finish my breakfast. Then I either spend some times, talking with the other members of my family or watching some programmes on TV that I like. When afternoon arrives, I sometimes visit a shopping centre to buy something or do some window shopping, but if I am not visiting the shopping centre, I am either going to my favourite café to enjoy some fresh coffee or just hangs out with my friends while discussing the contemporary issues. At night, I enjoy my dinner with all my family members and again watch some TV before going to bed. By the way, such a typical day is certainly different from a workday because I don’t really have to worry about appeasing or satisfying others as I have on a workday.

Anyway, I certainly like my typical day and try to enjoy it as best as I can, knowing that each day of our life is a blessing from the Lord almighty.   Besides, this type of typical day allows me to rediscover myself and my passion anew so that I am able to know what things are important in life and what is not.

Model Answer 1:
I am in the final term of my graduation and that’s why my life is a bit tied up with the routine as it should be for a student. When I do not have classes or approaching exams, I try to spend my time is ease and relaxation so that I can get refreshed and recharged.

On one such day, I get up late from sleep and after that, I take a good breakfast. I then take a shower and go to the shopping malls to purchase my necessary stuff. Since I do not get time every day, I do my shopping on my free days.

I watch movies or TV serials till noon and try to eat outside with friends in the evening. Sometimes I make plans to hang around with my friends at their places and take my dinner in a restaurant. In the evening after I get back home, I either read a novel or watch movies.

Hanging with friends, watching movies, listening to music, internet surfing and spending time with family members are the main enjoyment I have during my typical free days. Such a day is quite different from my other typical days as I do not go to my university, do not read for 4-5 hours a day or even do not spend time for approaching exams. In my opinion, such days are important to get relieved from the monotonous routines and scheduled life.

I really enjoy such days as I do not have much hurry to do everything. I enjoy spending time with my family members and friends. I enjoy the relaxing mood I can possess during my free days. 

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