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Describe a bus or train station in your city - Cue Card # 319

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a bus or train station in your city.

You should say:

  • where it is
  • what types of transportation are available there
  • how you can go there

and explain why people use this bus or train station.


Model Answer 1:
I just love travelling by trains, as opposed to travelling by bus, and luckily there is a nice and large train station in the city where I live. So, I guess that I will go ahead and talk about that train station here as per the instructions of this interesting cue card topic.

This nice and large train station is located at the centre of my home town that has a very huge empty space on its both sides in order to ensure a smooth flow of traffics and passengers from both directions. Next to those huge empty spaces and adjacent to the actual rail station, where passengers board their trains, a few nice and large, 2-storey buildings are standing where a large number of officials can be seen doing different kinds of station related jobs and activities.

At the ground floors of those buildings, mostly ticket selling agents and staffs can be seen busy in selling train tickets to their customers and serving their other needs. Next to one of those large office buildings, there is a huge storage place which is used to keep different kinds of consumer products to carry them in the trains. Both passenger carrying trains and consumer products carrying trains come to this station to serve all kinds of transportation needs of its customers from one part of the country to another part.  

Anyway, since this train station is conveniently located in the centre of the city, it is connected through all kinds of roads and streets, and as such, people can easily come to this station by using all kinds of vehicles, big or small.  

Well, people use this train station to catch their trains in order to travel to different parts of my country rather easily and affordably. Some people use this train station also because it is really easy and convenient to transport their belongings from one place to another by using its train services. Finally, some people come to this train station to see off or welcome their friends and family.


Model Answer 2:
I live at (…say the area name…) in the (…city name…) and this is 15 minutes driving distance from the bus terminal. This is one of the busiest bus stations in our city. The area where I live in has a large number of populations who use this station to go to different places every day. This bus station is beside the old bridge area and adjacent to the gas station and cantonment school.

Usually, public buses, double-deck buses, taxies and rent-a-cars are available on this station. People can hire large private cars in case they want to hire it for the entire day for a long-distance journey. Each day almost 5 thousand people go to different places from this station.

I can reach the station in 15 minutes if I drive my car or around 20 minutes if I take a taxi. It would take around an hour to reach there if I want on foot. Alternatively, I can take a tram bus to reach there and it takes around 25 minutes. Usually, I go to my workplace/ university from this bus station and to reach this bus station I rely on the public bus that I can catch just in front of my home.

This is the largest bus station in our area and buses travel almost in every direction from here. People around this area come to this station first to take a car to go to long distances. Even the inter-bus city service is available only in this station and people have to get at this station first to go outside our city. The train station is far away from our city and that’s why people in our area mostly rely on this bus station to go to different parts of the city or even outside the city.


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