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Describe a playground or park where you played or play - Cue Card # 320

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a playground or park where you once played or still play.

You should say:

  • where it is
  • when you played there and if you still play there
  • who you played with and what you played

and explain whether you like this place or not.


Model Answer 1:
When growing up as a young boy, I have gone to different playgrounds. But, one particular playground always comes to my mind more than others, and today I would like to talk about that playground here.

This special playground was located behind the high school which I attended about more than 12 years from now. Luckily, this high school, that I attended, was located in the same city where I used to live back then, so I didn’t only play in that ground during the school hours, but also before and after the school hours. So, it is fair to suggest that I know each and every foot of that playground where I enjoyed playing all kinds of sports so much, not only with my fellow high school students but also with my other friends from the town.

By the way, it wasn’t exactly a large playground, so when different groups of boys would play different types of sports side by side, it used to look fairly crowded. But, still, we all managed to share the ground among each other and enjoy our sports. By the way, not only the young students from our high school used to play in that playground but also other young boys who didn’t attend our high school also went there to plat.  

I don’t really visit this playground anymore except on a rare occasion nor do I play there anymore, but whenever I visit this beautiful playground, I can still the beautiful green grass all over it, inviting me to touch them and roll on them like I used to do when I was a young boy. Besides, the little pond is still there, with its clear water, tempting me to cleanse myself in it just like I used to do during my good olden days.

So, anyway, based on these happy memories of mine of this playground, it is fair to conclude that I still very much like this ground like an evergreen friend who never gets old.


Sample Answer 2:
I grew up in a suburban area and there were plenty of parks, fields and playgrounds. But among those places, the school playground where I used to play often is one of my most favourite. This was a large open field in front of our school and I played there more than 4 years from my grade 3 till grade 7. We were not allowed to play in this playground when we were supposed to attend the classes. Apart from that, we were allowed to play there whenever we wished.

I was around 7 years old when I got admitted to the City International School and I was happy to have many good friends there. We used to play there during the break period and even sometimes after school. I still remember 3-4 friends of mine, from grade 4, and they were my regular playmates in this playground. The childhood was magical and we enjoyed playing everything we knew we could play. We even enjoyed the aimless running and hide-and-seek games we played there. There were some special toys and playing tools arranged by the school when we were promoted to class 5 but those were mostly for kids from grade 1 and 2. So we did not use these toys and tools while paying as we knew that those are only for small kids. The friends I played with were my classmates as well and we were very intimate at that time.

I liked playing in this playground very much. Actuality I liked it so much that I still remember this playground. I have played in many other playgrounds but while thinking about them, I found I miss this particular playground from my early school more than many other places where I played. That’s why I picked it to talk about. I guess I will never forget my days of childhood and my memory regarding this playground where I often played with my classmates and friends.


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