Describe a computer game you have played - Cue Card # 324

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a computer game you have played.

You should say:

  • what it was
  • when you played it
  • what the game was about

and explain how much you enjoyed playing this game.


Model Answer 1:
I have never really been that crazy or fanatic about playing video games for some obvious reasons. But, there is always a “first time’ for everything, just like my “first time” with a video game. Today, I would like to talk about that video game here that I played about 6 years ago as a university student.

The name of this video game was “FIFA International Soccer Sega Genesis”, and I played it with one of my friends from high school. I knew that my high school friend was crazy about playing video games, and I also knew that I didn’t stand a chance to win against him, but still I chose to play against him because I was really bored to death. Anyway, we started the video game where I was playing as “Brazil” (yes, Brazil has always been my favourite team) while my friend was playing as Germany.

In the first half of the game, I made a lot of fouls that two of my team members got a yellow card. Not only that but also, the entire first half, my team couldn’t take even one shot to the goalkeeper of my opponent team. In fact, my team Brazil played so badly and miserably that we were lucky to have conceded only 5 goals!  Luckily, however, after the interval, I understood the tricks of playing against my opponent to some extent, but still, I didn’t dare to think that was actually able to score against such a strong opponent. But, then I guess that luck favoured me as I got just one corner kick in my favour, and I was able to score a goal while my friend scores another three goals. So, it was indeed a win for my friend against my team but I was excited about the only goal that I scored!

Anyway, I think that I really enjoyed playing the game, mainly because it was an impressive game and my friend was a great player. Besides, it was one of the rare moments when I played any video games with another person.


Sample Answer 2:
For a long time, I have not played computer games as I got busy with other tasks and can hardly manage time nowadays but I was a hardcore fan of the game Age of Empires 2. This was a strategy game developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Studios.  There were three series of this game and I played the second series called Age of Empire the Conqueror. This was a historic strategy game that the gamers could have played either in single-player or in multiplayer mode.

I mostly played it when I was 16-18 years old. I usually played it against computer competitors and sometimes against my friends over the computer network.
There were several civilizations that a player had to pick from and then develop this civilization in every aspect to protect it from the attack of other civilizations. Each civilization had its own strength and weakness and the player had to control the game for a long time. The different soldiers, defence mechanism, war strategy, war defence and research and different technologies made it a really interesting game.

I often played it against the computer when I picked a civilization and the computer had other 3 civilizations. We fought each other and often I won the games against the computer in Hard game mode. I often played with my friends and that was a different experience as I had to compete against a real human. That was more competitive and I enjoyed thoroughly playing against my friends. 


Sample Answer 3:
Thank you very much for this nice topic. Though I rarely play computer games these days, I was a hardcore gamer during my high school days. This cue card topic reminds me of the computer games 'Need for Speed' that I used to play.

Need for Speed was a racing game that was published by Electronic Arts. The first version was released in 1994 and I have played several other releases of this game in later years. I have played this game for about four years. This computer game is considered as the most successful racing game series ever. Over 50 million copies of this game series have been sold worldwide.

I mostly played it alone on my computer. The control of the game was mostly on the keyboard. Sometimes I played it with my friends and younger brother Max. The multiplayer option in a later release of this game allowed me to play online which was quite exciting.

This was probably the most popular computer game of our time. It was exciting, challenging and suitable for all ages. Most of my friends liked this game. The graphics of this game were excellent compared to other video games available at that time and it required a minimum configuration in a computer to be installed and played. Since I was interested in the car driving in my real life and a fan of racing competition, I loved to act like a renowned racing star in a computer game. This was probably a computer game that has been played by almost every teenager in our time. The challenging races, intriguing racing tracks, different levels, vivid graphics and absorbing quality of the game made it quite popular and I was a big fan of this game. I remember saving money to buy the CD of this game. My younger brother also loved this game and often challenged me to play with him. Finally, I would like to say that the teenage years are quite enthralling and exciting and this game made it more exciting for us.


Part 3 – Two-way discussion:

Q. Do you think that playing computer games has an advantage for children? Why?

Q. Do you think computer games make them more violent or help them to be less violent? Why?

Q. What type of computer games are popular in your country? Why?  

Q. Can computer games be a part of our education and learning? How?  

Q. Why computer games are becoming more popular? What is better in your view: virtual or physical communication? Why?

Q. What changes you have noticed between the computer games in the last decade and these days?

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