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Describe a common vehicle in your city that you often use - Cue Card 329

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a common vehicle/transportation in your city that you often use.

You should say:

  • what type of vehicle/transportation it is
  • how often you use it
  • how much it costs

And explain why you often use it.


Model Answer 1:

The roads and streets in my city are full of different kinds of common vehicles, such as buses, three-wheeled motors and, of course, motorbikes as well. While I don’t mind using other types of vehicles, I certainly prefer to ride a motorbike – my own motorbike that is – which I have owned since the days I finished my university.

The sport motorbike – I own – is not a new motorbike by any stretch of the imagination but it certainly works and is as versatile as it can be since it seldom gives up on me. Anyway, as I have already mentioned that it is an old, clunky motorbike from the Japanese Honda company which I bought as a second-hand motorbike about 12 years ago.

The motorbike has a small frame but its suspension and safety anti-skid braking system are of top class, so I don’t really have to worry too much about the road condition. Besides, since it has a small frame, it is easy to control and carry my motorbike. By the way, for an old motorbike, it still has a good fuel-efficiency rate since I can ride (and trust me, I ride my motorbike almost every day) around my whole town for almost an entire week, whether going to my work, travelling to a grocery store, or travelling to a café at the far end of my town, and I would still have some petrol left in the tank of my motorbike. Besides, since the motorbike doesn’t require that much maintenance works, except some occasional oil filter and spark plug changes, the cost of travelling with my motorbike is not really that much.

Anyway, I use this motorbike often to commute, primarily because it offers me the flexibility and freedom to travel to the places of my choice at my own pace. Besides, the cost of riding my motorbike is comparatively cheaper than riding a bus or other types of vehicles. Finally, I often commute in it because of the adrenaline rush and joy, I get, from riding this motorbike, it is not really possible with other types of vehicles.


Model Answer 2:

Underpass train is a common vehicle type in my city and I often use this transportation system. Though the bus is the most common transportation system in my city, there are so many people who use the underpass trains to reach to their schools and workplaces.

I use trains almost 5-8 times a week to reach my workplace/ university. While returning home, I take the taxi as the train schedule in the evening contradicts my schedule. The train is much cheaper than the public bus or taxi in my city. Since I do not own a car I need to rely on the public transportation systems and the train costs only a few dollars per week. Someone can have a train pass for the whole month only for 50 dollars and this would allow him/her to travel to any places within the city as many time as he/she needed.

The train station is in walking distance from my living place and that’s the primary reason I prefer this transportation to reach my university/ workplace. I do not have to wait for a long and usually, I can get a moderate seat in it. There is no traffic jam to kill my time on the road and that’s another important reason for my preference for this train transportation system. Finally, I can save a great deal of money using the train over the taxi or other types of transportation systems. Because all of these facilities and advantages I often use this transportation system.   


Sample Answer 3:

Rickshaw (a three-wheeled vehicle, driven by a rickshaw puller) is a common vehicle in my city. The majority of people use this vehicle to move to different places. They use this vehicle mostly to reach short distances. I am glad to have this special cue card for me and now will explain the matter in brief.

I need to use this vehicle frequently. In fact, I am a college student and need to move to my college every morning. My college is not far away from my residence. So, I need to ride on a rickshaw to reach my college. Besides, I also take rides on this vehicle when I need to move inside the city and cannot manage to ride on public transports. Besides, the rickshaw is considered an environment-friendly transport as it does not emit any fumes.

The cost of riding a hiring a rickshaw is moderate. The rent varies based on distances. But the cost is more if I consider it with the fare of public transports. Usually, it takes around rupees 15/20 to reach a distance like about one or half a kilometre. But when it is long distance, the passenger needs to negotiate with the rickshaw puller. In most of the cases, they demand a higher fare than the usual if not negotiated.

I use this vehicle often for some reasons. The most important thing about riding a rickshaw is it helps to sit comfortably and independently. Riding on public transports is really a troublesome matter. The number of seats is limited but the buses are overcrowded. Hence, it is inconvenient for females like me to struggle in the morning rush to grab a seat amid hundreds of other people. Moreover, riding a rickshaw also helps to reach the destination in due time as it directly starts for the destination after being hired. So, I often use rickshaw.


Sample Answer 4:

The "tram bus" or simply "tram" is a common vehicle in my hometown and I often use it to travel to different parts of the city. I often use this tram bus to reach my university/ workplace and to return home. On average, I use this transportation 3-5 days a week.  

Tran bus in my city is a cheap way to travel compared to other forms of transportations like the taxi, shuttle train, or private car. Tram bus is cheap, easily available and a safe transportation system for me. I do not have to wait for a long to catch a tram bus and it has a diverse route throughout the city which makes it an ideal form of transportation for the city people. Most of the time, I enjoy my journey in these buses especially when I can get a seat beside the window of the bus.

I can watch the natural scenarios besides the roads and the ticketing system of this bus has become online. I can get tickets or a pass card f the tram bus from home using the internet and that is another reason I prefer this transportation system over other available forms of transportation in my city.

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