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Describe a television programme that you watch - Cue Card # 346

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a television programme that you watch.

You should say:

  • which kind of television programme it is
  • what usually happens in the television programme
  • why you enjoy watching the television programme

and explain why you would recommend the television programme to other people.

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Describe a TV show you like to watch.


Sample Answer 1:
Ultimate Explorer is the TV show I regularly watch. It is indeed one of my all-time favourite TV shows.  This is a documentary type TV show which is hosted by Lisa Ling and in it, explorers all around the world visit locations with unique events and fascinating news stories. This TV show is funded by National Geographic Society and done in the style of National Geographic 

This is a weekly TV series of short documentary and gives a great chance to learn about the explorer and their fascinating journey around the world. Nowadays a news-style journal format is used instead of the more traditional format of the specials than the past.The host investigates a very interesting topic and thought-provoking real events and then explains the details of it. The news stories are presented as an excellent documentary and it ranges from revealing the black market business of Rhino horns till traffic dealing.

The presentation of this documentary and news story is pretty exciting. Every episode comes with suspension and thrilling news story. The show reveals many unknown corners a perspective of life, wildlife, politics and other interesting topics. This is a fast-paced TV show that can glue the TV viewer in his sofa.

Definitely, I would recommend this TV program to other people. It is a must watch programme that would not only enhance our knowledge but also gives us plenty of thought provoking issues. Once someone will start watching it, he will become a fan of this show. 


Sample Answer 2:
Some of the television programmes are highly addictive. I never miss the chances to enjoy such shows. How I Met Your Mother is one of such shows that attracted my attention. And I did not miss a single episode of this programme. In fact, it was one of the greatest shows that I enjoyed to the fullest extent.   

How I met Your Mother, better known as HIMYM is a comedy. This is a sitcom and the series has been ended in 2014. The series was aired on CBS and it started in 2005. It shows the future days in the present where a dad narrates the events of his life in flashbacks. The stories are interesting and able to hold attention from the audiences’ part. Further, the series was inspired from some of the real-life events. The background of the series is set in Manhattan. The series had 208 episodes altogether and luckily I have watched all of them.    

The series is mostly popular for its unique structure and narrative technique. Besides, it also contains some humour as well. The television show exhibits the life events and adventures of Ted Mosby. He narrates the events how he met with the mother of his children whom he is telling the stories. The events begin with flashbacks. It was 2005. Ted was 27 and lived in New York and he was an architect. He describes how his life changed after socialising with some of his friends. Gradually, the lives of the characters (Ted and his friends) were twined and the relationships turned complicated. Gradually, Ted describes the events of meeting with their mother. The show also depicts jokes and humour. It also shows how Ted was unwilling to discuss some specific issues with his children but describes his dates with his girlfriend amid huge censorship on the events. Despite being a love story, Ted feels uncomfortable to reveal all the events before his kids. Rather he points out the former relations more.

I enjoy watching this programme because this is made with some superior events that can please the senses. The majority of the programmes are made for commercial purposes and thus they do not contain any senses of humour. Rather they are filled with the praise of specific commercial products or other things. In fact, at the end of the day when I switch the television on, I do not want to watch any commercial programmes. Rather I would prefer something that will entertain me to the fullest extent. I will look for the shows that will make me relaxed at the end of the day. So, I used to watch this show and it had all the necessary elements that made me entertained. The plot, its narrative, casts and their performance everything was up to the standard. By the same time, the direction of the series was also impressive. All the shots were taken perfectly.  

I would recommend this television programme to other people because this is a really interesting show. If they start watching the very first episode, I am sure they will not give up until they have watched the last part. Besides, this is the only television show that has gained mixed reviews and positive reviews are more in number. It has also won nine Emmy Awards in different categories as a comedy show. Hence, this is a must watch for people who did not watch it before.


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