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Describe a person who has been an important influence - Cue Card # 347

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a person who has been an important influence in your life.

You should say:

  • who this person is and how long you have known him or her
  • why you chose this person
  • how this person has influenced your life

and explain how you feel about him or her.


Sample Answer 1:
My sister is my idol and she is the person who helped me to become the better me. She was only 3 years senior to me and yet she was the mother, mentor and best buddy to me. I am quite unlucky that I lost her 5 years ago when she died in a car accident and that was the most devastating moment in my life. She will be my guide and inspiration for the rest of my life though she is not around.

I knew her my whole life. I still miss her in every passing second. I wish I could turn back to the past and meet her once again. My mother was a doctor and her profession demanded her to work long hours. My father worked in a foreign multinational company and stayed more than 7 months away from home in a typical year. To me, my sister was the world I knew. She taught me how to walk, how to read, how to swim, how to behave and even how to cherish life. I will never find a friend and counsellor like her and that’s why she had and still has the most important influence in my life.

I remember an event when I was late to return home as I was playing with my friends in a nearby park and all of a sudden a ferocious storm started. I was shocked and numbed and then I noticed my sister was running fast towards the park in this devastating weather to save me. She indeed saved me many times: sometimes from a storm, sometimes from a depressive and gloomy experience and sometimes from my own evil side. Thus her influence was most significant in my life.

I feel so brokenhearted not to have her near me. I would have been a much happier person if she was still alive. I wish I could be as strong she was in my tough days.  I always pray to the Almighty so that she rests in peace and we can meet again someday.


Sample Answer 2:
I do firmly believe that human life influenced in different forms. A substantial number of things have their influence on life. In some points, there are some people who cast the best influence in life as I have experienced in mine. Mr Steve Tamplin is that source of influence whom I adore and been following for long. I will describe the event here.

I know Mr Tamplin for about 15 years since I was in my high school. He was the teacher of mathematics in the school. But he preferred to be a mentor of his students than being merely a math teacher. He asked us to follow some strict rules and be disciplined in life to prosper in future. But many of the used to neglect his advice and managed their own way of living. On the contrary, I followed many of his teachings and experienced the benefits in my real-life.  

I opted him for many reasons. He was the most admiring man in the school. He also was filled with human qualities and never missed his commitments to anyone whatever he did. By the same time, he was a smart man with a special analytical ability. Life was not an adventure to him. Rather he took life seriously and lead it in the manner it was supposed to be. He loved to spread his philosophy among his surrounding and all of them were helpful to lead a peaceful and prosperous life. On the other side, he had some other qualities like he loved helping people in distress and it was a completely selfless effort. He also preferred not to be publicised against his humanitarian activities. Therefore, considering the aspects, I took him as an ideal for my life. In fact, he was able to inject his ideas and philosophies in my mind.

I try to follow almost all the rules and directive he had taught me in my school days. I love to live peacefully and of course in a quiet manner. I hate making troubles with the people even if they do want to trap me in troubles. Further, I appreciate everyone for their good deeds. I learnt it from Mr Tamplin to appreciate people in all stages. Besides, I have become proactive in nature. Expression of reaction for anything is against my nature now which also is the result of the following advice from him. Whenever I start a conversation with people, I try to be an attentive listener. As a result, they like me more. In fact, this is a great technique to be preferred by people and Mr Tamplin was my mentor is this aspect. Now, it appears that a notable portion and activities of my life are influenced by him greatly.    

I feel a sense of great respect for him. I have left him about 15 years ago but still, I have a link with him. He is like a fatherly figure to me with all of his directives for my wellbeing. He is the man who does not want any appreciation for his works and been relentlessly working for the good of his students, and in other terms for mankind. He is in the heart of all of his students for his benevolent nature and lovely attitudes. Mr Tamplin is the person who has influenced a lot of lives. He is the teacher who knows how to enlighten and influence a human mind. And he is doing that successfully for a long time.

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