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Describe a special event that takes place in your city - Cue Card # 351

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a special event (e.g. festival, carnival or other celebration) that takes place in your city.

You should say:

  • when the event takes place
  • why it takes place
  • what people do

and explain why the event is special.

Sample Answer 1:
I come from Taipei Taiwan and one of the most celebrated festivals in my city is Taiwan Lantern Festival. This is an annual festival that takes place on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunar calendar we have.

This festival is hosted by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in Taiwan. Initially, it used to be celebrated in Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park in Taipei but for many years it is a widely celebrated festival in our city as well as in the whole country. The main purpose of this festival was to spread the traditional folklore festival in the country but now it has become a major festival that people spontaneously participate and enjoy.

People celebrate every bit of this festival. They light over thousands of sky lanterns. They gather together under the sky, cheers, congratulate each other and light the lantern. The belief behind the festival is to ward off the evil spirit and malicious diseases from the town. Releasing the sky lanterns is considered to make the town safe. Interestingly the lanterns are decorated with wishes and images relating the lantern owner. After releasing the lanterns people look up at the sky and cheers with joys.

This celebration of one of the major parts of our culture and history and that’s why it is very significant for Taiwanese. A belief has been formulated that the festival has spiritual importance to keep the town safe from diseases and evils. Considering these facts, it is no doubt a major and revered festival in our city. 


Sample Answer 2:
When it is June, the inhabitants of Sydney start their preparation to enjoy the Sydney Film Festival. This is an annual film festival in the city that has drawn attention from almost every quarters. It takes places in different parts of the city and I never miss to participate here.  

The event begins in the very first week of June every year and it lasts for over 12 days. This is a competitive film festival where a good number of movie makers take part with their creations. Various types of movies are exhibited in this festival. The history of this film festival dates back to a long ago – 1954 but it collected inspiration to hold such an event more before and has reached in the current shape after lots of experiments and ups and downs. This is a festival that is opened for all and exhibits all types of films, documentaries or animated films. Though it takes place in June, many of its spectators wait for the event round the year.     

Sydney film festival is an annual event in Australia and it takes place for some reasons. Firstly, it is a platform to exhibit the creations of the local film makers. In fact, this a kind of opportunity for them to justify their demands on the market. Besides, they also can have some idea how their movies will be satisfying or gather criticisms. This is a great initiative to amend their ideas and film making techniques. Further, the film festival exhibits almost every type of films in different parts of the city. So, the audiences get the chance to enjoy the film which they want. It has also created a platform for the newbies in the film making industry. They have the chances to practice their film making skills and expertise before moving to a large project. By making short films, they are gathering experience and by the same time, fame. This is a great benefit for the film makers and producers indeed.  

Here, most of the people come to enjoy the movies while there are some critiques as well who talk about different aspects of the movies that have been exhibited. A festival is a great event for the kids. They love enjoying the animated movies more than any other thing in the festival. Besides, the majority of the audiences love to enjoy the short films. Actually, the short films have a different attraction to the audiences as they last less long than the other movie formats. As a result, they pass some effective moments. Some of the audiences come with their families and pass some quality times with the family members. So, this is a great thing for all of them.   

This is a very special event in Sydney for some specific reasons. This has become a platform for new and experienced film makers. The newbies become expert in making various types of films while the experts gather public opinions on their projects. This is a testing field for them. On the other side, the ordinary audiences get a unique opportunity to enjoy some of the finest pieces through the festival. Being a competitive festival, all of the film makers try to make the best movie that they can within their limit. As a result, the movies get local and international attention and this is a great advantage for them. Considering all the aspects, the festival has become a very special one.


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