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Describe a website you often visit - Cue Card # 352

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a website you often visit.

You should say:

  • What website it is
  • why and how long have you been using it
  • what the website is about

and explain why you often visit this website.

Model Answer 1:
I am going to tell you about a website that I visit frequently. I will tell you the name of the website, how long I’ve been using it, something about the content of the website and I’ll try to explain why it is I keep going back to look at it. The website is called 'workaway' and the URL of this website is

I haven’t been using the website for all that long. I think I found it just by accident, about three years ago, but once I knew it existed I started looking at it more and more. The website is really just a portal, which puts potential ‘hosts’ from all around the world, in touch with potential ‘volunteers’ who might also live anywhere across the globe. On their website, they say that they exist to promote fair exchange between budget travellers, language learners or culture seekers and families, individuals or organisations who are looking for help with a range of varied and interesting activities, and indeed that is what they do. The basic principle is that ‘hosts’ are organisations or people who need help with some task, they will provide food, accommodation and cultural exchange in return for up to five hours work a day from a willing ‘volunteer’. The ’work’ might be helping with animals, tourists, gardening, language learning or anything else, and the opportunities are in every country imaginable. I have sought opportunities to teach English in Thailand; work with Camels in the desert and help at seaside Bed & Breakfast establishments in Brighton England.  

‘Hosts’ put up a profile introducing themselves and explaining what help they need and what sort of accommodation they offer in exchange.  Sometimes it is quite impressive – your own en-suite room in a hotel, other times it might be just a patch of land on which to pitch a tent whilst helping establish a new yoga eco-community!  There really does seem to be something for everyone.  People who have already volunteered with a particular host will sometimes leave reviews to say what it was like working and living there.  Usually, a host will also put up some photos so you can see the location and understand a bit more about the people you might be living and working with.

If you are interested in volunteering you can look at all the opportunities without registering on the site.  However, if you actually want to contact a host and ask about volunteering then you have to register and set up your own profile outlining your skills, experience and travel plans.  It only costs about 20 Euros for two years membership of the site, so I think that’s good value.You have to be a little careful as some of the ‘opportunities’ seem like they might just be hosts looking for free labour, but then again, if you want to travel and you don’t mind hard work then it could be worth it for a couple of weeks to get to visit somewhere you would otherwise never be able to go!

I visit the website quite often because I like to imagine all the endless possibilities for travel and adventure that I might do one day!  I actually got a job through the website, teaching English in Vietnam and it was a great adventure.  Now I have ongoing wanderlust, and I like to keep plotting for my next trip!  Workaway keeps that dream alive.

[ Written by - Lucy Marris |  Careers Adviser (UK), TEFL teacher (Vietnam) ]


Sample Answer 2:
The Internet is one of the most productive wonders of sciences and websites are considered as the life of the internet. Almost all of the people are to browse or visit numerous websites every day for their respective needs. I also like to browse websites and like as the best one.  

This is the website that comes with lots of questions and answers. In fact, the website is made to ask questions and answer them by the website users. Sometimes the answers are funny like the questions while most of the times the answers are effective enough to solve any problems. The website is based in California and started the journey from 2010. The website was founded in 2009 but it came into full-fledged operation from the consecutive year. The users are allowed to edit their questions and answers. Privacy is not a concerning issue here but the users are to register with their real names.  

I have been using the website for past two years. In fact, I had no idea before using the website that such a website is available on the internet where I will get some proper solutions to my problems. I was in a rush to complete one my chemistry projects when I was at the college in Somalia. One of my teachers from the college suggested me to get ideas from the internet. He also suggested about this website. I was instructed to post my problem on the website. It was really a great help to me. I received a substantial number of solutions about the chemistry project within a short time after posting my problem on the website. The users of the website came into my help and suggested me about the potential solutions. Actually, the people who came for my help also had the similar problem in their academic life and it was interesting indeed. Since then, the website has become a partner for me.    

The website is entirely about asking questions and answer. Though the idea is not completely a unique one, it is effective in many aspects. is a prominent website but does not provide any direct solution to problems. Someone needs to type keywords which direct them to any specific website that may contain the answer. If the answer is not found, they need to change the keywords or seek into another website for potential answers. But the system is different here. The users need to register and ask their questions. They will get the answers from the users of this website within a short time of placing the question. Besides, the answers are realistic and there are fewer chances of being cheated or wasting times after the solutions. This is really a very good website that contains numerous questions and answers which are highly helpful in real-life situations.  

I frequently visit the website for many reasons. Firstly, I love to read the questions and answers placed on the website. The solutions are often unique and interesting. They are like fascinating stories that attract attention and ignite a sense of helping others. So, I always try to connect with the stories. Besides, the questions and answers also broaden my outlook. Sometimes, I try to answer some of the questions based on my experience and often the answers work well. Helping others provide me with a great pleasure indeed. So, I visit the website regularly. 


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