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IELTS Cue Card Sample 358 - Describe your favourite photograph

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe your favourite photograph.

You should say:

  •  what is in that photograph
  •  who and why it was taken
  •  how old it is

and explain why this is your favourite photograph.


Model Answer 1:
Thank you very much for this great topic. I will now describe my favourite photograph. 

My favourite photograph is a picture of my family taken on a beach during a vacation we had taken a few years ago. In the photograph, we are all standing close to each other with the waves of the sea crashing in the background. The picture captures a beautiful moment where my family is enjoying the scenic beauty and each other's company.

The photograph was taken by my father, who is an amateur photographer, and he took it to capture our family vacation memories. We had planned this vacation for a long time, and we all were very excited about it. My father took many photographs during the trip, but this one stood out as the best one as it captured the essence of the family vacation perfectly.

The photograph is around three years old now, but it still holds a special place in my heart. Every time I look at it, it takes me back to that moment, and I can feel the warmth and happiness that we all shared during the vacation.

The reason why this photograph is my favourite is that it reminds me of the importance of family and how spending quality time with them can create some of the best memories. Moreover, the picture also serves as a reminder to take breaks from our busy lives and appreciate the beauty around us. It reminds me of the importance of family, the beauty of nature, and the value of taking breaks and enjoying life's small moments.

Sample Answer 2:
My favourite photograph is the one which hangs in my bedroom that of me and my entire family - my family which consists of my parents, my kids and my spouse. This photograph was clicked on the eve of an auspicious festival of India which goes by the name of Diwali. The photograph was taken around two years back at our house by a professional photographer we hired from our area.

The reason why I would term this photograph as my favourite is that it is on this occasion that we all had the opportunity to be in the company of one another. It is so because I am a working executive and I generally remain busy on my tour jobs and get too little time to spend with my entire family. However, on this particular occasion, when this photograph was clicked, fortunately, I was available in my hometown to spend the entire weekend in their company.

I like to look at this photograph very often and this gives me a delighted feeling. This is one of the prominent souvenirs of our family bonding and the reminder that family comes first. The happy moment of family members and their smiles in the photo reminds me how blessed and privileged I am to have such a happy and contented family life.

[ by - Neeraj Mehra ]

Sample Answer 3:
Very recently, I have discovered an old photograph while checking some old documents. Now, this has become the most favourite photograph for me. I have started loving the photograph since I discovered it.  It's quite a pleasant surprise for me to have the opportunity to talk about this picture.

The photograph shows a newlywed couple. They are standing with a simple pose. In fact, the couple is my mum and dad. The photo was taken immediately after they got married. Besides, the background of the photo is also awesome. I think the marriage might have taken place beside a river or at any open space. This was a black and white photo and some of its parts have been damaged with the passage of time. the photo also shows some other people are standing behind my parents and everyone in the photo were looking cheerful. Besides, the photo is black and white. I think that was the age when black and white photographs were leading the time.

The photo was taken by a professional photographer of that time. The photographer has created a magical environment on the photo with some of the simple techniques. The photo looks wonderful even today and I admire the photographic sense of the photographer. The photo was taken marking the marriage of my parents. This is the first photo of my parent’s marriage and I think this one is the remaining one. In fact, the number of photos of their marriage is limited. In those days, capturing a photo was troublesome and expensive as well. Hiring a professional photographer was also an expensive issue to consider. Besides, the number of photos was also limited. So, I think they have not captured numerous photos as it is done in the present day.

The photo is about 30 years old. It is printed on a special paper. I have never seen black and white images in a printed form before. So, it was an interesting experience for me. My dad is in his 60s while my mum is around 52 years old. I am their youngest son. And thus I had a fascination to know about their marriage. In fact, I am planning to get married and thus wanted to get some tips from them about the marriage preparation, especially the photography. My mum laughed at me when I asked about the photography of their marriage event. Actually, I did not have any idea that photography was in the initial stage during the day they were married off.

However, this is the ideal photo for me. It shows how the marriage ceremony took place in the past days. Moreover, I came to know about the decoration of my parent’s marriage. It was a mystery to me. I always wanted to know about the background of my family and marriage of my parent was an important aspect here. Besides, the photographer has clicked the photo with the right angle and all the components are equally present in the photo. I am amazed at the sense of composition in the photo. I, in fact, is in love with this old piece. Despite being old, this photo bears charm and I feel glad whenever I look at it. So, this is my favourite photograph.


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About a photograph at parties.
Nowadays, everyone has become a photographer with built-in cameras on their mobile phones. Those phones even have special features for taking, enhancing and sharing those pictures captured using them. I usually take selfies with my phone, a lot of them, and I keep deleting those that I do not like. I've become so conscious in front of the camera - I guess, and the photographs often don't look natural. For this topic, I'd, however, like to talk about one of my favourite photographs that I love a lot.

This particular photo, that I am talking about, was taken a few months ago on the occasion of one of my cousin's weddings. It was after quite a long time when my whole family had gathered together and had an enjoyable time. Many relatives from other districts and towns came to join the party, and I was so excited to see my grandmother and many other younger cousins whom I had not seen or met for many months.

The photo that I'm talking about was taken as a group, and at least 15 people, including my parents and grandmother, were in it. It's a brilliant photo, with everyone smiling and laughing, taken by a professional photographer who put everyone at their ease. As soon as I set my eyes on that photo, I knew that it is going to be one of the best photos of my family. Frankly speaking, I also look good in it.

As a traditional person, I treasure my family. Our ties are worth more than gold. No matter what happens, I strongly believe that my parents, siblings and relatives will always be on my side. So the picture that reminds me that our family is important to us, is naturally something that I treasure. It is important also because every time I look at the photograph of my loving family, I feel blessed and proud.