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IELTS Cue Card Sample 359 - Describe a job that you would like to try

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a job that you would like to try.

You should say:

  • what  job it is
  • what skills are necessary to do this job
  • if it is a good job or not

and explain why you would like to work in this job.


Model Answer 1:
One of my passions from my teenage was to be an explorer, many people like Steve Austin, Bear Grills etc. really inspires me.  The way they explore new places, forests, remote islands, they hunt food, they illustrate survival skills techniques etc. are simply amazing.  I spend hours watching them on TV and YouTube.

Though it is not a well-known profession, I think it will need education on nature and environment and biology and botany I guess? But the basic skill would be your knowledge on tackling those situations you are in.  Like how to get away with the dangers you may face during the exploration like wild animals, poisoned plants and all. It’s fun to watch but quite intimidating when you are in there!! I remember an episode of survivor series by Bear Grills where he had to drink his own urine to survive, from dehydration in a desert, then one place where he had seen off a grizzly in an open place, maybe you might run out of panic in that situation, but you could deal it well if you know how to and with your presence of mind.  It’s full of thrill!!  Such kind of situation really animates me!! It’s my passion and dream to have such a job. This offers the opportunity to live the life to its fullest.

But unfortunately, in India, my home country, such a profession doesn’t exist! I never heard of any Indian explorer of such kind. A wildlife photography would be the closest profession practised in India to this. It is not popular in our country and there is little chance that it would become popular in the near future. To grade it good or bad- it’s really difficult due to this. Again compared to an engineer or a doctor no one would appreciate such a profession in India except people like me who have a passion for exploring.

I love to be an explorer as I said before, one reason I guess is that it is a job that satisfies my quest or hunger to explore. I really enjoy seeing myself in such sought of situations and adventure really thrills me. Maybe it is innate in my DNA!

[ by - Vineeth V. ]


Sample Answer 2:
Being a student of the undergraduate level, it is truly difficult to manage a full-time job. So, I would like to try for a part-time job from now. I am planning to be a sales executive at a computer hardware selling company.

Despite being an ordinary one as a profession, this is a kind of dream job for me. Initially, I am planning to get involved as a part-timer with the job, but gradually I have a plan to be a full timer with this job. But that is in later stages and once my academic studies are done. The job is to provide with the necessary supports to the customers when they will come to purchase computer hardware. I want to have the job at a large computer hardware selling the company as they come with some specific extra benefits for the employees. The job responsibility may vary but I am ready to shoulder them.  

A certain set of skills is necessary to do this job. First of all, the applicant for the job should have skills in dealing with computer hardware. A complete familiarity with the computer software and hardware is a must for the job. Besides, the applicant should also be an expert in managing a customer, provide them feedback in a satisfactory manner, answer their queries, then prepare memos after sales, meet any other needs from the customers’ part and more other duties and responsibilities. I believe I have all the skills necessary for the job. But I am unable to perform it as full-time as it will now allow me to complete my study. I am lucky enough to have the skills that I need to apply for the job and in some cases, I have more expertise than they require for the post.  

This is an ordinary job in my country but if someone could get involved in the job, s/ he does not need to worry about the job security. Besides, the larger companies that deal with the computer hardware and software actually takes care of their employees. They look after all the issues related to their company staff. Moreover, the salaries are up to the mark and smart. In fact, the job of a sales executive at a larger hardware selling company is becoming attractive in the present days for many reasons. This is a job that needs a special set of skills and the most important thing is that you will need to deal with various types of customers and clients. So, there is a great challenge in implementing the roles and responsibilities of the post.

I would like to do the job for some reasons. I am fond of the computer since my early childhood. I have a special interest in dealing with computers – setting up the operating system for my mates, relatives and neighbours, troubleshooting of various computer hardware and more other. I was mad with the hardware while the programming is similarly difficult for me. So, I have not moved for learning programming rather I preferred the hardware. Now, I am almost an expert in computer hardware and if I have the job, it would be more beneficial for me to learn the other unknown aspects of computer hardware. Hence, I want to have the job and trying to get it at any larger computer hardware selling company here.


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