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IELTS Cue Card Sample 362 - Describe a thing / subject that you want to learn more about

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a thing / subject that you want to learn more about.

You should say:

  • what it was
  • how you got interested in it
  • what the benefits you get from it

and explain why you want to learn more about it.


Sample Answer 1:
I learned the Spanish language in my early school years and then moved to a different country with my parents. In three years I learned the very basic if this language and I am very much enthusiastic to enhance my proficiency in it. In fact, Spanish was my second language in my schools and I spent many hours studying and practising it not only to get a good grade on the exam but also to actually know this language.

I did not have any alternative but to take part in the Spanish classes during my school days. However, in few days I found it very fascinating. I started spending a considerable amount of  time to learn more about this language and my mother bought me a story book written in Spanish. I was determined to be able to read it. That’s how I started to learn it. I had a moderate skill on handing the basic conversation and writing in Spanish. But a long time since then had passed and I never practised it later on.

Learning a language is always helpful in terms of better understanding of their culture, tradition. It has other benefits like better migration and job aspects. I have few friends from Europe and they are my friends only because I could speak Spanish. I had also been able to read few books and magazines written in Spanish language and I enjoyed reading them thoroughly. I had twice been in Spain and I found the language knowledge very handy.

Main reason I want to learn about it because I have a passion and enthusiasm to be able to speak Spanish fluently. My childhood memory is connected with it and I don’t want to miss any chance to worship my childhood memories.

Apart from that, being able to speak Spanish would be an excellent chance for me to meet new people and read many new books. It would also be helpful to get some privileges to get a better job in a large multinational organisation. Considering all of this fact, I am very much eager to further learn it.


Sample Answer 2:
I always wonder how the strings make the sweet sounds attached to a light wood or plastic structure. In fact, it is a surprising issue to me. So, I want to learn more about playing the guitar. I can play the guitar to some smaller scale but I am interested in learning it more skillfully.

Guitar is a sort of musical instrument and I am attracted to it since my early childhood. There are a wide number of variations are available but I love the one with six strings most. Sometimes, electric amplifiers or speakers are used to project the sound loudly. Playing the guitar is not so easy. The guitar player needs to pluck the strings with fingers or fingernails, and it should be continuous to create the rhythm. In most of the cases, the strings are made with steel and need tuning.  

\I was attracted with this musical instrument since my early days. But my attraction increased to this instrument after attending a live concert in my residing place in Mexico City. Some of the rock bands performed at the event and I was amazed at the performances. Each of the strokes in the guitar created a rhythm which was an unforgettable experience to me. After that night, I decided to learn guitar perfectly. In fact, I have a guitar at my home and I play it irregularly. So, I am not a skilled guitarist. Moreover, due to my academic engagements, I am unable to concentrate on learning too. All such matters have made my interest in learning to play the guitar more accurately.    

The benefits are huge. In fact, learning to play the guitar will be an advantage for me. I want to be a singer in future and it is my passion. If I know how to play the guitar, I could sing songs very well. Further, keeping the practice of guitar will also help me to be in touch with the instrument. In fact, this is a skill and if I do not care for it, someday I will lose it. All my struggles to learn the guitar will go in vain. The most impressive benefit of learning guitar is that it keeps the memory sharp and boosts the creativity level. It also provides a sense of joy inside my mind and removes my worries away. Composing newer tunes is really enjoyable with the guitar. Furthermore, guitar lessons also help to synchronise my physical and mental faculties together. So, it appears that the benefits of learning guitar are adorable.

Frankly speaking, I am obsessed with the guitar. I have passed many days and times after this instrument. But I was unable to learn something special. With the help of internet and some of my seniors, I have learnt the basics and practice them. But to be a passionate musician, I need to learn guitar completely. This is a kind of most necessary and basic musical instrument that a musician should know about. The more I will learn it, the more I will be skilled in playing the guitar. The synchronisation with the guitar tune with my fingers will be more smooth. The saying goes that practice makes a man perfect. I want to be a perfect guitarist. For all such reasons, I want to learn guitar more.


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