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IELTS Cue Card Sample 363 - Describe an ambition you have not yet achieved

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an ambition you have not yet achieved.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • how long you have it
  • what you have to do to achieve it

and explain why it is important to you to achieve it.

Sample Answer 1:
My plan to settle and work in a first world country is yet to be achieved. This is an ambition and plan I have for a long. After I got admitted to the university, I had some double about my major, which is 'Social Science'. To be honest I was a bit frustrated not to study either in Engineering or in Medicine. However, in few months I started loving this subject I was studying and started feeling the immense possibility this might have in my future. That I time I considered settling in a first world country for the higher study and work.

To be more precise, I have this ambition for the last 5 years. This ambition started forming in my head when I was in the second term in my university which would be around June 2011.

First of all, I need a really impressive result in my Masters Degree program so that I can get a scholarship in a reputed university. The admission in a top rated university in a first world country would be the first step in fulfilling my ambition. Then I would need to study and research really hard to have a prominent presence there so that I can get a decent job offer. My dedication, determination and hard work would be the vital factors for achieving this ambition.

This is very important for me to work and settle in a first world country. First of all, I have a fascination about researching in my study field and I am sure that would be better facilitated in a first world country. The career prospect and research facilities in my country are not that promising and I have an aspiration to contribute to a great extent in the arena I have my knowledge. Considering all these, it’s really important for me to achieve my ambition. 


Sample Answer 2:
Currently I am an undergraduate and studying Film and Television at the University of Bristol. I have an ambition to complete my post-graduation on the subject and I would like to be a filmmaker. Hence, I am planning to take the higher degree in this field.

Film and Television is one of the most prominent subjects in the present days. It has numerous potentials. In fact, to be a noted filmmaker, you will need to have the right amount of knowledge with you to produce some quality programmes. But without the proper knowledge about film and television, this is quite impossible to make the programmes, television shows or any film. A notable number of the filmmakers and television celebrities have their higher degree on this subject or any other scholarly courses related to their profession. So, I want to see myself in a higher position than as it is now.

I have to wait for three more years to achieve the post-graduation. I have two more years to complete my graduation and after that I will get admission in the post-graduation of this subject. This university is specialised in this subject and helps the students to gain some practical knowledge in film making, producing television programmes, film making analysis, practical other related issues and more. Once the graduation is complete, I could be able to seek the admission for the next phase. In fact, this is really difficult to get admission at this university. The number of admission seekers is more than the seats available. Besides, due to the name and fame of the courses, I might have to compete with some external candidates as well to ensure my berth on the post-graduation.  

Before reaching to the MA in Film and Television studies, I have to cross the barriers of my graduation first. But, I am having troubles with some of the specific issues. I am unable to comprehend the script writing process. It becomes hard for me to imagine the situations, describe them in language and make the complete script. But I hope I would overcome the situation within a short time because I have been focusing on script preparation for last couple of weeks. Besides, without a special score, it is tough to get admission in the post-graduate programme. So, I also need to focus on all the other subjects so that I could have an outstanding result to apply for the post-graduation.

I have a long story to tell in brief. In fact, I was a student of science until my graduation. I started watching films more and more to pass my leisure hours before the graduation admission. Suddenly I realised that it would be nice to be a filmmaker. But that needs a special set of skills and expertise. Later I came to know about the Film and Television study which helps to be a filmmaker. From that moment, I have set my goal to complete my post-graduation on this subject. Besides, some of the renowned filmmakers and television professionals regularly take classes at the university which also will assist me to reach my goal. Thus this is very important for me to achieve my MA in Film and Television studies.


Sample Answer 3:
Life in Paris is really tough unless you can organise any suitable profession for you. Here I work as a part-time employee at a restaurant to bear my expenses. After working at the restaurant, I have developed an ambition to have a restaurant of my own.

I love to work in the restaurant. And I am responsible for dealing with the customers, collect the bills, take care of the inventory and more. Sometimes, I also take care of the kitchen and serve the waiting customers with drinks and other necessary assistances. The owner of the restaurant also works hard and as a result, his business has expanded to the largest possible extent. Often I have to assist the owner and come to know about many aspects that were unknown to me. Hence, I have formed the ambition to be a restaurant owner like him. This is an independent business.

I have been working as a part-timer for one and a half year. In fact, I need to meet my educational and personal expenses with my earning. In fact, I am a student of a locally reputed university and bearing all the costs of my own. This is really interesting to bear the costs at an early age. As a direct consequence, I have come to know about many realities of life and made a plan to make my life decent. I will have to wait for seven to eight years more to have a restaurant of my own. It needs lots of preparations. And most importantly, I have to learn how to run and manage a restaurant effectively. I have considered this as a learning period for me. I am learning everything to manage it. But waiting a long time is really difficult for me.

Opening a restaurant is not a big deal indeed. But there are several chances of fall if someone with the business does not have the proper idea to manage the restaurant. The existing owner, where I am working now, is an experienced individual and knows perfectly to deal with the restaurant activities. In his early life, he also was an assistant like me and learnt the necessary things as I am learning now from him. Besides, arranging for money is another important issue. Just opening a restaurant does not mean that you will have floods of euros. Rather, it requires a specific time to get established among its potential customers and clients. Moreover, I need to learn different culinary arts to satisfy my clients and ensure their return to my restaurant. Arranging for reliable staffs is another important issue to consider. If the staffs are not suitable or impolite with the customers, it would bring a disgrace for the business.   

This is really an important goal for me to achieve. Though I am from a wealthy family, I want to grow by myself and without the support of my family. Hence, I have taken the decision. Besides, without an ambition, I do believe that an individual cannot go far. It is the ambition that creates the spirit inside to move forward, stand against the odds and walk over the obstacles. When the destination arrives, the moments are extremely happy and enjoyable. People becomes free and can do whatever they want. To be happy in life, it important to have the capacities in doing something without supervision. And it is only the desired goals or ambitions that lift up the people on that position. I want to be independent my work and decisions. Thereby, this important for me to achieve it.


Rounding off questions:

Q. Is it important for us to have ambitions?

Q. Will it be easy for you to achieve the ambition you talked about?

Part 3 – Two-way discussion:

Q. What are the important qualities to achieve our ambitions?

Q. Are all ambitions good in life?

Q. What type of ambitions young generation in your country has?

Q. Would you focus more on achieving your ambition or doing things you love to do?

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