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IELTS Cue Card Sample 372 - Describe a colourful place you went to

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a colourful place you went to.

You should say:

  • where it was
  • why you went there
  • what you did there

and explain why you think this place was made so colourful.


Model Answer 1:
I have visited numerous places and cities both in my home country and abroad but the most vibrant and colourful place, in my opinion, is Vernazza which is a small town in northwestern Italy. I still feel the animated landscape and bright scenic beauty I witnessed there. This place was so colourful that every photo we took there, later looked like a beautiful postcard. Lemon yellow, pastel pink and sea green façades dot the coastline of Vernazza and the four other scenic waterfront villages that made up Cinque Terre was something I will never forget. I have never seen such beauty in colours and I can compare it only with the colours of a garden full of flowers and butterflies.

I went to Vernazza as part of our tour plan to visit the famous tourist destinations in Italy. We had an initial plan to stay there for few hours but the loveliness of Vernazza simply took our heart away and we stayed there for a couple of days.

The most significant thing I did there was appreciating the beauty and rich colourfulness of this place. I ate my lunch and dinner in a local restaurant and had a boat trip in the evening. We did fishing as it is one of the truest fishing villages on the Italian Riviera. I also visited Doria Castle, Chapel of Santa Marta and   Vernazza's beach.

It would be quite hard to express the beauty and vibrant colours of this town. Lively mixtures of colours were everywhere. The houses were coloured in red, yellow, pink, green and lemon-yellow while the water around the town was deep blue. In the hilly area, there were green trees and flowers of different colours. The boats in the bay and water were coloured with all the colours of the rainbow and the sky was deep blue.  I have never seen any place as colourful as this town was.


Sample Answer 2:
My recent trip to Istanbul has made me amazed. In fact, I have never seen such a colourful place before. It was a different experience for me. It appeared that colour is everywhere. The entire locality was thriving with colour.

I went to visit the Jewish living quarters in Balat in Istanbul. Istanbul is a historical country and also the is the gateway to Europe and Asia while Balat is located in the European part. This is a nicely located area and mostly lived by the Jewish community. The streets and houses are colourful. The most interesting fact about the locality is that you will find the spread of colour everywhere in the area. All of the houses are made with the traditional materials but they look bright and attractive for the colour selection. The streets and building structures also were attractive to look at.  

I am a student of undergraduate and love to travel. In fact, travelling is my hobby. As part of my hobby, I made a short trip to Istanbul. It was the last summer when I went there. Unfortunately, I was unable to manage more time to complete the tour. I had to come back home after spending two days in the country. I made the plan to visit the entire land and enjoy the tourist spots. This is the bridge between Asia and Europe. And thus there are a large number of things are there to see and enjoy. The country has been ruled by numerous rulers and almost all of them have their own relics. There are some special places to pay a visit. So, I planned to visit all the suitable places in the country. But with a phone call from dad made me cut my trip short. He wanted me to be at home as soon as I could for dealing with some emergencies.

In this small tour, I have visited some of the noteworthy places and Balat was one of them. I came into the locality and was amazed at its colour. The area is a bit more populated than the other residential areas. Street foods here were delicious and I loved the people I met here. Besides, I visited the Palace of Blachernae which is located nearby of the locality. Walking down the streets was enjoyable. The sun was just over the head and it was the midday when I entered into Balat. I passed about one hour in the area and moved in different parts. I took my lunch from a street shop and it was really delicious. After visiting the area, I returned to my hotel.  

The place was colourful and it was really impressive. I think there might be some festivals were going on at that moment. As a different national I was unable to speak with them in their local language. Though some of them spoke English with me, I was unable to discover the meaning the statements in most of the cases. Whatever the reason was, I think the colour is the representation of their mind. There were numerous colours – red, white, purple, blue, dark shades and more. Besides, the dresses of the people were colourful too. It appeared to me that they love colours and thus they made the colourful look everywhere. It was really a pleasant experience for me.


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