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IELTS Cue Card Sample 373 - Describe an important event in your life

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an important event in your life.

You should say:

  • what is it
  • how old you were then
  • what happened

and explain why this was an important event in your life.

Model Answer 1:
Well, I have so many important events in my life and I can remember many of them. However, I would like to talk about the most auspicious ceremony of my life, my marriage, which happened in December 2012.

When I got married, I was 26 years old. Since I belong to a traditional and orthodox Hindu family, it's more or less like a religious and family festival. We invited most of our friends and relatives and the celebrations started three days prior to the event. We had to arrange all the amenities to the guests who came by; such as hotels to stay, food and drinking arrangements and we had to make sure all of them were pretty satisfied. However, another biggest challenge I faced was the raising of the fund for the occasion. Fortunately, everything went well and the day is still a wonderful experience to think about.

On the flip side, the greatest reason why that day is rather important is because, ever since then, I witnessed a dramatic change in the way I live. I had to become more responsible and after all, I got someone to share my life together. I gradually realised, the biggest part in life is to become shoulders and shade, to someone who is important to us, especially at the time of crisis. I would like to conclude by saying that now I am happily living with my parents, wife and son, and my marriage was the first significant step towards this journey.

[ Written by - Anoop Asokan ]

Sample Answer 2:
Living in a suburban area was interesting for me as the life was peaceful and quiet. But moving to the Cape Town, the centre of the city, from Salt River was also hopeful for me that I would get chances of meeting with new people and environment.

It was a memorable event for me. I was a teenage then but still can remember the entire event. We shifted in the city of Cape Town as my dad was transferred with his responsibilities in the city. And it was hard for him to move in the city every day and come back home again to prepare for the next day office. So, he planned to shift in the city with the family to avoid the unnecessary hassles of travelling. Besides, the communication system was not so developed in those days as it is now.

I was 13 when we moved to the city. Before moving to the city my dad had to travel for around 16/17 miles each way to reach his office. In fact, he was the manager for a local clothing manufacturer. So, he had to be busy with his office and manage everything his authority wanted him to do. As a teenager, I was unable to understand the entire issue but felt comfortable that I will get something special. In fact, I did not have any friends of my age. Either they were senior to me or junior. So, it was a horrible situation for me. Attending the school was the only matter of relief. But attending a new school in a new place was more interesting to me.  

My family moved into Cape Town from Salt River. It was a massive change in my family. My dad had been living in Salt River since his early age but now he shifted to another place with us. It was also enjoyable to all the other family members. But by the same time, we were feeling sad to leave this place. Initially, dad planned to sell the house we lived in but later he changed his decision. We rented an apartment in Cape Town and also planned to visit this suburban house whenever we could manage time. It was a heart twisting event for all of us, especially my dad. We have been living in the area for a long time and now we are moving in a different place

This was an important event in my life in many aspects. Firstly, I had to assist in shifting activities with my other family members. Besides, I got completely an unfamiliar environment and it was just the opposite as I thought. The event was important in another sense that it taught me some special learnings in my life. I came to know about a different type of lifestyle. Besides, I got admitted in a new school which was interesting indeed. I found that the life that I lived in Salt River was not the similar with the living in Cape Town. The entire city was crowded with people and vehicles. But the environment was the opposite. I was not used to with the city life rather the life of Salt River was comfortable to me. But now I am used to with the city life while the suburban life appears dull and boring. So, I think this was an important event for me.

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