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IELTS Cue Card Sample 374 - Describe a magazine that you often read

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a magazine that you often read.

You should say:

  • What is it
  • What type of people read it
  • Is it popular in your country?

Explain why it is important to you to read it.

Sample Answer 1:
Reading is a great habit and not everyone has it. I am lucky in that regards that I have formed the habit of reading different types of books and magazines from an early age. Now, this is a pleasant moment for me to describe my habit of reading a magazine and my favourite magazine. Besides reading books, I also love reading magazines. They contain a good number of interesting elements to entertain the readers.

I regularly read the Reader’s Digest of Australia and this is the best magazine in my opinion. This is a standard magazine to go through and pass the leisure hours. Besides, this is an enriched magazine that deals with some specific issues and themes. As a result, the readers of the magazine come to know about a lot of things from a single place. It tells the readers about health, shopping, travelling, living at homes and more other issues.

Actually, there is no exact information that which types of people read the magazine. But it is anticipated that the Australians who have crossed their 30s are highly interested in this Reader’s Digest. In fact, they are the people who need some real-life information to deal with ‘situations’ in their life. So, as part of their external needs, they take help from the magazine. The Home Living section of the magazine is particularly useful for the women. They can get ideas to improve their living conditions at home. Besides, they also can generate newer ideas and implementation them on decorating their respective households through the earned knowledge from the magazine. This is also a great resource for the adventurers. The travelling section deals with the travels and adventures and they also provide numerous valuable tips and tricks to be applied in trips.    

The magazine is extremely popular in Australia and it has gained popularity by its own capacity. The magazine comes with a nice cover and size, Besides, this is also available in online. So, if someone misses the printed version of the magazine, this is easier to read the articles and stories on its online version. Further, the magazine is popular for some other reasons. This is a special type of magazine that deals with most necessary issues for each of the Australians. It deals with recipes, health, travel, home living and other important aspects of human life. Since we all are to remain busy with our professional engagement, it really becomes hard to take decisions on any important issues, and this is the only magazine that comes with necessary articles, tips and other ways to help in dealing with the situations. Hence, it is a popular magazine.  

I love to read books, particularly novels. But this is the only magazine that has attracted my attention because it comes with the necessary things in need. I also love to travel but managing days for a long travel is really tougher for me. With the ideas of travelling tips, I plan for some small trips nearby. Besides, my wife also loves to read the recipe section. She, in fact, loves to learn cooking using the recipes provide on the magazine. Both of us read the magazine and have subscribed to it. Now, it appears that if I had not read the magazine, my life could have been incomplete in some sense. I am really fond of this magazine.


Model Answer 2:
The magazine I often read is "Medical Technology". People who are medical laboratory technicians love to read this magazine. It's a monthly magazine. It is quite popular in Hong Kong. Almost every registered medical laboratory technician read this magazine regularly.

The magazine not only offers the basic knowledge in how to process human samples accurately but also publishes the latest news regarding new technologies. I have gained a lot of knowledge by reading this magazine. For example, I didn't know how to identify white cells under a microscope. After reading the magazine in 2013, I found it was not a problem for me to identify different kinds of white cells during work. Also, the magazine helps me catch up with the new technology. In February, I read that people in the University of New Castle invented a new technology to do the mitochondrial donation. All the information in the magazines is useful for my work. I can broaden my eyes, and improve my skills quickly.

I know this is now a magazine that would attract mass people, yet I think many of their articles are quite helpful for ordinary citizens without any specialised knowledge in medical technology. The way this magazine emphasise the needs for living a healthy life would definitely benefit mass people. As a professional in the healthcare industry, I love this magazine and it is quite helpful for me.

[ Written by - Wang Zhe, Veta ]


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