IELTS Cue Card Sample 376 - Describe a subject you would study

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a subject you would study that you never had the opportunity to study.

You should say:

  • what is it
  • what this subject deals with
  • what benefits you would get

and explain why you want to study this subject.

Model Answer 1:
In my childhood, my aim was to become a renowned doctor but due to the rise in merit list for admission I could not enter into a medical college. I got admission in Bachelor in Pharmacy and now I am working as a Pharmacist.  I would love to study Medical books, more specifically Psychiatry, if I get an opportunity.

Psychiatry is very vast subject. It is not only the knowledge of mental illness, it highlights how we can enhance our intellectual capabilities. Variation in mood put a strong impact on personality and business. In my opinion, in the modern age, every person has some symptoms of psychiatric illness. If we have a brief knowledge of these attitudes we can manage the people who are having bad attitudes and they are working in our surroundings. A new subject of psychiatry is Emotion control, it emphasises who we can make ourselves happy and relaxed by just keeping our brain cool.

Another aspect of this study will be early prevention and diagnosis. If we detect psychiatric disease at the time of its start then the result of its cure will be great. Mental illness destroys the families and economics of the patients. By preventing these diseases before commencement we can improve the society and don’t let any disaster to happen. In short, our brain controls all the activities of our body and emotions control the brain. The Psychiatrist controls the whole human machinery by just controlling the emotions. Considering the advantages the knowledge this subject offers, I would love to study it with passion and great interest.


Sample Answer 2:
I am a student of science background though I wanted to study arts once. But due to the pressure from my parents, I could not explore the subjects of arts, especially history. So, if I have any option to study more in future, I would like to study history, to be more particular, it is ancient history.

History is the science of time. It describes the past and also informs us about the eras and living of the people. It appears to me that ancient history is the subject which describes the most wanted events of the time. How people passed their days, how their living was, war and peace, social status etc. In fact, ancient history is the subject that tells the stories of ancient days. It is the root to know the civilisation and modern days. By living in a modern day, it is really tough to come to know about the past histories unless someone is gone through the ancient history texts.

Ancient history is the subject that mostly deals with the emergence of civilisation. Actually, the earth is old enough now to remember its past days and events. A large number of nations and states have emerged while many of them are no longer existing in the present time. They have been forgotten as well with the passage of time. Besides, there are many ancient structures available in different parts of the world but still, some of them are mysteries to human. For instance, the mysteries of Pyramids in Egypt have not been revealed completely. The Mesopotamian civilisation, its emergence, contribution to the modern history, how people were ruled and their response to the government and systems and more other issues. The subject also discusses the relation of the state to the neighbouring states and national and international policies, strategies and law and order in the society.    

The benefits are huge. First of all, the subject will make the reader as an expert about ancient time. History is really an interesting subject to explore and once you will get interested in it, you will be unable to get distracted from the subject. Besides, ancient history has some stories that will enrich the knowledge of the readers. Treatment of different disease was really a surprise as they did not have the modern medicines with them. They used to diagnose diseases, pains and other physical disorders and cured them with the help of nature and even some the methods are still prevailing in the modern medical science. So, if the knowledge could be revealed. It would be beneficial for everyone to deal with physical disorders. Further, the people of the ancient times are pioneers for many of the modern activities which also will enrich the realm of knowledge.   

When I was a kid of sixth or seventh grade, I had a subject on ancient history. The subject dealt with the ancient things and happenings of the world. So, I was greatly interested in the subject. But later, I had to give that up due to studying with science. I failed to get any more taste of the history as my academic activities changed to a great extent with the dealing of physics, biology and chemistry. But now I feel that I should have read the ancient history. In fact, I miss the subject very much. Hence, if I get an opportunity, I will study the subject in future.


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